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3 Reasons For Team Building Sports Workshops

3 Reasons For Team Building Sports Workshops

Sports workshops are a sure-fire way to gel team members together! Team sports such as soccer and laser tag brings members together to work towards a common goal in a short time frame. The intensity of the game makes it exciting and team members will have to communicate with one another to win the game. It’s not just for the sporty, even those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle will have an epic time playing! Here are our top 3 reasons we recommend sports team building workshops:

1. Breaking down walls

Sports Workshop

All team sports require team players to have constant back-to-forth conversations with each other throughout the game. These conversations may be simple, such as “Pass the ball!” or “Target him!”, but they do help to break the ice between players. After one round (or a few), the team members will feel more comfortable with one another. Everyone wants a comfortable work environment. Conversation will flow more easily and team dynamics will improve. With better communication and shared enjoyment, employees’ morale will be boosted and work will be less of a chore.


2. Building trust

Sports Workshop

Uncertainty is a constant in sports. No one really knows how a game will turn out. However, with good communication flowing between team members, it does help to build trust amongst the team. It is always comforting to know that others are watching your back (as you are for them!). The trust built during the game will not disappear overnight, but can be brought into the office.


3. Battling the state of mind

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Team sports require team members to work together to score. There is a need for strategic thinking and creativity. It parallels the work environment, where the department/team has to come together to maximise the potential of each colleague for their team goals to be achieved. Through playing sports, not only does it refresh one’s state of mind, it also frames one’s mindset to be more flexible and ready to take on any crisis which may arise in the office.

With these 3 reasons, is there any room for hesitation? Join us at Epic Workshops for our Outdoor Team Building Activities, such as Laser Tag and Bubble Soccer. Sports workshops are suitable for both family bonding and corporate team building (or a group of friends who are looking to do something fun in Singapore!). We look forward to seeing you!

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