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Min 5 To Unlimited


1-1.5 Hours

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

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  • Team Building
  • Work together as a team

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  • Well-known name in Singapore and loved by 1200+ organizations
  • Worked with more than 860,000 participants
  • More than a dozen of engaging team bonding games
  • Many medium and small businesses in Singapore rely on us
  • We have served many multinational companies
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Flower Arrangement Workshops Caters for

Team Building

Customized team building programs to better engage your employees and maximize their potential.


Build a community at the workplace by strengthening relationships through fun and personalized activities throughout the year!


Exciting programs for all ages to foster bonding among colleagues through a day of celebration and fun with their families!


It is ideal for all levels of schools in Singapore.


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Why choose our Flower Arrangement Workshops in Singapore?

EPIC Workshops is Singapore’s Leading Craft Team Building Workshops Provider

Benefits of Flower Arrangement Workshops

Team Building
Indulge in bouquet making with your friends and colleagues. You will get to sit together with your loved ones and bond together as we learn more about bouquet arrangement and what each flower symbolizes. Watch how individuals’ input their unique creativities together when choosing and arranging the bouquets and come up with a product from their combined efforts.
We want to educate more people about the representation of different flowers. We want to get more people to make their own bouquet instead of purchasing them from shops at expensive prices. This sincere effort is sure to awe your loved ones and etch an everlasting memory.
At our workshop, you will get to tryout different tools and techniques used to make the perfect bouquet for your loved ones. Be it a gift or a decorative, you can be sure to find suitable flowers that will match the occasion and purpose. After learning about the flowers and choosing the right one for the occasion, we will begin to arrange it into a bouquet.

Trusted by 1200+ Companies

From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

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Flower Arrangement Workshops FAQ

We will begin the session with a short introductory on flowers. our guides will then teach you the different techniques of flower arrangement. after arranging your own bouquet, you will then start to decorate.
No. All materials will be provided by us.
Yes! Each participant will get to bring home their own floral arrangement.

The beauty of simple flower arrangements

Do you like flowers, but don’t know how to arrange them? Are you looking for a creative outlet that’s also therapeutic and relaxing? Do you want to learn more about the different types of flowers and their meanings? If so, this workshop is perfect for you! We’ll be exploring different arrangements using both fresh flower stems as well as silk ones. Bring your imagination and creativity. You will not only have fun with lots of new ideas, but you’ll also leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Flowers are not just there to make your house smell nice

They can also be used for decoration and in certain forms of therapy! In a flower arrangement workshop in Singapore, you will learn the basics of floral design in a fun and creative atmosphere. You’ll learn all about different types of flowers, the parts of a flower, and how to arrange them into different shapes. Bring your creativity, curiosity, and willingness to explore. A flower arrangement workshop might be right up your alley if you enjoy being in a creative environment, being around others, or simply want to learn something new.

Flower arrangements are becoming increasingly popular with the young generation. There is no age limit for this type of art; everyone can get involved! You don’t need any particular artistic talent either– just an open mind and willingness to learn.

Flower arrangements are making a comeback in the art world because of their beauty, simplicity, and therapeutic values. Not only do these little flowers easily brighten up any room or office space, but they also bring good energy to all who step near them. The scent is even soothing– especially when you’re trying to concentrate during a stressful day at work.

Flower arrangements are a great way to experiment with your artistic side without having to invest in a large canvas or other tools. You won’t be painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.; you’ll only need scissors and soil-covered hands! Who knew creating art could be so easy?

They can also be used for decoration and in certain forms of therapy

You can also use flowers for decoration purposes. We see this all the time in weddings where the bride chooses to incorporate beautiful flowers to adorn her dress, groom, and other members of the wedding party. The groom may also give her a floral wreath as a symbol of their love for each other.

The therapeutic qualities of flowers are well documented. Floral scents have proven to be beneficial in reducing depression symptoms in patients with major depressive disorder. Studies have also shown that patients who are hospitalized for mental illness often spend fewer amounts of time at hospitals when there is a garden present for them to spend their time in outside of their rooms.

Flowers can also be a good way to express your feelings for someone without really saying a word. If you want to profess your love, giving flowers is one of the most romantic gestures. For some people, however, this doesn’t work as well as it would for others because they might not like flowers as much as you do. Make sure to talk to the person and get a good idea of what they’re into before giving them flowers.

Give someone you care about a bouquet of their favorite flower type to show that you know and understand them better than anyone else! If you don’t know what their favourite flower is, there’s no need to beat yourself up over it. Just get them a bouquet of something really nice and go from there.

You’ll learn all about different types of flowers, the parts of a flower, and how to arrange them into different shapes

In a Flower Arrangement workshop, you will learn the basics of floral design in a fun and creative atmosphere. You’ll learn all about different types of flowers, the parts of a flower, and how to arrange them into different shapes. Bring your creativity, curiosity, and willingness to explore.

Singaporeans are extremely lucky to have access to beautiful tropical plants and flowers. Here, you can find many flower arrangement workshops available for people who want to learn the basics of floral design in a fun and creative atmosphere! Singapore also offers a great climate for growing a huge variety of flowers year-round. If you love decorating your home with flowers but are too busy to spend time doing it yourself, consider hiring a professional flower arrangement service.

In conclusion, The most important thing to remember about flowers is that they are not just there for decoration. They can also be used as a form of therapy or in other ways to make your life better. Whether you want to learn more about the types of flowers, how flower arrangements work with different shapes, or any number of other topics related to this subject matter

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