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Apart from our list of workshops, we also provide Fringe Activities for corporate events in Singapore! Birthdays, Family Days, or even Carnivals, we do it all! Our dedicated team of specialists at EPIC Workshops will work towards making your event a memorable one.

We promote inclusivity and provide a wide array of fringe activities for events. Our special Fringe Activities will surely give your guests an extraordinarily fun time!

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Our Offering ― Arts, Crafts, and Interactive Fringe Activities in Singapore

Let’s Create Something Different with Epic Workshop… 


A unique type of indoor activity to promote horticulture and gardening, building a terrarium is a process of creating small garden in a glass or transparent container that is either half or fully opened. Terrariums can be fully closed, but the opening allows heat, light, and air to enter the container while simultaneously containing the moisture. They can be a great opening to an event that focuses on sustainability and making healthy life choices that can be beneficial to the human environment.  


Making something of your own, such as gel candles, make you feel accomplished. The process is although lengthy, it is fun and the end results are satisfying. If you select gel candle making as a part of fringe activities for corporate events or any other event in Singapore ― it gives your audience a fun way to create something and then use it as a piece of home decor. 


Every once in a while, it feels good to have something that is classic, traditional, chic, and stylish such as a badge. It is no secret that badges validate or mark a skill or a new learning. With a badge in your hands or pinned anywhere on your shirt, you can show people that you have accomplished something. Badge making is a fun process that allows your audience to show their competencies ― they can show that they have earned something by sitting in a learning atmosphere.


Mask painting is a fun crafting and fringe activity that brings people in your events closer. It is a form of art where a person expresses their feelings through painting ― just like we paint in a canvas, the mask becomes your blank canvas, and you are free to paint however you want it to. Whether you want a funny face, a dramatic one, or something out of this world, there are thousands of ideas to execute your feelings in mask paintings. 


Pyssla beads – also known as perler beads – can be used in more than one way. You can make tea coasters or necklaces, crowns, bracelets, maze, toys, and so much more. Although they look tiny, when put together in a creative manner, pyssla beads are great, fun, and chic. 


A piece of art made from scratch and small pieces of glass, tile, or any such objects is called mosaic art. It is a great way to recycle such material and turn them into something creative, beautiful, and an object of art. 


Stamp art is a simple, fun, and exciting fringe activity that gives your attendees a way to express themselves on a canvas. Don’t get scared by the name, it is just simple as that. You take a shape cut in a sponge. It can be anything from a flower to just a plain circle. Then you dip the shape into the paint and just stamp it on a paper or canvas ― make a scenery or a portrait, it’s time to get creative. Recommended for schools and birthday parties. 


As much fun as it may sound, Christmas bauble activities aren’t widely offered in Singapore as a part of fringe activities. This one is recommended for holiday parties or christmas gatherings. 


Keychains are a great form of souvenirs and memoirs. Get this activity planned for your next family event or carnival where people can engage in a friendly manner and make the most of their time. 


As much as we recommend this activity for school events with small children, we also endorse it to corporate employees to remind them of their childhood. Glitter tattoos are easily removable and give your children something to feel good about.  


Don’t worry if you’re not good at it, bean art is one of the unique fringe activities for corporate events in Singapore where you’re not being judged. Make a flower or your favorite scenery, fill it with beans ― do a lot more. This activity is best for family gatherings at christmas or any other events. 


Best for corporate seminars, magnet making is one of the best and fun fringe activities for events [both private and public]. Gives you attendees something to be proud of. 


As a part of fringe activities for Corporate in Singapore, introducing flower pot into any social gathering can add a lot more fun and create enthusiasm in your attendees. 


Unleash the child in you and your audience by introducing finger paintings in your upcoming events. Recommended for birthdays, carnivals, and family events. 


Whenever there are adults and children attending the same event ― such as birthdays ― we recommend face painting. As much as children love their face being painted, adults like to explore their creativity through this activity.  


We recommend dough art for school activities ― it helps children express themselves without any effort. Let them create animals, trees, toys, or anything else they want. 


Another creative activity, stone art helps you get close to nature and get creative within simple steps. Take a brush, think of something, just start painting your heart. 

Recommended for carnivals and birthday parties. 


Sand art is one of the best fringe activities for corporate events ― whether they are small or big. It is best for school carnivals, but family events can also be turned into something unique by integrating sand art. 


Seashells usually symbolize femininity. They are also considered as a symbol of birth, good luck, and even resurrection in some cultures. Recommended for baby showers and birthdays. 


A fun way to engage your attendees, shrink art includes shrinking a polystyrene plastic sheet. You need to create a design with colors into it. 

Creating a shrink art is a fun way to create crafts ― such as keychains, lockets, and even jewellery. 

  • 3D PEN ART

Looking for interactive fringe activities for events in Singapore for your corporate or private event? Pick 3D pen art activity from Epic Workshops ― a fun way to engage your attendees and create unforgettable memories with them. 

It’s quick, fun, rewarding to see something that sits in your living room, study, dining area, or bedroom was made from your hands.


Leather craft in Singapore are not a common activity, but Epic Workshops have managed to get this activity at your doorstep, parties, or any social gatherings. 

A great part of managing an event is making sure that your audience has thoroughly enjoyed it, and they are always looking forward to something like this in the future as well. 

Introduce Fun in Boring Seminars and Workshops ― Work with Epic Workshops 

Do you also want to engage your audience in a fun and exciting manner? Get in touch with you representatives now and start planning your event by adding as much fun as you can.

Fringe Activities Booking and Enquiry

For more information on our Fringe Activities in Singapore, please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or just send us a message through the form provided. We’ll be in touch!

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Ideas for Fringe Activities in Singapore

Apart from our workshops, we also provide Fringe Activities for a variety of special events in Singapore! Birthdays, family days, or carnivals are just a few examples of occasions that require special Fringe Activities. Our expert staff at EPIC Workshops will work hard to ensure that your event is a memorable one. We encourage inclusiveness and provide a diverse range of fringe activities for people of all ages. Your guests will have an amazing time with our unique Fringe Activities in Singapore!

EPIC Workshops help you to promote your brand, service, or product in a unique way! We provide workshop experiences that are entertaining, interactive, and hands-on. These Workshop Experiences are highly shareable on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…EPIC Workshops strives to leave lasting memories that will help the promotion of your products & services!

Your event is our time to shine! We will work hard with you to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable time at your Fringe Activity. We bring the FUN, all you have to do is think of your Guest’s valued experience!

Epic Workshops: Helping You Make Your Life More Epic

Our Fringe Activities are both unique & engaging for all ages & genders! We also have a variety of games to suit your needs. For example, do you need large activity areas? Water activities? Chess activities? Or maybe outdoor team building? You name it, we got it! We can even provide an instructor to help conduct the workshop if required! Just ask us today and let us help you make your event EPIC!

Fringe Activities are designed to be fun and entertaining. With our ever-growing list of fringe activities in Singapore, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a family day, or a corporate event, our fringe activities will surely liven up the atmosphere!

Let’s create something different with Epic Workshop…

The Terrarium building

The process of making a terrarium is the creation of a tiny garden in a glass or transparent container that is either half or fully opened. Terrariums can be completely closed, but the aperture allows heat, light, and air to enter while also regulating moisture. They may be an excellent start to an event dedicated to environmental sustainability and making healthy lifestyle choices that may benefit the human environment. The glass container may show different colors, depending on the mixture of sands and/or rocks that are used. Generally, such as in the picture above, a layer of darker sand (coarse-grained) is placed at the bottom for aesthetics and to prevent the lighter-colored substrates from mixing together during watering. These containers can be opened or closed for the purpose of airflow, humidity regulation, or to keep animals out.

Candle Making

One fringe activity that is popular among Singaporeans is candle-making. Gel candles are customized according to one’s preference and can be made at home. The process of making these candles is lengthy and laborious, but the end product is satisfying and rewarding. Making gel candles is a multi-step process and involves the following: Preparation, Mixing, Heating, and Pouring, Cooling and Trimming, Dipping, Wrapping, and Packaging. The materials in this process include gel candle wax, wicks, dyes/pigments, and fragrances. The end product is a customized, scented candle that can be used as home décor or as gifts.

Make Your Own badge

Reminiscing the good old days is something Singaporeans love to do. One of our most popular fringe activities in Singapore is the Make Your Own Badge activity. This activity lets you design your very own badge with stickers, ribbons, and other craft materials! Our expert staff is able to help lead groups through the process of making their badges. This activity can be extremely interactive and enjoyable!

Painting Masks

Painting masks is another one of our most popular fringe activities in Singapore. This activity gives people the opportunity to express their creativity while being rewarded with a unique piece of work at the end. Paint your own mask, take it home, and you have art for life! Whether made up as a superhero or spooky monster, painting masks brings out the inner child in new and old Singaporeans alike.

Make Your Own Tote Bags

Crochet your very own tote bag with this DIY fringe activity! The process of making a crochet tote bag is an extremely tedious, laborious one that takes several hours of concentration and patience. However, the end product is definitely worth it: a classic tote bag that can be used as a shopping bag, for traveling, or even as a market bag.

Create things out of Pyssla Beads

Pyssla beads are a popular craft material for school children and teens who want to try something new. At Epic Workshop, we provide several fringe activities in Singapore suitable for group bookings such as bead-making workshops! Using needles and string, attendees can create their very own pyssla bead keyring during this workshop. The process of making pyssla beads is extremely straightforward. We provide all the materials for this activity, however, feel free to bring your personal supplies along should you decide to make pyssla bead keychains later on!

Mosaic Mural

Mosaic art is a great way to get creative with your kids or yourself! This fringe activity in Singapore lets you create beautiful artwork by using tiles of different colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures. You can make anything from a simple picture frame to an elaborate mosaic mural! Our expert staff will help you through this process step-by-step, so there are no mistakes made along the way.

Art Stamping

Art stamping is also out of popular fringe activities in Singapore. This activity consists of designing and customizing your own unique stamps to use on paper, furniture, or other materials. It can be used as a great hobby for people of all ages who enjoy color, design, and expression. The process of making art stamps is simple and straightforward. You can create your stamp at our store or you can bring your own materials into the process if you decide to make art stamps later on!

The magic of Christmas Tree

Together everyone can make Christmas trees out of scratch paper. In this workshop, attendees can add their own design to one large tree or make a different type of Christmas tree altogether. This activity is great for all ages and, we provide the materials needed to complete the activity.

Make a keychain

Make Your Own keychains are a great way to express your individuality while having fun with friends and family. You can express yourself with any design – from basic shapes like stars and hearts to more intricate designs like flowers or crowns. Pendants are a popular jewelry item that can be worn as a form of accessory. In this activity, you will learn how to customize your very own pendant with personalized designs and colors. You can use any design or material – from beads to fabric!

Bean Art making

Bean Art making is another popular activity at Epic Workshop, where participants create unique bean bags with their own personal touch. There are many different types of materials that can be used to design the perfect bean bag chair. You can choose from our wide range of fabrics or bring your own into the workshop if you want to make different-colored bags! It’s a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure.

Engagement Art

Engagement art is an activity where two people cross-stitch pictures of themselves, so they can put them on display as part of their engagement or wedding decor. The process of creating engagement art is easy and straightforward and can be done with a partner or even on your own!

Pottery Painting

It’s only limited by the imagination of the creator. We offer our customers a wide range of colors, paints, and brushes, so they can express their creativity at any time! Our store also offers many other fringe activities in Singapore! We’re always happy to provide information about our workshops, so feel free to ask any questions you might have! If you’re looking for a way to relax while having fun, Epic Workshop can provide you with the perfect activity.

Beehive Art

Beehive art is an engaging fringe activity at Epic Workshop where participants paint beehives with their own personal touch. The process of completing bee hive artwork is easy and straightforward. We provide the materials needed to complete this activity, but feel free to bring your personal supplies if you want to make beehives later on!

Watercolor Art Making

In this workshop, attendees learn the basics of watercolor art as well as how to use a variety of colors to make different colorful images!

Photo Collage

You can create different-sized layouts with your photos, whether big or small. We provide all the tools, equipment, and information needed to complete this activity. Cut out a photo from a magazine that you want to use for your collage. You can either cut out the whole photo or just cut out one area of the photo. If you’re using a magazine, this will also give you two photos that you can use. Cut up the photos into small rectangular pieces. In order to make sure they are the exact same size, find a ruler and measure it against your scissors. Place your paper on top of the ruler and use it as a guide when cutting them to size. After you’ve cut up all of your papers, assemble them in rows and columns like a puzzle. You can either choose to put them in different sizes or all the same size. Once you’re done, use clear tape (or scotch tape) to stick it on your fridge!

Stone Art

This is a therapeutic form of art where you can paint something on a stone. There are many different ways to make sand art. You can make it with a bowl where you pour the sand in, and you pour the food coloring over it on the inside. This way, you have a more controlled area for drawing your picture. You can also use a tray and fill it with sand first, then pour the food coloring on top. The extra color will seep into the bottom layer of sand, which gives a nice effect as well as a little bit of variety.

Sand art

Playing with sand is one of the  fun fringe activities in Singapore, it feels good to enjoy this art with everyone. You can plan what items you will use, and then you have to layer the amount of sand to do this art. you can use food color and sand and much more to check out the magic. What you’ll need: a box of sand, food coloring, a funnel to pour the sand into your mold, a spoon to stir the food coloring through the sand before pouring it in the molds, Molds. You can use anything from ice cube trays to containers with lids, or even small bowls made from clay. The only limit is your imagination. Be creative!

Shrink Art

To do shrink art you will need different types of materials such as paper, glue, and paint. You will also need a container to put your finished artwork in. Begin by cutting the papers into different shapes and sizes and then placing them on top of each other in order to create a design. When it has been cut to the desired size and shape, glue all of the layers together with a layer of glue that can withstand high temperatures. Next cover the surface that is going to be painted with paint or another type of material for designs until it is completely covered. Next, place it into the container being careful not to touch the sides of the container with anything that is not sand proof since this will ruin your artwork, and then fill the container with enough sand to cover your artwork.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of some popular fringe activities in Singapore. Do any of these sound like something you might be interested in? These workshops are open to all ages so grab a group of friends or book solo and come join us at our next event. Do you have any favorite fringe activities that we left off the list? Let us know what they are, so we can consider including them on future workshop lists. There is no better way than this to spend quality time with others who might not share the same interests as yourself or be able to do all those things because of health reasons or otherwise . We invite you to get more information on how Epic Workshops can help make your life more epic.

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