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Classic Terrarium Workshop Classic Terrarium September 2021

Have you ever wondered how a plant is able to survive in a closed bottle for weeks, even without watering? Come join us at our Terrarium Making workshop as we discover what makes a terrarium self-sustaining.

To put it simply, a terrarium is a ‘forest in a bottle’. So, why make a terrarium? Studies have shown that having plants in our homes is stress relieving as they instil a sense of calm and tranquility. Making your own terrariums is more cost-friendly than buying one off the shelves. What’s more, you’ll get to design your own terrariums suitable to your style and liking.


Making a terrarium can promote teamwork too. Team members can come together to build a terrarium in our terrarium making workshop, and put together their design ideas into creating a wonderful masterpiece cohesively.

 This team effort can also instil responsibility in team members, since everyone has a duty to look after the plant and maintain it so it remain healthy. Teams can also come out with a theme to design their terrariums and come up with a story to describe their makings which helps to improve communication and team bonding too.

Classic Terrarium Workshop Details

Relieve your stress, and bond with your colleagues over a step-by-step, easy to follow Classic Terrarium making class. Make your very own Classic Terrarium from scratch (together with your colleagues, friends or family members), guided by our expert facilitators.

Group Size

Min 5 To Unlimited


1-1.5 Hour

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Classic Terrarium Workshop Classic Terrarium April 2021
Classic Terrarium Workshop Classic Terrarium April 2021
DIY Kits

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

Ideal For

  • Children
  • Team Building
  • Learning about Greenery
  • Work together as a team
Classic Terrarium Workshop Classic Terrarium September 2021

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  • Well-known name in Singapore and loved by 1200+ organizations
  • Worked with more than 860,000 participants
  • More than a dozen of engaging team bonding games
  • Many medium and small businesses in Singapore rely on us
  • We have served many multinational companies
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Benefits of Classic Terrarium

Team Building
Terrarium making can help to improve teamwork. Participants can come together to create a terrarium of their liking, or each member can make their own terrarium and create a story that explains their designs. As this is a team effort, each member wil be given a responsibility to take charge of the plant by watering and nurturing it. The finished product can then be placed in a common area where it can act as a reminder of their combined team effort.
Stress Relief
We hope to get more people to understand the importance of the greenery around us. At the same time, we wish to inspire more people to get their green fingers moving and make our world a greener place to live in.
Stress Reliefs
Terrarium making is therapeutic and it teaches one to be patient. Participants will be taught how to maintain and care for their terrariums. Participants will also understand the importance to be responsible in order to keep the terrarium healthy!

What you can achieve from our Workshop

At Epic Workshops’ Classic Terrarium Making Workshop, We hope that everyone can understand how a terrarium works and play a part in making Earth a greener place. Hopefully, our session can inspire more people to get their green fingers working and make our world a more beautiful place to live in!

Classic Close Terrarium

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Virtual Options

  • 1.5 hour duration Conducted virtually via video conferencing platform of choice
  • DIY Terrarium Experience Kit with all materials provided will be delivered to your doorstep (Enjoy FREE Delivery* for bulk purchases!)
  • Choose 1 out of 4 choices – Classic Closed Terrarium, Angled Open Terrarium, Bell Dome Terrarium or Egg Terrarium

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Our Creative Home Kits are perfect for you to bond with your family at home, try your hands at a fun and unique activity, or to gift an interesting experience to your loved ones to brighten up their day! The creative home kits are suitable for both adults and children!

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Classic Terrarium Workshop Classic Terrarium September 2021

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