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Resin Workshops in Singapore

Through exploration and experimenting with many materials, our resin artisan facilitators are trained in many forms of crafts and materials, from concrete, wood to jesmonite. Our facilitators have always felt the need to venture into other crafting territories and expand crafting materials such as resin. Being passionate, they have come up with a wide variety of resin workshops which leaves you to be spoiled with choices!

Our resin workshops are catered for both beginners and experienced crafters. It’s also perfect for you to pick up a new skill or hobby!  In our workshops, you will be learning all the basics about resin and how to create beautiful crafts that are unique to you and your style!

Watch the colors flow or immortalize flowers in our resin workshops which can also be a great artistic addition to your home decorations! Despite all the hustle and bustle of life, you can also brighten up your experience with our wide range of resin colors!


With Epic Workshops, you will get to make a wide variety of resin crafts.

Our Resin Workshop Options


Resin Workshops Details

Group Size

Min 5 To Unlimited


2 Hour

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Artisans

Our artisans are highly experienced crafters who are trained to bring out the best in each participant for our resin workshops in Singapore.

Ideal For

  • Crafters
  • Team Building
  • Work together as a team
  • Birthday/Hen’s Parties
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Why Choose Us?

Our Resin Workshops Singapore provides a fun, hands-on introduction to the art of resin. Our kits have been created working in consultation with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals from the resin community. These workshops are taught by highly experienced instructors who will guide you through each step of your project.

Here are 5 reasons why choose us:

    1. Passionate teachers
    2. Fun, hands-on workshops
    3. Amazing insights about materials and concepts that you’ll use every day in the studio
    4. Fulfilling both morning and afternoon workshops for 1 session
    5. Exciting perspectives on working with resin to create polymer jewelry, sculpture, vessels, and more.

Resin Workshops Caters for

Team Building

Customized team building programs to better engage your employees and maximize their potential.


Build a community at the workplace by strengthening relationships through fun and personalized activities throughout the year!


Exciting programs for all ages to foster bonding among colleagues through a day of celebration and fun with their families!


It is ideal for all levels of schools in Singapore.


Enter your details and no. of pax and we will email to you a quote for Resin Workshops in Singapore.
Why choose our Resin Workshops in Singapore?

EPIC Workshops is Singapore’s Leading Craft Team Building Workshops Provider

Benefits of Resin Workshops

Create pieces you love
Resin workshop provides an opportunity for self-expression through craftwork. With so many different colors and options, you’ll be able to make something truly unique. You can express your creativity with resin works. You can express your creativity with resin works. Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner at art, this is a great way to express yourself through your work. You will never run out of ideas with resin workshops! With so many different colors and options, you’ll be able to make something truly unique. So whether you want to do a little or a lot of resin craftwork, there are workshops available for all levels of expertise.
It's easy to get started
Even if you’ve never done resin before, there are ways to start making things as soon as possible at a resin workshop. You will not need any special training or experience in order to explore this medium. All you’ll need to bring is a willingness to learn and the desire to create. If you do have experience with this process, there are opportunities to experiment and develop new techniques in order to broaden your skills. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into The workshops can vary in size and scope, so it’s important that you find out what you can expect ahead of time. You may want to ask the people who run the workshop if they have any recommendations for beginners. Sometimes it’s best, to begin with, smaller projects and increase in size and complexity as you go along.
One-of-a-kind pieces
The materials used for resin workshops are filled with life and color. Since they are not mass-produced as much as other craftwork, your items will be truly unique. Even if you make two or more of the same sculpture, there will be differences in the pours and the overall look. This is especially true if you use natural objects, as Mother Nature makes no two things exactly alike. In addition to the art itself being one-of-a-kind, the process of creating it can also be a unique experience for everyone who participates. There are many different techniques to learn and each participant will have an opportunity to try something new each time they pour.

Our Past Workshops - Resin Workshops

Below are some workshops related to Resin Workshops.

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From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

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Resin Workshops FAQ

Resin is a plant-derived component that when mixed, causes a reaction that makes it appear like clear plastic.
Generally, epoxy resins are considered non-toxic. However, direct contact with skin for long periods of time can cause skin sensitivity and reactions. Epoxy resin itself is not volatile, so there are no risks regarding inhalation; although the curing agent usually has a pungent odour that may cause temporary respiratory irritation. Therefore, it is important to wear your work gloves and work in a well-ventilated area to prevent any ill-effects.
Once the resin is fully cured and hardened, it is safe for food contact. We recommend placing your light snacks or dried ingredients onto your resin crafts. Note that food preparation methods such as using your resin craft as a chopping board or any scratching / scraping are not recommended.
Our epoxy resin takes about 6 - 24 hours to cure. Leave your finished products overnight for them to fully cure before touching them.
You will not be able to bring your work back on the day itself as resin takes 6 - 24 hours to fully cure. After your session, it would be left to fully cure at our studio before you can choose to self-collect on another day, or opt for our delivery option. For workshops outside of our studio, you can leave your resin craft at the workshop venue to self-collect on another day.
No prior knowledge or experience is required for any EPIC Workshops! Our resin art workshops are suitable for beginners and our skilled facilitators will bring you through the process of creating your resin craft step-by-step. Not only would it be an enriching and fulfilling experience for you, but you also get to keep and admire your artwork after the workshop.
In the hustle and bustle of Singapore's city life, resin crafts are wonderful additions to our home and office spaces. They add to the aesthetics of our environment which can be pleasing to the eye.
Any types of events would go well with a resin art making session, including corporate team-building events, school workshops, birthday / hen's parties, and even casual gatherings with your friends and family. Don't hesitate, book your EPIC Workshops' resin art workshop today!
The resin art workshop is great for teenagers and adults. Working with resin requires the use of fine motor skills and patience, so the resin art workshop is generally not as suitable for young children.
Our studio workshop can hold up to 50 participants for the resin art workshop. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our studio's current maximum limit is 25 participants. For groups larger than 25, there are two options. 1. You can choose to book your own venue with a larger maximum capacity and our facilitators can travel to your location. 2. You can book a virtual resin art workshop instead for an unlimited number of participants.
For virtual resin art workshops, all the materials you need would be packed and delivered to you in an individual kit before the day of the virtual workshop. Our facilitators would then be conducting the workshop over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other online platform of your choice, and you and all of the other participants can enjoy a fun resin art session from the comfort of your own homes.
EPIC Workshops has a dedicated team of staff which ensures the planning and preparation for your workshop is done in no time at all. We are able to cater to all types of events, including corporate team-building events, school workshops, birthday / hen's parties, gatherings with your friends and family, and more! Our professionally-trained workshop facilitators will guarantee a fantastic experience for all workshop participants, from the shyest individuals to outgoing ones, from young children to the young at heart. EPIC Workshops has conducted a countless number of workshops for a whole plethora of event types.
If you are new to resin workshops in Singapore, you can sign up for one of four levels according to your comfort level with the material. Each workshop is different, so it's important that you read each description carefully before signing up. The beginner classes are usually only open to people who have never worked with resin before, but sometimes they'll allow regular students to take them as well. With the more advanced workshops, you'll be able to get a better idea of what level is right for you by reading the descriptions, which always include the skill level required.
Yes! Resin workshops are open to all ages and abilities. We recommend that parents consider the age of their child when deciding if he or she is ready to participate in a resin workshop. Resin workshops are great for children who are looking for an activity outside of traditional art classes at schools, but they are also open to people interested in learning more about the material's properties and techniques! We will have activities appropriate for children as young as five years old.
No, you don't! You can make your own works of art or even learn how to make jewelry with the use of resin. Everyone is welcome to this hands-on activity and we welcome all levels so everyone can sign up.
All you need is yourself and an open mind. We provide all the tools, materials, and expertise needed for participants to create their own pieces of art through the resin. You can also choose to make your own jewelry out of resin with the use of our tools and materials. Resin is a versatile material that can be used in many different mediums like art, jewelry, and mixed media. We do recommend that you wear clothes that are comfortable for you, however. There is a chance you will get some resin on your clothing so please keep this in mind! Also, please make sure to dress warmly as our workshops are held in locations that are slightly colder than usual.
Resin workshops generally last between two (2) to three (3) hours. This allows you to learn how to use the materials and create a piece that you can take home with you.
Resin workshops are open to all ages and do not require an adult chaperone. However, we recommend that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by a responsible adult as there is no guarantee that someone will be available at all times to provide assistance. For the younger ones among us, this workshop is suitable for anyone who can read up to Level 2. For Level 3, please have the accompanying adult read the instructions thoroughly before starting your work.
A resin workshop is an informal class where participants can create their own works of art by using resin, a versatile material that does not require much equipment or tools. This activity can be likened to model-making as a finished piece is created from start to finish in a span of one session. You can learn more about resin here.

Epic Resin art Workshop: The Best Studio for Resin play!

Resin art is a state of artwork that uses resin, a substance that solidifies when mixed with other materials like hardeners, to form lovely and unique works of craft. Paintings, sculptures, and even jewellery may be created with it. The fantastic thing about it is how adaptable it is and how easily any style or preference can be catered to.

This activity is a fantastic frolic for individuals who are new to this domain because it is also pretty simple and easy to understand. We offer the best resin classes for this activity that are ideal for starters who are passionate about this.

We give hands-on training to teach you the most sought-after techniques that will keep clients coming. In this craft workshop, we also give a wide range of supplies so that you can get started to conclude at amazing pieces of craft!

A variety of craftworks may be created using this stuff because it is flexible. You may know about the numerous types and how to mix and use them in a resin making workshop. Also, you will comprehend how to use this adaptable substance to make a range of projects. 

Jewelry, nametags, coasters, keychains, and many other items may all be made out of resin. Resin is fantastic stuff for adding a distinctive touch to your creative projects because of how simple it is to use. You will have everything you need to start trying your own distinctive masterpieces once you join us.

Different types of Resin Art!

Natural or artificial polymers having a sticky, gooey consistency are known as resins. They have been used for various items throughout history. Like trees, insects, and other plants. Amber, fossilized stuff that is frequently used in jewelry, is one of the best-known examples. Additionally, these waxes have been utilized in the creation of varnishes, incense, adhesives, and coatings. They are still a vital component of hundreds of sectors today, such as plastics, medicines, and cosmetics. In the upcoming years, its importance is projected to grow even more as they become more commonplace.


Resins are available in a wide range with variable colours and nature. Some of them originate from a synthetic or natural combination. Moreover, there are a few of them that are based on alcohol or water. The cast acrylate waxes that are found on the water will be the main topic of this essay. These substances are non-toxic and simple to use, albeit occasionally being a little more expensive. Moreover, They are very strong and lightweight in addition! The best items are those that are somewhat detailed and don’t require complex mold-making procedures. It is always advised to use ethanol-based or other waterless polymers for casting a mold.

Grow, create, and learn with fun!

If you’re looking for a way to jump-start your creativity, or if you simply love and enjoy working with your hands, then we recommend that attending an activity at Epic is a great idea! Our resin workshops in Singapore are designed to help people tap into their creative side, and the results of this art form are always impressive.


Not only will you walk away with a beautiful item, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent in the process via resin crafting! Attending a workshop at Epic is a great way to grow creatively.


This work is very modern and popular that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It consists of mixing wax with other materials to end at lovely and unique pieces of craft. This is a fantastic method to boost imagination and recreation. Moreover, it can be used to make a wide variety of different items such as jewelry, home decor items, ornaments, and much more.


Resin art workshop in Singapore is a great way to learn about this amazing art film and to get some creative juices flowing. The team at Epic is highly experienced and knowledgeable about this art and is passionate about sharing their knowledge so that everyone can enjoy this fantastic fun activity.


There are hundreds of reasons why you should choose to attend to attend an epic resin art workshop in Singapore. It is a relatively new medium that has a lot of creative possibilities. During the session, you will learn how to use it to design amazing articles.


You will also have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people and share ideas. Visiting us will provide you with all the essentials you need to make your own masterpiece. So what are you waiting for? Register today for a session today!


Experienced teachers in each class!

Whether you’re a starter who is completely unaware of art, our Resin making Workshop is the ideal place to explore your creativity. We acknowledge that everyone has the potential to be an artist.

Our spirited and experienced teachers will absolutely guide you through every step of the process, from mixing the resin to adding the finishing touches. We offer a range of activities suited for all levels, so you can find one that’s just right for you. And with our competitive pricing, there’s no excuse not to give it an attempt! 

Hands-on Workshop!

Resin Art Workshop in Singapore is the best option for a creative activity! The hands-on workshop is so much amazing! You can make lovely paintings with this. It is a new and forthcoming work-of-art, it is so versatile and there are eternal possibilities for what you can make.

An ideal place to study this thrilling art film is the Resin Workshops in Singapore. You will be taught by skilled artists who are eager about this craft and who will share their knowledge and expertise with you. It is a pleasing and informative way to spend a day, and you will trek away with your very own painting.

Great Place for all to work and enjoy!

Our Resin Art Workshop in Singapore is perfect for all levels from complete beginners to experienced painters. Our knowledgeable and expert teachers will guide you through every step, leading you to the end product.

Moreover, with our competitive pricing, there’s no excuse not to give it an attempt! So what are you waiting for? Come join us today and unleash your creativity!

What to expect from attending a studio:

Epic provides the best sessions just for you. We have professionals and highly qualified instructors to guide you. Are you curious about this creative art but not quite sure where to start? Then come along to one of our art sessions! You’ll learn all about the basics of art and get to try your hand at creating your own painting. We’ll provide all the materials you need, as well as step-by-step instructions so that you can design a beautiful piece. And if you’re not sure which workshop is right for you, don’t worry. We provide a range of them suited for all levels.


Look forward to learning about the basics of it and trying your skill at creating your own painting with us. You will be provided with all the compulsory materials, as well as step-by-step instructions so that you can make beautiful article to take home with you. With different classes available for all levels, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. So come and join us for an amazing and enjoyable experience.

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