Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Team Building during WFH in Singapore!

Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Team Building during WFH in Singapore!

Top 5 benefits of online team building during WFH season in Singapore


In this fast changing world, we must learn to adapt accordingly to stay ahead of challenges. In just a few weeks, we have gone from working in the office surrounded by our colleagues to working from home due to a pandemic. Long extended duration of employees working remotely will cause them to feel disconnected from their colleagues and outside world because of the lack of interaction. Facing the screen whole day long is not beneficial either. The maximum social interaction they are able to get out from working remotely is probably during virtual meeting sessions using platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Most of the time, these virtual meetings will cease once the agenda is met which at the same time, cuts off the opportunity for them to interact. Employees are humans like us, they yearn for social interaction. We are also very uncertain about what the future holds for us. What we do know is that coming together as a community has never been more important. Despite working from home remotely, we can still engage our fellow workers to partake in team building activities to counteract the cons of working from home.


  1. Boost team morale


online team building Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Team Building during WFH in Singapore! July 2022

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Morale is one of if not the most important factor within a community. When a team exhibits high morale, there is excitement and enthusiasm. These two factors plays a very huge role towards an optimistic approach towards the team effort and motivation. Without motivation and morale, employees will eventually lose the drive to put in more effort into their work which will in turn decrease the output and productivity of work. In this unprecedented times, there is even more urgency to to bring the team together through online team building. We do not want them to feel separated and isolated as though they are soulless machines and working from paycheque to paycheque.


  1. Combat loneliness

online team building Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Team Building during WFH in Singapore! July 2022

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Everyone is staying at home and loneliness is bound to creep in. Loneliness is a dangerous emotion which might lead to further devastating conditions such as depression. For people who live alone without family members, they have even higher chances of falling into this pit-hole. These category of people may have already gone through a long period of time without speaking to someone face-to-face. Some employees seek working at office as a form of escape from their lonely lifestyle since colleagues are able to socialise with them in the office. A virtual team building activity at this point of time will help alleviate these dark and lonely times and give them a chance to chat with one another while strengthening bonds. This will also give them the chance to catch up with their colleagues and enjoy some quality time together.


  1. Increase collaboration

online team building singapore

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Relationships between employees need to be strong to better communicate. Communication is key when working together to solve problems and manage conflicts. Especially in these hard times when employees might find it difficult to communicate with their fellow workers like how they used to, we should assist them to curb this hurdle. Working digitally and constantly communicating through technology might not be easy for them, especially our older workers who might not be as tech-savvy as the younger ones. We must instil and change their mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we’. We should emphasise the importance of teamwork and this can be achieved through virtual team building where programmes can be customised to suit every organisations’s needs.


  1. Identifying potential leaders


online team building Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Team Building during WFH in Singapore! July 2022

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During times like these, there are people who will stand out from the rest. These people are the ones who will motivate and keep the team going during hardships. During the virtual team building programmes, these potential leaders will take the initiative to get everyone involved and participate in the activities. At this juncture, we can identify those who have the potential to lead the team and groom them into better leaders. When normal working circumstances resume, we can begin to nurture them into future leaders whom will bring the company forward. Our virtual team building programme will allow us to identify the more resilient and motivated individuals and give us an insight to how they will perform in times of hardship.


  1. Company wide integration

online team building Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Online Team Building during WFH in Singapore! July 2022

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During normal working circumstances, employees might only have the chance to interact with colleagues within the same department. Little chance is available for them to reach out to more people. With online team building, we can easily get people from different departments to come together by creating a virtual meeting room. They can come together for the first time and participate in ice-breaking activities. Back in office, there will come a day when people from different departments need to collaborate together. This prior experience of them interacting with one another will make it easier for them to work together having already understand one another beforehand.


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