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100 Exciting Team Building Activities in Singapore

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When it comes to building a team, some people get into the spirit more than others. Some may be looking for a fun way to spend their afternoon or evening, while others may want to get their hands dirty and participate in physical challenges. Here are 100 exciting team-building activities in Singapore you should try with your team!

Singapore is a great location for team bonding activities and events. With its diverse landscape, there are plenty of places to choose from and interesting things to do.

1. Soy Candle Making 

A candle typically uses an ignitable wick, wax, and some kind of mould.  It is used at homes, restaurants, and various other places to create a soothing atmosphere. The candle-making craft is an ancient art that has been perfected through time. Learn this craft at EPIC Workshops’ Basic Or Advanced Soy Candle Making Workshop and make your own candles as a decorative piece or a special gift for any occasion. 

If you are looking to develop an interesting, creative, and stimulating skill, then take up this craft! This workshop will teach you the basics of candle making and how to use soy wax. It is a combination of hands-on practice and theory that will help you in creating your own special kind of candles. You can choose from different varieties of  colours, and fragrances that will help you in making your own customized candles.


2. Airplant Terrarium

Airplant Terrarium is an amazing way to connect yourself with nature. No green fingers? Not to worry, the air plant requires minimal maintenance and does not require soil to grow! This would be a great team-building activity for your team if you’re looking for something relaxing and unique, with no mess involved. 

3. Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a fun game that can be played indoors and outdoors. In the game, players stand back to back while trying to shoot their opponents with foam arrows. Once you’re hit, you must freeze and wait for the next round. The last person standing wins! Archery Tag is an engaging and exciting activity that will promote teamwork while having some fun at the same time.

This game is meant to test a team’s ability to work together to achieve a common goal. So if you’re looking for something sporty, try our Archery Tag Workshops today!

2 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

4. Art Jamming

Art Jamming is a term coined to describe a collaborative process where all participants are encouraged to take on the role of an artist. It functions as a critique of both a group, in that all members are encouraged to give input and feedback, but also as individual work by each member. The group activity can be understood as a collection of ‘jams’ that are worked upon and modified during the course of the event.

Art Jamming is great as a team building activity as participants can collaborate on an art work, or piece together their individual canvasses to form a larger masterpiece. These canvases can be hung at the office to decorate their workspaces – and it serves as a reminder on the importance of working together as a team!

Untitled design 3 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

5. Assorted Terrarium

An assortment of surprises awaits you with our assorted terrarium series! Choose from a plethora of plants available and your glass jars to your fancy – something that would fit your aesthetic! 

18 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

 6. Basic Soy Candle Making

Soy candles are an increasingly popular, and healthier choice for candle lighting. They have a clean, consistent burn that eliminates the risks of black soot which is the by-product of petroleum-based candles. In our basic soy candle workshop, participants are given the choice to choose 1 preferred colour and 1 scent of choice. This melt-and-pour style workshop is suitable for beginners, and those looking for a short, yet satisfying activity!

5 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

7. Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is a bigger version of the game and it’s very popular in Singapore. The participants will be dressed in specially designed inflatable body-protective bubbles as they try to score goals against each other.

The bubbles allow players to run, kick and jump as they play the game. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of potential for accidents. For that reason, Bubble Soccer is a great way to test team members’ sense of humor and keep them on their toes at all times!

You’ll need:

A team of 6 to 10 members | A playing field (e.g. a gymnasium) | Protective clothing for all participants | An inflated ball| Your imagination!

Teamwork is the key to success in this game – let those bubbles be your competitive advantage! Don’t forget that teamwork makes the dream work.

1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

9. Cactus Terrarium

This is a DIY terrarium that anyone can make. All you need is a few cactus plants, a shallow container, and some stones. The cacti are traditionally placed in the lower part of the pot, while the taller plants are placed on top. You can use some rocks to add a natural look to your terrarium. This will make a great addition to your house or office.


Classic Closed Terrarium Workshop 2 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

10. Calligraphy Pouch

Design your own canvas pouches using fabric calligraphy markers! Learn the art of modern calligraphy by practicing techniques and strokes. In our calligraphy pouch workshops, participants will be given a sample practice paper to get used to the markers and also apply basic modern calligraphy techniques they have learnt during the sharing by our trainers. Flaunt your calligraphy pouches – store your writing instruments, personal belongings and organize your wires & cables – the possibilities are endless!



Calligraphy Pouch | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

11. Candle Making

Candle making is a fun, easy, and creative craft activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. So gather your friends and get ready to make some candles! The supplies you’ll need are very common: soy or gel wax and a heat-proof work surface. Wax can get hot, so be sure to put down a layer of newspaper or wear an old apron and clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.

Not only is candle-making fun, but the finished product can also make your home smell great! There are many different ways to create unique shapes and designs – have fun with it and let your creativity shine.

Untitled design 14 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

12. Chocolate making

Chocolate making is a fun activity for people who want to experience the entire process from start to finish. Participants will melt chocolate, add flavours, and create decorative shapes. They’ll also get to make a custom label for their creation!

This team bonding activity is fully customizable, so you can adjust the time and ingredients used according to your budget. You’ll want enough chocolates that they will last through the entire process and beyond!

IMG 3273 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

13. Christmas Bauble Making

Christmas time can be a chance for some fun and creative team building activities in Singapore. You could, for example, make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. These Christmas baubles are very easy to make, even for a beginner! All you need is some glitter, styrofoam balls to mimic snow…and the skills, of course. If you can’t wait until Christmas time to make them, why not do it right now?

Start by finding some inspirations on how to design your christmas bauble. At Epic Workshops Christmas Bauble Making Workshop, we provide a plastic bauble, glitter, sequins and other decorative items.  aA good tip is to add some colors into the mix while you’re mixing so that you get multi-colored baubles. 

The next step is to design ur baubles however you like, using your hands of course. There are lots of colors you can add and mix whenever you feel like it.

chris and ivan christmas bauble 1024x576 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

14. Christmas Terrarium Making

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and celebrations. A great way to decorate for Christmas is by making a terrarium. For this team bonding activity, we provide christmas themed figurines such as a santa claus figurine, duck figurine wearing a santa hat, christmas trees and many more. Design your own mini garden in a bottle, and impress your guests this Christmas!

13 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

15. Classic Terrarium

These team bonding activities in Singapore give everyone a package of knowledge about terrariums. A terrarium is a miniature garden that can be displayed inside your home. 

A classic terrarium is made of three basic layers – gravel for water drainage, dried sphagnum moss for water absorption and a special terrarium soil mix as a growing medium for your plants to grow healthily!


EPIC x SGUNITED CARE KITS | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

16. Clay Figurine Making

At Epic Workshops Clay Figurine Making Workshop, we use high-quality air-dried clay that is non-toxic and safe for children to use! This air-dried clay material is easy to use and does not require any heating or baking to dry the figurine. When it dries, it will be light-weight and also not malleable anymore.

There are many different shapes and styles of figurines that people make, such as animals, people or even cartoon characters!

clay 4 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

17. Coaster Making

Coaster-making workshops are one of those team-building activities that you can do with your team. Using an eco-friendly concrete-like material, this coaster making workshop uses a powder & acrylic liquid mixture. This mixture is then poured into a silicon mould of various shapes depending on the shape of coaster you & your team members would like to make! Choose between making a marbling coaster or a terrazzo patterned coaster during our coaster making workshop.

Try your hand at this exciting workshop, and see how well your team will do. You may be surprised by the results!

100b852ec940b633bd767bce42f97ddc | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

18. Corsages and Boutonniere

A corsage is a type of flower that can be pinned or clipped onto the clothes of a woman and used as part of her attire. The tradition comes from France, where they were called “couvre-chefs” or “coiffes”. Corsages are typically worn by promiscuous women who have not yet reached the legal age to marry. 

A boutonniere is a French word for a small flower, usually a rose-bud, that is pinned on the lapel of a man’s jacket. It originated in Nazi Germany where an officer would wear one on his uniform to signify he was engaged.

flower3 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

19. Flower Arrangement

There are several different styles and techniques for flower arrangement

In the 1960s, with the advent of modern floral design, it became more fashionable to have large dramatic arrangements. This led to a vast increase in creativity in the field, and an expansion of the materials used. 

The flowers used often are not native to the region where they are being sold, and as such can require adjustments so that they will survive without a refrigerator or coolant system installed. 

Screen Shot 2019 05 10 at 9.44.04 AM 768x571 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

20. Flower Resin Crafting

Flower resin crafting is the process of immortalising various dried flowers, pressed flowers into resin.  These team bonding activities in Singapore offer great benefits in experiencing new things in life. It’s an easy hobby for beginners. Flower resin crafting involves the use of mixing equal parts of crystal resin solution, pouring it over a mould containing your specific floral arrangement. This process might also involve using a lighter to lightly torch the surface to remove any air bubbles! Once it is completed, you will get a shiny, transparent flower resin coaster. 

b8331ef13eeb39223e7fa4286fd75ceb | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

21. Gel Candle Making

Gel candle making is a great DIY activity for adding some aesthetic detail to your home. Its transparent outlook allows you to design your own landscapes, and the special thing about gel candles is that once illuminated, your design would have a glow in the dark effect!  All you need is gel wax, some coloured sand or stones, and your glass jar with a wick! Gel candles are also quite easy to make, so you can impress your guests with your mad skills! It’s one of the exciting team bonding activities in Singapore that involve everyone to experience the art of making candles together.


gel candle 

22. Gift Card Making

One of the creative team-building activities that may be worth trying out is making gift cardholders. This activity can be a fun and meaningful way to spend time with your teammates while making something that you can use in the future. To make a gift cardholder, you’ll need some cardboard, hot glue, scissors, an X-acto knife (if you are cutting intricate designs), pens, markers/pencils, and paper.

Begin by cutting some rectangular pieces of cardboard into sections. The width should be approximately two inches wide and the length should depend on how large of a gift card holder you need.

photo 1480717846107 87837abec1e9 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

23. Guitar

The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that typically has six strings and is played by strumming or plucking the strings with either a guitar pick or the fingers. The sound of the guitar depends on the style of music you play on it. Steel strings produce a bright sound when heard, while nylon strings will produce a softer sound.

The guitar is an iconic symbol in rock music and has been featured in most musical genres throughout the years. Here are some fun activities you can do with your team! Try these out if you want to have a good time together with your team, or use them as questions for a seminar session. For example, you can Make up a rock band.

Screen Shot 2019 05 09 at 11.52.03 AM 768x494 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

24. Jewellery Making

Jewellery Making is a great art that can be a lot of fun! You can get pieces of jewellery that have been made by yourself, and you can also make jewellery for others. This can be a very good team-building activity. The more people involved, the better! Be sure to choose a quiet and spacious area for this activity, preferably with lots of natural light. 

Our team had an afternoon of this over a weekend and it was really fun! The best part is getting to wear your own piece of jewellery, plus you get to see the pieces made by others too.

photo6158829587904178133 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

25. Laser Tag

Laser tag is a real-life video game where players are tagged with lasers emitting from large towers called bunkers. Players are then transformed into warriors and begin their quest to capture the other team’s flag, or “home base.” These team-building activities give people the opportunity to play together to know each other better.

The activity can be set up in any indoor or outdoor space and typically lasts about 10 minutes – so it doesn’t take up too much of your time. It’s also a really easy thing to bring to the office for a fun Monday morning meeting – just avoid bringing your phone or camera!

3 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

26. Leather Crafting

Leather Crafting is an ancient craft that has been around for centuries. It was developed in India and China during the second century B.C. These team bonding activities in Singapore encourage teamwork and unity.

Leather crafting is an art form. Leather craftsmen, such as saddlemakers, make their craft using various tools, including knives and needles. You can also create leather crafts at home with materials you have at your disposal, or buy materials specifically for this purpose.

Untitled design 4 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

27. LED Art Jamming

Elevate your art jamming skills a step further and add on some LED lights to enhance your overall artwork. The LED lights is stuck directly at the back of the canvas and a sharp item is typically used to pierce through the canvas so that the bulbs will be out!

The LED Art Jamming Workshop is suitable for those who would want an illuminative piece of art work!

Untitled design 3 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

28. LED Lighted Canvas Art

Since canvas art is often used as a decoration and an art form, it has ample benefits. It can go well with any décor of your house. It is also a good thing to have in case you are looking for a perfect gift to give someone. These types of canvases are also portable and you can move them around without too much hassle. You can take your canvas art anywhere you go and it will never be an eyesore because it is so wonderful.

LED lighted canvas art is one example of these kinds of canvases that would make such an excellent addition to your home or workplace’s décor. These are canvasses with lights that provide all the ambiance needed for the perfect evening.

WhatsApp Image 2019 07 27 at 8.52.05 AM 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

29. Luxury 2-in-1 Scented Candle Making

The 2-in-1 Candle Making Workshop was designed to ensure that participants would have the experience of working with 2 different kind of candle wax – soy wax and gel wax! For the luxury series, we offer participants a choice of using pressed baby breaths and glitter foil of various colours – gold, silver and rose gold! 

46a791f293d52bb0d0afa9d0e8a0da90 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

30. 2-in-1 Scented Candle Making

2-in-1 scented candle making is a great team-building activity to try out. It requires participation from all members of the team and can be done relatively easily.  Similar to the 2-in-1 Scented Candle Making Luxury series, participants are given dried flowers and orange peels to create a rustic themed candle. 

2 1 scented candle mha 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

31. (CHRISTMAS EDITION) 2-in-1 Scented Candle

It smells like Christmas in a jar. The 2-in-1 Scented Candle is packed with festive aromas to make your home smell Christmassy and welcoming all day long. Not only do they fill your room with a beautiful aroma, but they also produce the ambiance of fire when lit.

The 2-in-1 Scented Candles makes great decorative pieces too and they are perfect to bring together with friends and family as gifts, and has proven to be the best team-building activities.


236010407alt3 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

33. Marble Coaster

Marble Coaster is a physical challenge activity where teams create a coaster out of marbles. The coasters are built on top of the ground. Participants come up with creative designs and shapes to get their marble from point A to point B.

This is a great team bonding activity because it challenges creativity and there is no right or wrong answer. The marble coasters are judged by different criteria such as creativity, aesthetics, and speed.

In this activity, participants have to create a living structure out of duct tape for the tallest stilt-walker in the room. The more articulated and intricate your design is, the higher you can climb! This is a team-building activity that provides immense satisfaction when you see your structure come together.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

34. Mason Jar Bouquet

This is a unique idea for a romantic gift. Choose the colors of the flowers according to her favorite color, and for other items in the bouquet, use corresponding colors. You can also customize it by adding in things like pieces of jewelry and personal cards or other gifts. This is perfect if you’re not sure about what items she might like, but still want to give her something special.

If you’re not sure if your procrastination is caused by a rational or irrational belief, keep working on changing your behaviors to see if there are any changes in your procrastination. Keep trying different things until you find something that works.

flower3 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

35. Message In A Candle

Message in a Candle is a game that’s perfect for any type of group or team building activities in Singapore. The participants have to construct a sentence using the given words without using any conventional letters. One word at a time, each player must build up their sentence. An example of this is “I bring you peace.” By placing the words “I” and “peace,” can make you realize how they are very important when constructing a sentence.

The goal is to find out who can construct the longest sentence within an allocated time frame. Players must interpret their words creatively so that their sentences do not make any sense. For example, someone might place the word “carrots” in the middle of their sentence, but then realize that they need to use it as a verb.

Untitled design 10 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

36. Moss Frame

Moss Frame is an interactive VR installation that has a physical component, too. VR headsets show the viewer a beautiful 3D forest scene of swaying trees and lush plant life. As you walk around in Moss Frame, plants gently emerge from the ground as you get closer to them – you can even pick some flowers and watch them grow back over time. 12 glowing rocks act as checkpoints throughout the forest, which you can look down at while standing at one to find out its special secret message.

Moss Frame is an interactive virtual reality installation that also has a physical element to it. With VR headsets on, viewers will see themselves surrounded by a beautiful 3D forest with swaying trees and lush plant life – they can even pick some flowers and watch them grow back over time.

2 white bg 1024x683 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

37. Music Jamming

Music Jamming: A team bonding activity that requires an instrument of some sort, such as a guitar, tuba, or drums. The team members perform as a band by taking turns jamming on the instrument. A person who has musical talent may have to play more than one instrument!

Hula Hooping: This is a type of physical activity that requires skill and teamwork. You can also design your own course to see how creative you can get with this team-building activity!

Knots Game: In the Knots game, members of a construction crew must assemble knots from various components such as ropes, straps, and chains. This game requires each member to work together as a team and use their critical thinking skills when assembling the knots.

944b6a124f936a6a32dcc0252e8129dd | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

38. Non-Stitched Leather

Non-stitched leather is the earliest form of leather processing, where the hides were not cut into pieces before being tanned. They are also not dyed, only cleaned and processed into leather.

It is a misconception that all fabrics have to be ironed for them to appear crisp and smooth; this is not true! For items that require minimal ironing or none at all, like silk dresses, pants, skirts, etc., it’s best to roll them instead of folding them. Rolling will preserve the item’s form and shape.

leather crafting | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

39. Outdoor Archery Tag

Outdoor Archery Tag is an exciting team-building activity that is played on a large, outdoor field. It combines the thrill of playing tag with archery! Players aim at each other using foam-tipped arrows fired from “sniper” bows and “samurai” bows. If you shoot another player in the head, arm, or leg, you are out. It is a fun way to practice your team-building skills and improve your teamwork.

As the name suggests, Escape From Singapore offers 2 exciting escape challenges each month! One of them involves teamwork as you try to work out a series of clues that will lead you to an important item. The other one involves using teamwork and solving puzzles to escape the room. It’s exhilarating fun for you and your team!

It is always better to replace them than to throw away old batteries. If you need a replacement, it is best to use a battery with the same voltage as the previous one. This will prevent damage caused by overcharging or undercharging.

2 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

40. Perfume Making

Perfume making is an art form that has been practiced for centuries. It is a process by which natural oils and fragrances are combined to produce a scent with a pleasant smell.

  1. Prepare the fragrance base
  2. Add perfume essences
  3. Blend the ingredients together with a gentle stir until they are all mixed well
  4. Pour the perfume into a bottle and allow it to cool
  5. Enjoy your newly created perfume!
  6. Try this activity in groups of four to six people for an inclusive team-building exercise that will get everyone involved and help increase their sensory awareness.

Key points: When blending scents, you need to have an understanding of the different components that make up a fragrant mixture. Add 1-5 ml per person to achieve a scent everyone can enjoy. If your perfume contains any alcohol, ensure all the ingredients have been stirred well before pouring them into their final bottle as this could cause separation upon standing.

Key takeaway: The whole team will learn something new when creating their own perfume.

Perfumery crating in progress scaled.jpg | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

41. Personality Test & Art Jamming

Personality tests are a great way to determine how you fit in with an organization and identify ones that will be the best fit for you. Personality tests have become more prominent over the last decade: big companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are making use of them in their recruitment process, and many others find they’re a useful tool to help with self-awareness.

Art Jamming is an art-making activity where participants take time away from their work to explore ideas around creative processes. The workshop is done in a group format so each person can benefit from the creativity and insights of all members and it’s one of the best team bonding activities in Singapore. You’ll answer a few questions about your creative process as a pre-work assignment then during the session you can say whatever’s on your mind and make art.

IMG 3898 1024x576 1 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

42. Personality Test & Terrarium Making

Personality tests have been around for a very long time and are used to determine your personality type. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of how you work with others. Personality tests can also provide insight when it comes to decision-making and problem-solving.

When trying to find out which plants do well in different terrariums, the most common factors to take into consideration are light, humidity, size, and soil type. In this activity, participants are split into teams and each team is given a different terrarium to care for. Team members of the same terrarium should share roles such as – grower, filter feeder, scavenger, and soil maintainer. Each role will have its own responsibilities in making sure that its own terrarium does well during the activity. Team members can share resources to keep their terrarium well maintained and should also identify which plants do not work in the terrarium and decide what other plants would make good replacements.

b4c25b5c9966e3542d2f2e75c4f7a287 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

43. Posy Bouquet

One really fun team-building activity is to make some posies! Grab a bunch of flowers and try making 20 different bouquets. You can give them away at the end, or the team-builder can use them for decoration at an event.

This is a fun warm-up to play in teams. Have everyone in the team make a vertical line, then put pieces of sticky paper on their backs. Give them a few minutes to write down things they need help with or goals they’d like to achieve. Then have everyone turn around and read each other’s piece of paper aloud!

This is an awesome ice breaker activity for teams.

flower3 1024x768 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

44. Pour acrylic

Pour acrylic is one way to create patterns in plastic. The process involves taking the pan or object that you want to be patterned and filling it with liquid acrylic, then it will be placed into a heated oven. The temperature should be around 350 degrees and should take roughly 10 minutes. As an alternative, pour acrylic can also be used to create three-dimensional paintings or designs on canvases.

A wonderful idea to have for your team-building activity!

  1. Resin Earrings & Pendants Making

It’s a great hobby that can be done by anyone, anywhere.

First, gather the materials you’ll need (resin, a silicone mold, an embellishment, and a sealant).

Measure out the resin in your container and pour it into the mold. 

If using a silicone mold, simply press the silicone inside to shape it before pouring it into the resin. 

Next, add the embellishment to your piece: if using a simple necklace or pendant fill it with water and glue to float your embellishment on top of your piece. If using something more complicated like a bracelet or earrings – use adhesive! 

Let your project dry for 24 hours before applying a sealant over the surface.

If you’re feeling extra creative, grab a friend and make an entire collection!

What do you love to do with your friends? Yoga? Bowling? Cooking? Grab everyone on your team and get out there to enjoy what you love doing together! 

EPIC x SGUNITED CARE KITS | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

46. Resin Lamp

A resin lamp is made from polyester resin and a type of fuel. Resin lamps are commonly used for outdoor lighting in areas such as parking lots, walkways, and picnic areas. 

That’s it!

Wait, how is this a team-building activity?

It’s not. We’re just trying to make this list a little more interesting. That said, you could give each member of your team the same shade of color and have them work together to mix different resin colors. Result? A pretty cool lamp that everyone made!

Step 1: Get the fuel and resin. Most hardware stores sell both. You will need about 10 liters of resin for every 20 wicks you are attempting to make (so for 10 wicks you should get 100 Liters). The amount of fuel needed depends on the type of fuel you use.

Step 2: Prepare your working area with a plastic tarp and some newspaper on top.

Step 3: Pour about 1 liter of resin into a container that is big enough to hold all 20 wicks (or however many you are attempting to make). Add fuel a few drops at a time until you get the desired color of light. Be sure to use good ventilation and avoid inhaling the vapors/fumes.

Step 4: Place your wicks in the resin, one by one. Some people will roll them up and push them down with a stick, others can just lay them flat on top of the mixture. Once all 20 wicks are in place, cover the top of the container with plastic wrap and let your creation cure (you can also add more water if you want a thinner mix). It should be cured after about 1-3 days.

Step 5: Once it is cured and dry, carefully remove the wicks from the mixture. They may be fragile at this point, so be careful.

Step 6: Hang your new lamp! This is meant for outdoor use, but you can also try putting it in your house if you have an under-counter light fixture and a way to hang the entire thing (maybe from hanging pot racks?). If using indoor lights, make sure to charge them with an appropriate light bulb.

Step 7: To charge the light, simply place it under a desk lamp or other indoor lighting for about 2-3 hours. 

You can also place it in direct sunlight to charge faster (but remember to remove it when you’re charging resin).  

Team Building Activities: Teams work together to design a product using the knowledge and experience they have. This should be a product that has never been made before and is needed by those in the community.

Example: We need a new chair for board meetings, let’s make one!

Team Building Activities in Singapore: Each person on the team works on something small, like creating an instruction booklet for the assembly of a product. Products can include jewelry, a birdhouse, cell phone case, picture frame, etc. Then each person brings their part to be combined with everyone else’s!

Team Building Activity: Create your own team logo! Create an emblem for the team using various materials like tape and/or paint or even something like stamps from around the world.

Resin Lamp Banner | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

47. Resin Marble Acrylic Pour

Get the team together to design and create a resin marble from their shared experiences and knowledge. Teams will learn about themselves while keeping their eyes on the goal of creating a unique marble as a symbol of their partnership and collaboration.

What’s more fun than getting your hands dirty? This activity is sure to get the team members in high spirits, as they will be actively involved in their own creation. Each member will blow glass using his/her breath into a bubble (while wearing a mouth guard), then roll it on a pin and twist a stem around the ball. The goal is to make something beautiful that can be put on display in the company lobby or historical co-working space, so nothing too extreme will be tolerated!

Resin Pour Coaster scaled | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

48. Resin Opal Coaster

The Resin Opal Coaster is a great gift. They are made of resin and come in different colors that light up in the dark. Sometimes they also have an acrylic stone inlay. The coasters can be used for dry food or wet drinks. These coasters take you back to the days of disco balls and make for a great accessory.

I am not sure if I would recommend them as a good coaster though. They don’t do too well with liquid around them, which defeats the purpose of having them as a coaster.

The Resin Opal Coaster is perfect for anyone who has a home bar. I will definitely be investing in these because I think they are great for entertaining. They make an awesome gift for housewarmings, birthdays, or Christmas!

Opal Coaster | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

49. Resin Workshops

Resin Workshops are a creative way to bond with your coworkers. They can be done as a team-building activity for friends or family. It is a fun and inexpensive activity to do outside of the office. These workshops can either be done by two people or four people, depending on the space available. There are different objects that you can use in this workshop such as a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and paper towels – all of which should be provided by the facilitator.

Untitled design 4 1 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

50. Shrink art 

Shrink art is a fun and simple way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. The first thing you’ll need to do is cut out the center of a cereal box, then glue paper to the inside of the bottom edge of the box. We recommend using regular printer paper that’s been cut into strips. Next, mix corn syrup with two tablespoons of dish soap in a bowl and add food coloring if desired. Pour this mixture over your strip of paper and watch it magically shrink!

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51. Soap Crafting

Soap Crafting is a great way for kids to learn and explore their creativity. Kids can craft their own personalized soap at home. Soap crafting kits are available in many stores, and you can also purchase all the ingredients separately that will allow your kids to make their own soap with easy-to-follow instructions.

How people cope with negative thoughts vary depending on the person or situation. There are many things that you can do such as: writing down your goals, reminding yourself what others think of you, getting enough sleep, eating well, getting exercise, keeping a routine, and talking to people about your problems.

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52. Splash Tag

One of our favorite team-building activities is Splash Tag. Participants have 10 minutes to solve the clues, find the treasure chest and get back to escape before time runs out! Take a walk on the wild side with your team. This race is just like Candy Land, but with more “splash”. Participants will have to collect checkpoints along their way. The team that finishes first wins! Nothing like getting your hands dirty to get in touch with nature. During this activity, you and your team will have to complete all the given challenges on the checklist, such as building a make-shift boat out of straws. Start small by transforming yourself into a leader who everyone can look up to. The first step is to be fearless, full of energy, and motivated by what you want out of life. Play this team-building activity and learn from the many interesting puzzle games. Get your hands dirty with this fast-paced treasure hunt! Find clues, solve puzzles and win prizes in just one hour! Be aware that only teams who utilize their “team” will succeed through this activity. This is a fun and exciting way for you and your team to get out of the office, and spend quality time with each other!

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53. Stamp making

Stamp making is one of the fun team-building activities for children. They can make their own custom stamps that they’ll be proud to use on paper, on clay, or any other craft medium.

For this project, all you need is a sheet of silicone rubber (the kind you can buy at the hardware store). Begin by tracing all of your child’s fingers onto the sheet of latex and then cut it out around the shape of each finger. Then, place the cutout pieces onto a cookie tray and bake them in the oven for five minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once finished, let them cool down before removing them from the tray (it should leave an impression on the sheet). Let your child create custom shapes and patterns with their new stamp pieces.

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54. Stitched Leather Making

Holding a Stitched Leather Making workshop is an excellent way to get people engaged in team building activities in Singapore. This is because they have to rely on each other to complete the task at hand.

A participant will be responsible for stitching together the pieces of leather that have been cut by someone else and then preparing them for dyeing.

Stitching Leather requires participants to work closely together and complete challenging tasks with great detail. This will not only help participants work together better, but it will also make the process a lot more fun!

Leather craft | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

55. STOMP Music Workshop

One way that Singaporeans can build their team is by participating in a STOMP workshop. There are many different types of team-building activities available, but they all have the same goal in mind – to bring people together for a fun and social experience. Participants will learn the basics of the performance art by watching live demonstrations with their hands-on training for the drums. And at some point, everyone will join in to play along with local instructors and enjoy others’ performances.

STOMP Main Photo | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

56. Stress Management with Soy Candle Making

What can be more relaxing than candlelight during a rainy, stormy night? Nothing. That’s why we decided to combine this team bonding activity with some stress management techniques to make it even better! We invited participants to come out and make their own soy candles in a workshop led by our expert instructors. One of the great things about this activity is that participants can take home their very own candles to light up those cold, dreary evenings!

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57. Stress Management with Terrarium Making

Instead of going for a walk, a bike ride, or running around the block to relieve stress, there’s now an alternative way to take care of your mental health. Terrarium-making workshops have been popping up in the last few years as a way to “decorate and create” small living environments. These are typically spaces in which you can make some of the decisions about what is planted and where it is placed.

The idea behind these workshops is that by creating something out of nothing, participants can manage their thoughts and feelings by focusing on their tasks. The decorations alone offer an escape from reality for those who want one without having to leave. This workshop will provide an opportunity for each individual to get away from stressors in their lives while also having a creative outlet.

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58. T-shirt painting

T-shirt painting is a great team-building activity because it encourages creativity and teamwork. The best part about this activity is that every participant can make their own unique design.

Paint T-shirts with your team and add some personal text or flair to them. Find an interesting background, get creative, and have fun while doing it!

Being an excellent communicator is a huge part of building successful relationships with team members. Communication doesn’t only take place through verbal exchanges, it also happens visually when we listen to what people are saying through body language. Teams need to be able to work well together and communicate effectively to achieve greatness.

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59. Terrarium making for team bonding

To make terrariums, all you need are three clear glass jars or bowls (such as mason jars), potting soil, small pebbles, and any plants or flowers that you want to include. You can be more creative by using various containers and designs such as mini cacti in milk bottles or moss in old wine bottles. Once all these materials are

A terrarium is a mini outdoor ecosystem that requires little maintenance and has no plants, soil, or dirt. Instead, it’s self-contained in a glass container and typically houses small plants (or mosses) and often some form of insects (especially spiders).

One of the team bonding activities you can do with your team for a fun bonding experience is to make terrariums. The process of making terrariums will allow you to use creativity and still have a high-quality end-product. Plus, if you’re looking to work on your green thumb, this is a great opportunity to get some dirt under your nails.

A terrarium can serve as an interesting decoration for any home or office. It also provides people with a hands-on study of how ecosystems work. This offers them the chance to better understand the environment while also giving them something new to look at every day.

Cactus Terrarium | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

60. Terrazzo Coaster

For example, the Terrazzo Coaster Workshop is a great way to get the creative juices flowing while you also bond with your coworkers. You can either use coasters or coaster-sized tiles and make something totally new or decorate a piece you already have. Once you’re finished, everyone will be able to show off their creations while enjoying a drink.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

61. Tiles Painting

Tiles Painting is a very good way to keep team morale high and to get the kids off the couch! We’ve found that Tiles Painting: one of the most creative team bonding activities

Creates a more welcoming, warm environment in the lounge and community areas

Encourages children to use more of their imagination

Promotes social interaction between children as they paint together and talk about what they would like the painting to be.

Tiles Painting | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

62. Tote bag painting

Tote bag painting is a good way for a group to come up with a creative idea that is different from what you may find in the market. In this activity, participants are grouped into teams of 4-6 people. Each team member then paints part of the image (or just one color) on their own Tote Bag. When all the bags have been filled, put them together and they will form one big picture.

Tote Bag Painting | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

63. Totebag Painting & Calligraphy:

Totebags look fancy when they are nice and clean. However, sometimes you will have to pull your dirty, smelly tote from the depths of a dark corner in the supermarket. Luckily, with this fun activity, you don’t have to worry! 

This activity is perfect for painting because it is very easy to set up and provides an instant art piece at the end. With this activity, everyone can show their creativity and make something that looks chic instead of something that appears as a preschooler drew it. This is also a great choice because all materials are provided so it doesn’t cost anything!

A- Time to set up: 5 minutes.

B- Materials: Paint on canvas, paint brushes, and an open heart (or you may be able to substitute the open heart with a picture of your choice or other craft supplies).

C- Participants: Open for all! However, if you want better artwork, keep in mind that this is a messy activity so it’s best if you are into painting.

D- Instructions: 1. Arrange the totebags on a table and ask everyone to pick one out. 2. Tell them to think of an open heart or any other picture in mind (they can’t put their bags down!). 3. Distribute the paintbrushes and canvas. 4. Tell everyone to start painting their bags! They can get into groups or just do this on their own. 5. Put some music on for a fun time (or you can tell them to make up their own lyrics about the activity).

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64. Ukulele

One of the activities that we will be learning is how to play the Ukulele. Ukulele is a stringed instrument that produces a sound that is light, soft, and pleasant to listen to. We will also be starting with some basic chords for beginners. Once you’ve mastered these, we will move on to more complicated pieces as well as songs that you can play while your team has a get-together or just sits around to chill out.

There are a total of 26 different chords that you can learn to play on the ukulele, which will allow for a wide range of melodies and styles during performances or jam sessions. You get to choose how many people are in your buddy pair and duo teams – if you want larger groups, just add more buddies/teams together. I will be writing down the steps on how to play a certain chord or melody and you can refer to this sheet while we’re playing! If you have friends who are interested in joining, bring them along too!

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65. Wooden Tray Resin Pour

This is a neat little project that you can do during the weekend when you have a whole lot of spare time. It’s best to make this with friends so you have enough people to help out, and you can share the workload.

You will need to invite people with a wide range of artistic skills, as not everyone can paint.

If you are on the lookout for activities to do with your team that are fun and productive at the same time, this is it! Not only will you bond over this activity but also laugh out loud at how ridiculous some of your friends look after having silly mustaches painted on their faces.

Being able to draw a picture is something that we either take for granted or get extremely excited about. This activity allows us to explore the different kinds of drawings and art out there, in addition to stretching our imaginations and drawing skills. You can even submit your masterpiece on social media after the activity is over!

This is a fun activity to do if you have a birthday coming up. Look at the theme or mood of the day and spend your time thinking about how this is reflected in the meal that you prepare, by taking inspiration from favorite books and films. Remember to tell people why each dish has been chosen so they can get excited about the meal too.

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66. The Day at the Sandbox

Make a sandcastle! If you have never played in the sandbox, this is the perfect activity for you. Get your team to make their own little creations and watch them try to defend them during World War III (aka: when someone kicks it). This game brings out childhood memories of playtime with friends, and you can make it even better by having a picnic in the park.

The winning team gets bragging rights! *woo*

67. The Great Escape Room Challenge

Escape rooms are popular entertainment where you have to solve clues and puzzles to get out of the room. The only catch is that there isn’t enough time (10-60 minutes) to escape! If your company is ready for something more exciting, this is the perfect activity. It’s thrilling and everyone on the team will be on their toes. Escape rooms are also a great way to break free from the office and enjoy time with people with who you might not interact otherwise.

68. The Great Treasure Hunt

Have your team search for a treasure! Make them follow clues leading them all around Singapore – it’ll be fun and they’ll get to travel! You could either look for clues or do a bit of sneaky treasure hunting by giving your team some sticky notes and making them stick them somewhere near the clue. The location will lead them to their next destination!

Example: Green sticky note = go north towards the Merlion and black sticky note = head south to Marina Bay Sands.

69. Hidden Treasure

Take your team to some big event in Singapore – there’s always something going on! Pick up a clue at the entrance and send them off on their treasure hunt. The clue will lead them to their next destination, where they’ll find another clue. Continue until you’ve discovered your secret treasure (your team-building activity) or until you’ve reached your final destination.

70. Hurry, There’s a Bomb!

Ok! so this is one of the most exciting team bonding activities, Imagine your team has to get somewhere fast but there is a bomb hidden along the way. They’ll have to act quickly and carefully if they want to win this race! You can pick up various items at different shops around Singapore: ask them to pick up water bottles, some tape, paper towels, and even a small toy car. Tell your team they have to bring the items back to their workstation in time. The first team to complete everything will get a reward or you can just try and beat your own time for fun!

71. Is There Any Food In That Bag?

Teams must go around looking for food in all the different places around Singapore. Take a list of items and ask teams to find what you’ve written down.

Example: Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream, Woodlands Chicken Rice, Katong Laksa, Spam Fries from 7-Eleven… You get the idea!

72. This is Going on My Instagram!

Teams must take a picture of themselves at different locations around Singapore and upload it to Instagram. The team who completes the activity with the best selfies will win! To make this challenge even more interesting, you can put some restrictions on how they have to pose or where you want them to go.

73. Rise and Shine Morning Show

Teams have to perform an entire morning show (make it up as you go along!) and you decide what that entails! They might need to do some cheerleading, sing a song or just talk about their jobs. The first team who is good enough will win. This can get really exciting if they are in front of the camera – make sure you are ready to go live on Facebook in case it gets big! In these team-building activities, people get the opportunity to enjoy themselves by forgetting all the worries of the world.

Sand Art 1 2 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

74. Singaporeans Unite – Build a Team

Use your local connections and get people working together. Gather them up at different places around Singapore and explain the team-building activity; they’ll have to work together to complete it. You could make this harder by asking them to go to different locations – the farther they have to walk, the harder it’ll be! The team who completes this one will win!

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75. Local Food Hunt

These team bonding activities gives individual the opportunity to practice patience and time management. Teams must collect food from the various stalls around Singapore. Set a time limit and make it hard by having them follow clues. Make sure you set up some ground rules before you start! for example, no breaking and entering!

Name That Tune

In this activity, teams must guess the song being played from a video clip or several clues given by the facilitator. This is an excellent way to engage them in interaction and creativity while testing their knowledge of music. You can also make it more fun by asking celebrities to choose their own teams.

76. Singapore Tourism Board: Fly The Flag!

Teams have to follow a set of clues and find the flag from their country somewhere around Singapore. They can only pick it up when they’ve found all the clues – the first one to collect everything will win! This is an excellent way for people with different nationalities to get to know each other and find out more about what makes them unique!

In this team bonding activity, Teams have to guess whether an item or person is from Singapore. The person who gets the most right will win (you can even make it harder by giving fewer clues). Avoid making this too hard by not using people – try finding objects like outdoor lights, shoes, a watch, or something like that.

Select a scene from an old Singaporean TV show or movie and recreate it. You can be the actors, directors and even the spectators! Take photos of them for a sense of nostalgia – everyone will have so much fun trying to remember the original scenes!

77. Singapore Tourism Board: Let’s Go For A Walk

Teams have to follow a set of clues and find the object at different places around Singapore. As they get further into the challenge, it’ll get harder – maybe they have to walk across an entire park, or perhaps cross a busy road! Make sure you give them a list of items or somewhere that is easy to point out.

Teams will need to work together to prepare a traditional dish from Singapore and serve it to the judges! Tell your team you want them all to dress up in costume, make real food (not instant) and take some nice photos of their hard work. This task will get people talking about how to use old methods for making food and who can do what best – the real win is that you’ll get some awesome photos to share!

Teams will need to communicate with each other by using traditional sign language which is best for team bonding activities. You can even throw in some extra challenges like having them use their feet or doing a cute little dance when they’ve finished. Set a time limit and make sure there are no big groups!

78. Singapore Tourism Board: Singapore Quiz

Teams have to answer questions related to their country, but you’ll be the one writing them! Ask some about geography or popular sports, or things like what kind of music they listen to. Make sure you keep it fair by making all the questions a similar level of difficulty so no team has an advantage over another.

Teams will need to do a great job at emulating some of the habits and activities of Singaporeans. Perhaps they’ll need to eat an entire plate of chili crabs, or sing karaoke for a good 5 minutes! Tell them what things you want them to try their best at before you start – this is sure to be exciting!

79. Singapore Tourism Board: Where Am I?

In this team bonding activity, Teams will need to use a map and box of clues to find out where they are. Give them the rules before you start so that they know how many clues they can pick up and where each clue is located. They must take photos of their location once they have figured it out!

80. Singapore Tourism Board: Favourite Urban Legends

Teams will need to find out what all of Singapore’s best urban legends are and recreate them! You can make this one as simple or as hard as you wish – you could set a time limit, have them do the scariest urban legend possible, or even just tell them which ones they should do!

81. Singapore Tourism Board: Can You Guess?

Teams will need to guess which items are from Singapore. As soon as they’re done guessing, the rest of the teams can move on to their next task. Make sure you set a limit on each item so that no one team takes too long and gets very bored.

Teams will need to decide which sort of bird calls belong to Singapore. They can then use these calls to try and attract birds to their little team area! Make sure they have a fair chance by giving them each the same number of balls or jelly beans so that no one gets an advantage.

82. Singapore Tourism Board: Wishing Trees

In this team bonding activity, Teams will need to find a wishing tree, stick their own wishes onto it and take pictures of it! Some trees might be easy to find but others will not – make sure that your team sticks with just one tree because there are plenty more in Singapore! These team bonding activities help individuals to understand each other better.

Teams will have to bring cups from all over Singapore and put them into the correct category. You can make it easier by telling them which ones are open and closed, or you could get really complex and ask them to figure out the actual word!

83. Singapore Tourism Board: Char Kway Teow Eating Competition

Teams will need to eat as much char kway teow in a set time span to win! Set a time limit and make sure there are judges to check that all the teams have eaten the same amount! These team-building activities bring joy and laughter among people.

84. Singapore Tourism Board: Flag Game

Teams will need to race around Singapore with a video camera, trying to capture images of different flags around the city. If they’re not game for this, you could always give them a sheet of flags and ask them to write down the country they represent.

Teams will need to take photos of famous Singaporeans around the city – celebrities, athletes, and even your boss! You can ask each team which person that they’re looking for or just let them know that it’s up to their discretion. Give them a fixed time limit so that no one team has an advantage over another.

85. Singapore Tourism Board: Where is Wok Hei?

Teams will need to find different places in Singapore with wok hei! Give them a list of things that they should be looking for before you start – perhaps some restaurants, or maybe street food stalls. Make sure they take enough photos for each place within a time limit so everyone has the same chances! These team bonding activities help them to enhance their knowledge by learning new things.

86. Singapore Tourism Board: National Day Parade Quiz

Teams will need to answer 10 questions about the National Day parade. Some of these are going to be tricky, but you could always help them by telling them which ones they should be focusing on. Make sure that you tell them to divide their answers up between the whole team – no one person should gain all of the points!

87. Singapore Tourism Board: Money Throws

Teams will need to run around with a big bag of money, trying to get as many people as they can to pick up some money. The first team to get everyone in Singapore to pick up money will win!

Teams will need to learn 10 phrases that they can use in their favorite Singaporean situations. You could give them a list or make it easier by getting the phrases for them – but they won’t know whether you’re telling the truth! Make sure everyone has heard of the scenarios before you start – no one wants to hear a team try and ask for directions in Hokkien!

88. Singapore Tourism Board: Singapore Sports Trivia Challenge

Teams will need to answer 10 questions about sports in Singapore. You could make it easier by only having 5 questions about football or hockey, but if your teams are more diverse then you may want to have a few questions about each sport. These team-building activities bring trust and unity among people.

Teams will need to watch the Singapore National Day Parade with a stopwatch in hand. All of the teams will start the stopwatch when they see certain things – some people may be looking out for fireworks, others might notice when someone famous is on screen and other teams might have been told to get their stopwatches out at the first fireworks display. Make sure you tell them to take photos of proof for each time as well!

89. Trust Fall

This is a team bonding activity to test your trust in your teammates (and also yourself). Get into a line. Then, each person grabs the shoulder of the person in front of them, and then you go back a step to grab the shoulder of your team member. That’s it! You can do this as long as you want.

If you trust your teammates too much… ~~~then get ready for this~~~ This is the same idea as the trust fall, except you’re going to lean back with your team member. So for this to work, you need to be sure that your teammate will not let go of you; so it works best if there are a lot of people. Let’s say I’m standing in line and my team member is behind me. Then our team member in front of us tells us to lean back. And if you do, it’s going to be scary for a minute… but just trust your team and you will live through this activity!

90. Trip Over Your Own Feet

This is an activity that tests one’s mental agility. To play this game, start by having everyone sit in a circle. Then, each person will have to place their feet on the floor and be ready for instructions.

To make it even better (for people who are afraid of heights), do this activity in an open area with no railings or something similar. The team that is willing to risk breaking their necks will be the winning team!

91. The Extra Mile

This activity tests how far a team will go to achieve its goals. There are many variations of this game, but the basic idea is the same: build a long obstacle course in an open area and race against your competitors to see who can get to the end of it faster.

This is a great team bonding activity to incorporate physical and mental challenges, such as sprinting and problem-solving! The team that goes beyond its own capabilities will be declared the winner!

This is an activity that will definitely get the blood flowing!

leon 6awfTPLGaCE unsplash | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

92. Singapore Road Run

One of the most entertaining team-building activities. This game tests a team’s ability to work together while also having fun. It is usually played along a predetermined route, and each team gets a number of tries to get all members over the finish line. The twist in this game is that one member has a backpack attached to him or her with objects inside that make it harder to run. The team members must help each other through the obstacle course and get everyone across the finish line before time runs out!

There are many different versions of the Singapore Road Run. Some common variations are:

Version 1 (Backpack): One person has a backpack attached to him or her and filled with small objects, such as tennis balls or stuffed animals. The goal is for the team to get all members together at the finish line in the least amount of time. This can also be played individually by each teammate racing against their own time.

The rules vary based on how difficult you want to make it for your teammates. For example, some teams may carry people piggyback while others will need to use slingshots to assist one another across the finish line! It’s up to you and your teammates who win this game!

93. All-Terrain Team Race

This game tests the team’s collaboration and ability to solve problems together! The goal is to get a team member across an obstacle course (usually one that has been set up) in the fastest time. However, this can be made more challenging by adding small objects in each area of the obstacle course, such as water balloons or horse manure. Each “terrain” is worth a certain amount of points, with some being easier to scale than others.

As you may have guessed by now, the idea behind this game is to make it very difficult for your teammates to help you across obstacles without accidentally running into them or causing one another to fall over! It might sound cruel but it’s hilarious when you see how much fun everyone gets out of this game!

94. The Game of Life

This is one of the most exciting team-building activities in Singapore because it’s played entirely on foot and incorporates physical activity, mental challenges, strategy, and teamwork all into a single activity. The premise of this game is to get every member of your team across an obstacle course using only your feet. You can use any type of terrain for this, from sand to grass to rocky fields!

There are many different versions of the Game Of Life but the basic goal remains the same: reach the finish line with a few mess-ups as possible! This is a great way to incorporate problem-solving into a fun activity. Teammates will need to work together against time and obstacles in order to succeed during this game.

This is a fantastic game to bring back memories of childhood adventures! Pulling this activity off will require a lot of teamwork and communication since the teams can’t use their hands as well as they normally do when playing The Game Of Life!

95. Broken Plank Game

This activity tests how well your team can work together under pressure. To play this game, divide each member into a group of two (or however many people you have). Then, place each team on one side of a bridge that has various planks missing. They will all need to get from one side to the other.

There is just one rule: no falling off! If anyone falls, their team loses the game. However, for every 10 steps they make across the bridge, they can add another group member.

This is a cool game! But… you know what? I don’t think my team will be able to complete it with everyone added onto the team. Can we make a new rule where it’s every person for themselves?

96. Human Bowling

This is one of the pretty cool team bonding activities, You can make an actual bowling pin (out of something like wood) or use people as the pins (who will fall over if they get hit). It’s good to do this activity outside, and you can either make someone be the pinsetter or even use a small ball. It will be a lot of fun, and it’s cool to see people bowling with their team members. You can have a couple of people go at a time or have everyone go.

You can also do this activity with regular bowling pins, but use the employees as the ball instead of a small ball. It will be just as fun and even more memorable than bowling with actual balls. Everyone should try it at least once; you will like it.

97. Human Obstacle Course / Fun Run

This team bonding activity is pretty simple. It’s basically what it sounds like, an obstacle course! However, this one has a twist; while the ‘obstacles’ are there to make you fall over (and be more entertaining for everyone else), the team that finishes first gets a head start to the next checkpoint.

For added fun, it can be played as a race against each other, or even against the clock!

Example obstacles: Everyone will need to hop over team members who are lined up in rows (like dominoes), and then complete a few tasks– such as touch one hand to your partner’s feet, then the other back again.

98. Food Preparation Team Building Activity

What’s the best way to get your team working well together? Setting them up with some food – it’s a tried and tested technique! If you’ve heard of ‘pay it forward’ before, then this would be another great example. The object of this game is simple – you need to set up everyone in your team so that they are prepared enough to serve customers on their own. In order for the activity to work effectively, there should be a leader who keeps track of each person’s progress as they prepare their own meals. When all members complete their tasks correctly, they can leave and wait at the gate while everyone else continues serving one by one until everyone has left.

99. Come As You Are Team Building Activity

One of the most amusing team-building activities. A relatable example of ‘come as you are’ would be coming to work in clothes that reflect how you normally dress outside. In Secret Agent, everyone plays a role and your character has their own backstory that represents something about yourself – for example, you could be an office worker on the inside while being a spy on the outside. The object of this game is simple – it’s all about getting people to guess what kind of job your character may have! As you work your way from room to room, everyone gets a chance to ask you questions about what you do. At the end of the activity, teams have to pool their ideas together and guess how many people got each answer right!

abcs | Epic Workshops, Singapore | September, 2022

100. Memory Lane Team Building Activities

Holidays are a really important part of life – if you don’t have any, it’s a sign that you’re either working too hard or not enjoying yourself enough. The holidays that I’ve been through so far have mostly involved going somewhere with my family; we tend to rent out houses by the beach and just really relax. It’s also a chance for me to hang out with my friends who are based in other countries; it’s great to see how they’ve grown over the past few years and watch them enjoy themselves with their hobbies.

This memory lane activity is really useful if you want your team to come together better as a unit – have each member write down five memorable experiences from their lives on sticky notes, and then have them all post their memories on the wall together. The team can then go around and see which ones are similar to each other, and as a result, they’ll have created some fantastic stories that they can all now share!

The team bonding activity is really useful because you’ll be able to see how your co-workers are like outside of work – I know that the stories on my wall were things that I’ve done with some of my past colleagues. This really helps me bond with them more in the office and makes it easier for us to relate better when we’re having problems or discussing certain projects

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