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Were you ever intrigued by the fascinating designs of mandala pattern on tiles? Have you ever wanted to assemble beautiful handpainted tiles together to form a breathtaking one-of-a-kind wall mural?

Well, in EPIC Workshops, we have just the workshop for you — our ceramic tiles painting workshop! In our workshop, you will use acrylic paints, paintbrush and your imagination to form a little ceramic tile masterpiece. We also offer both individual and team building options. Furthermore, we provide add-on mounting services as well. Come and book a tiles painting workshop session today!

Tiles Painting Workshops Details

Group Size

Min 5 To Unlimited


1.5 Hours

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

Ideal For

  • Children
  • Learn about Art and Painting Techniques
  • Stress Relief Session
  • Team Building

Why Choose Us?

  • Well-known name in Singapore and loved by 1200+ organizations
  • Worked with more than 860,000 participants
  • More than a dozen of engaging team bonding games
  • Many medium and small businesses in Singapore rely on us
  • We have served many multinational companies
  • Served multiple Singaporean authorities

Tiles Painting Workshops Caters for

Team Building

Customized team building programs to better engage your employees and maximize their potential.


Build a community at the workplace by strengthening relationships through fun and personalized activities throughout the year!


Exciting programs for all ages to foster bonding among colleagues through a day of celebration and fun with their families!


It is ideal for all levels of schools in Singapore.


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Why choose our Tiles Painting Workshops in Singapore?

EPIC Workshops is Singapore’s Leading Craft Team Building Workshops Provider

Benefits of Tiles Painting Workshops

Team Building
The tiles painting workshop is a great way to foster team building as participants will need to paint, bearing in mind the organizer’s theme of the day. At the end of the workshop, to enhance the team building experience, the tiles which were painted individually during the workshop can be joined together to form a decorative wall mural. This can then be placed at your workspace, so every time you step in to the office, you’ll be welcomed with a beautiful masterpiece done by you and your team.
Learn the basics of drawing and colouring, as well as the techniques needed to create your masterpiece to your liking, with the guidance of an artist!
Stress Relief
Ever heard of art therapy? Painting is therapeutic and helps to shake one’s stress away! Moreover, with our team building tiles painting workshop, participants get to assemble their painted tiles together to form a big mural art, which is a visually stunning way to bring vibrancy and colours to the office! Work together and flaunt your team’s creation, for every effort counts!

Our Past Workshops - Tiles Painting Workshops

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Trusted by 1200+ Companies

From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

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Tiles Painting Workshops FAQ

Yes! Other than our standard sessions, we also offer services catered to our customer's needs to provide them with a more satisfactory experience.
No, all the materials such as paint brushes, paint, canvas and aprons will be provided. The only thing you need to bring will be yourself!
Workshops can be held at our studio or your location of choice. We are located just 2mins walk away from Marymount MRT(CC16). We’re based at MAPEX Building, 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-10 (s)577177!
For workshops booking/reservations of slots, kindly contact us at with the following information: 1. Preferred workshop 2. Date & Time, Venue of your choice 3. Number of participants We will try to accommodate to your preferred date and time and will get back to you as soon as we can.
Our workshops are for the young and young at heart as our trainers are trained to conduct for various age groups. However, we would like to encourage parental supervision for our younger participants aged 3-7 onwards.
A minimum of 5 pax is required to start the workshop. Should you have lesser participants, let us know and we’ll try to host a public workshop for you!
Our professional trainers will start off the workshop with a presentation to equip participants with the basic painting techniques. We will teach participants on how to create their desired effects on canvas. Fret not, we will customise our presentation according to the audience be it students or adults. Following which, we will begin with the hands-on session and each participant will get to bring home their own masterpiece.
Yes we do Hen’s party, birthdays, parent-child bonding and many more!
Yes, school can also take advantage of our educational, art, and scientific workshops.

Were you ever intrigued by the fascinating designs of mandala patterns on tiles? Have you ever wanted to assemble beautiful hand-painted tiles together to form a breathtaking one-of-a-kind wall mural?

EPIC Workshops ceramic tiles painting workshop is your best bet! At our workshop, you will use acrylic paints, a paintbrush with accompanying art materials as well as your creative imagination to form a little ceramic tile masterpiece. For your event needs, we also offer both individual and team-building options. Furthermore, we provide add-on mounting services as well. Come and book a tiles painting workshop session today! Ceramic Tiles Painting – create your own individual coasters or piece them together to form a nice wall mural – the possibilities are endless here at Epic Workshops.

A simple way to get new patterns on your floor by painting tiles

Tiling is a great way to refresh your space, and you can do it on the cheap by using paint you have around the house. It might seem messy, but paint only needs to dry for 12 hours before it is ready to walk on or put furniture on top of! Tile is also a great way to go green and save money: it is long-lasting, easy to clean, eco-friendly, and of low cost. You can even use recycled materials like flatware as spacers.

Tape off the pattern you want on your floor with painter’s tape, then trace the shapes on the back of the tiles with a pencil. With this simple pattern, there are many variations possible, so it will be easy to change things up in the future.

You might not have enough money to re-tile your floors, but there are other options. Painting your old tiles is one of them! All you need is some paint and a little patience.  

Paint your tiles a different color
I know it can be difficult to decide on the perfect color for your tile floor. With the many paint colors available today, it can also be hard to narrow down which one will work best with the rest of your room’s colors. Painting tiles a different color is an amazing way of giving your floor new patterns. If you are not sure what color to use for your tiles, consider using colors that are found in nature. These colors include green, brown, and beige.  These natural colors may also give your home a more rustic feeling. If you are uneasy about painting a tiled floor, because you think that tiling might ruin the paint, then never fear! First try out this project in an inconspicuous corner of your room. If it looks okay, then go ahead and do the rest of the tiles in your home. Make sure to use a paint that is for tiled floors, it will make your project easier. Another important tip when painting tiles a different color is to use glossier paints. I know this may be the opposite of what you’re thinking, however, glossy paints are actually more durable and will not chip easily. 

Tiles painting works for all spaces

This technique can be used for both large and small spaces, like bathrooms or kitchens for an even more personalized effect. Share your new flooring idea with your friends and family by painting all of your rooms in different colors! This way, they will know just how much thought you put into designing your home. “Painting tiles on the floor is a great way to get new patterns without having to buy and reinstall new floors. Even bathrooms and kitchens can be personalized this way! It can be done not only for bigger spaces like living rooms but also smaller spaces. 

Tiles painting is inexpensive

Another new pattern that you can create on your floor using this method is to paint the tiles, then fill in the spaces with some geometric shapes or some flowers. The new pattern will show up on your floor when you step back and look at it. It’s also inexpensive because you don’t need any special materials besides paint and stencils.


You can find various stencils in craft stores or you can make your own. For example, you can cut flowers out of some thick paper and place them on the tiles using glue before you paint them to create a pattern with flowers. However, be careful when applying the stencil to the tiles because they might not stick well to the tiles.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Use stencils for your patterns
  2. Apply paint to stencils, then place them on the floor
  3. Remove stencils carefully and let the paint dry thoroughly before stepping on it again. Do not use any furniture near wet paint until it has dried.
  4. Repeat this process until you are happy with the way it looks, then enjoy your new patterns on the floor!

In conclusion, these are some of the benefits of painting tiles to get new patterns on your floor: it’s inexpensive, easy, and quick, and there is no limit to color combinations that you can use for this project! Dimensional paints are the most appropriate for this project. To paint tiles, you can use an ordinary brush or a standard roller. To get your design to pop out more, you can use stencils or printable templates. And that’s all about painting tiles to get new patterns on your floor! We hope we’ve given you some inspiration today; we know we sure had fun writing this article.


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