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EPIC Workshops - Leading Platform for Corporate Team Building Workshops in Singapore

Learn, Create & Bond

Every workshop experience with EPIC Workshops is designed to allow participants to learn a skill, bond with their loved ones and create a beautiful craft of choice.

Exciting & Unforgettable Team Building

Epic Workshops’ series of team bonding workshops have been crafted to deliver an exciting, interactive and unforgettable team building experience for companies from all industries of all sizes.
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Great for Team Building, Get-Togethers & Events

Book a slot with EPIC Workshops for your next get-together or group bonding activity & experience team bonding like no other! You will be in for a treat when you sign up for our workshops - expect lots of fun & laughter, and enjoy being with the company bonding over a fruitful session of making your desired crafts. 

There's always something for everyone!

From making your own mini garden in a bottle through our Terrarium Making workshops, to crafting your own name card holders in our Leather Crafting Workshops, there’s always something for everyone - no matter what your interests are or your levels of experience. All of our workshops are conducted by skilled professionals who have years of experience in the field.
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Wide Variety Of Workshops

Our wide variety of workshops allows us to cater to a diverse range of clientele of different age groups & interests.  If you need advice on which workshop to choose for your event, feel free to contact us and our event specialists will be able to advise a suitable workshop for you.

Trusted & loved by various companies

We have conducted our workshops for various SMEs, MNCs and large corporations in Singapore. Every workshop at Epic Workshops ensures a fun & exciting experience for all, as attested by our highly-rated reviews on Google! 

Professional In-house Instructors

Our instructors are carefully trained in-house to ensure that you get the best EPIC experience out of your event.

Customizable Packages

Have a specific outcome to achieve? Interested to include your own objectives? Only have an hour to spare for a team building activity? Our workshop packages are customizable to meet your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Our workshop pricings are priced competitively within the market Rest assured we do not compromise on the quality of the workshop!

Supports All Types Of Platforms

Most of our workshops can be conducted physically (at your preferred venue or our studio) OR conducted virtually (through various video platforms - Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams Google Meets etc)

team member workshop - Epic Workshops

At Epic Workshops, we pride ourselves as being one of Singapore’s leading platform for craft & hands-on activities.

These are some of the services we provide:

  • Planning of Events, Live Workshops & Virtual Workshops
  • Conduct of workshops for various events, celebrations and parties
  • Supply of DIY Kits & Craft Materials 
  • Fringe Activities (booth-style, mini workshops) for your events

Plan disingenuous & innovative team bonding activities with Epic Workshops. Our dedicated event specialists will curate a specially designed program for your event for a unique experience.

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For any inquiries on our Workshops In Singapore, kindly drop us an email at / call (+65) 8150 8866 or simply fill in the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Our Workshop Location


Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!


Upon reaching MAPEX building, take the second carpark entrance and drive up to the third floor. We are located at the left corner of the floor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Team Bonding is the process of gathering people within the same organization (from higher management levels to employees) to take a small break from work to get to know each other and strengthen relationships. This is usually done through activities and workshops where participants are given the opportunity to communicate & interact with their colleagues on another level out of work.

Team Bonding exercises are important as it brings your team together. A unified team brings everyone on the same goal and it ties them into a strong bond that cannot be easily broken. These team bonding sessions also gives participants a platform to get to know their fellow colleagues, identifying different working styles and allows participants to share knowledge. A group bonding exercise can establish a positive and growth intensive environment that supports every participant and helps to boost morale.

These team bonding workshops are suitable for corporate clients looking for team building, private and social events such as hens party, birthday celebrations or family bonding activity.

Epic Workshops prides itself as being a one-stop event platform for ease of planning for our clients. Let us know the details of your event & budget, and we will be able to customize a workshop event for you. Our team will plan the event, settle the logistics & delivery of materials while you coordinate with your team members! We hope to be able to make the process of event planning easy & fuss-free so that you’ll be able to enjoy on the event day!

A common misconception is that team building should only be organised for large companies ,and small companies are more closely knitted so they do not require any team building activities. Team Building activities can help bring teams closer together as they would be able to see each other in an alternate setting out of work and converse with fun exercises & energizing games. Team Building workshops are suitable for both large and small groups!

Expect to forge meaningful relationships, build communication skills as you work towards a common goal of bonding through Epic Workshops’ craft activities. Our workshops are conducted in a light-hearted manner by our friendly event facilitators to ensure you & your team can experience an EPIC good time.

Management can benefit from team building activities as they would be able to observe the different working styles of their employees and connect with their employees on another level.

Workers in the same department will be able to bond closely and build a level of comfort & trust with each other to improve work efficiency. They would be able to communicate with their team members.

With a wide variety of activities you can choose from, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice on which workshop to go for! Fret not, our dedicated team of event experts will be able to plan an event for you.

Planning & booking a team building event with EPIC Workshops is simple & fuss-free. Simply drop us an email at with your preferred workshop, budget and type of event - celebration/corporate event & mode of workshop (virtual/live) and we will arrange a special event for you.

Our terrarium making, art jamming & candle making workshops are extremely popular amongst the various types of workshops.

Holding a team building exercise is not about time or schedule These activities may be arranged in any considerable time and date ― in a meeting, conference, or just small breaks.  Each session only lasts for 1 or 1.5 hour ― so you don’t need to designate a day. On the other hand, if you want it to be an efficient and arranged occasion, you can designate a day and give us a call.

Whether you would like to arrange a short team building session, or a full-days worth of team building, we’re here to lend a helping hand and provide you with all that you require for your team building event!

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