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Who Are We?

EPIC Workshops is a workshop provider that provides a whole range of fun, engaging and team-building workshops. We believe that the best way for colleagues, friends and family to bond is through understanding one another through learning, creating things together. Now at EPIC Workshops, not only do we provide workshops or fringe activities for our clients to bond together, we also provide customized corporate gifts service. With our team of creative experts, EPIC Workshops will be able to cater useful corporate gifts with unique customisation to your preference. With these gifts, it will help to strengthen the bond within your team or company as well.

Corporate Gifts List

Sports and Travel

  1. Umbrella
  2. Leather PassPort Holder
  3. Luggage Tag
  4. Shoe Bag

Apparels & Wearables

  1. Lanyard
  2. T-shirts
  3. Socks

Electronics and Gadgets

  1. USB Thumb Drive
  2. Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Laptop Stand
  4. Power Bank
  5. Laptop bag
  6. Travel Adaptor


  1. Handphone stand
    1. Jesmonite/ Resin/
  2. Coasters
    1. Marbling/ Terrazzo
    2. Resin
  3. Concrete Planter Pots
  4. Concrete Lamps
  5. Mugs
  6. Thermos Flask
  7. Eco cutlery and Straw set
  8. EPIC Gift Cards
  9. Bubble Tea Holder (Drink Holder)
  10. bento boxes/ lunch box
  11. Water bottle

Office & Stationery

  1. Pens
  2. Sticky note pad
  3. File
  4. Mousepad
  5. Notebooks
  6. Weekly organiser
  7. 2024 Calendar
  8. Stationery Holder


  1. Desk diffuser
  2. Aroma Stone
  3. Desk Fittonia Terrarium
  4. Desk Succulent Terrarium
  5. Desk Moss Terrarium
  6. Succulent Plant Pots
  7. Candle
  8. Sand Art
  9. Acrylic Pour 
  10. Keychains
  11. Moss Frame
  12. Scented Wax Tablets
  13. Bear toy


  1. Tote Bags
  2. Drawstring Pouch
  3. Pouch

Customised Corporate Gifts Caters to


To show your utmost appreciation towards your employees or clients, you can give them some beautifully customized corporate gifts. This is a good way to build your relationship with your colleagues and your clients. In addition, you can also market your brand out to your future clients with customized corporate gifts.


In community events where you want to include some freebies for the members of the public. This can help connect with the public through gifting as well as building awareness of your brand.

Event Favours

Not only do we cater to corporate settings, these gifts can be customised to be wedding favours, Birthday Parties gifts, or even graduation door gifts! These gifts will be able to leave a great impression on your important day.


During school events such as Teacher’s day or Children’s Day, we can customise the gifts to suit the event. We have some products that are very suitable and useful for teachers and students too!

Family and Friends

Of course EPIC Workshops is able to cater to smaller groups or even individuals. If you want to give your family members or friends a special gift, we offer either a customisable gift item or a special gift box.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive rates with no hidden costs

    Here at EPIC Workshops, the price that you see here or discussed will be the final cost. There is no hidden additional cost from the orders.

  • Service Quality

    EPIC Workshops ensure the best service quality from consultation to the delivery to your doorstep

  • Pay attention to detail

    Our experts in EPIC Workshops are meticulous and pay attention to small details to ensure all the products and gifts are of top-notch perfection. 

  • Take pride in our work

    Everyone in EPIC workshops takes pride in our art creation. For every customised corporate gift that we create, we will put in our best efforts in creating each of them.

  • Quality of the corporate gifts

    Our team in EPIC Workshops checks each and every item’s standard and quality to ensure all the items are of working condition. Our quality-control will ensure that every product you receive will be of the best works too. 

  • Able to choose what to be in the gift box

    We offer this service where you can choose the item to be placed in a gift box.

Benefits of Gemstone Soap Making Workshop

It can help you to strengthen brand recognition
There are corporate gifts out there in the market that are non-customisable where the designs and styles are plain and leave no impression. Having your brand, logo, tagline, or brand’s colour scheme beautifully customised on the corporate gift choice, it will leave a strong impression of your brand on the top of mind of the client when they receive them or use them. It can help to reinforce the brand’s identity and presence on your customers.
Customisable corporate gifts can tailor to your preferences
Certain clients or customers prefer gifts to be more personalised and customised. Customized corporate gifts can cater to the preferences of your recipient. For example, if you want to promote your brand to your future clients, you can request for your brand’s colour scheme or logo to be added into or onto the list of corporate gift options we provide.
It will be cost-effective in comparison to just corporate gifting
There are times when you might feel that corporate gifts are added expenses that do not have much benefit to the company. However, if the corporate gifts can be customized to preference, it shows appreciation and care for your clients or colleagues, boosting the company and cliental’s relationship. In addition, if you customize the corporate gift with your brand or logo, it is another strategic way and platform of marketing and gaining recognition.
It will be a memorable gift
Having some personal touch to a corporate gift will make your clients or the recipient remember your brand when they use or see the gift. Making a corporate gift especially towards their preference will make your recipient feel special and can help to strengthen the relationship.
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Type of customisation EPIC Workshops is able to cater

1. Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is painting using a fast-drying water-soluble paint called acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is composed of acrylic resin, pigments and colour dyes. This paint is very versatile and can be applied on many different surfaces such as canvas, wood, leather, fabric, metal or even glass. 

As of today, acrylic painting is one of the most popular types of painting as it is affordable, fast drying, less toxic and the colours are vibrant. Great to create beautiful art works. In EPIC Workshops, we can provide simple acrylic paintings on canvases, or customise the products by acrylic painting on them such as leather books, leather passport holders, mugs, tote bags or pouches.

2. Alcohol inking

Alcohol Inks are fluid colour pigments that are vibrant and quick drying. They are moisture resistant and permanent once dry and are best used on non-porous surfaces. Alcohol ink is meant to reflect the fluid energy through lines and hues of the abstract art; this makes great for customisations as each outcome is unique and inimitable. Choose from a range of surfaces, both functional and decorative, and personalise with a theme and colors of your fancy.

Acrylic Pouring is an abstract art technique that requires the use of fluid acrylic paints and then pouring onto a surface creating beautiful cells or marbling-like art patterns. The patterns created from acrylic pouring is unique and one of a kind as it is dependent on the artist and how the fluid flows on the surface. This customisation can be done on art pieces such as canvases, on our bear, dog or unicorn figurines. This technique can be done on stationary holders, thermal flasks, water bottles, tile coasters or even mugs.

Laser engraving is a prominent customisation technique where this process vaporizes a certain area on the material to engrave a logo or design permanently on the product. This technology is highly accurate and is able to engrave the design details with much precision. The laser engraving technology is suitable for engraving logos, barcodes, QR codes or even images onto some materials such as metal, leather, wood and plastics and more. Another reason why laser engraving is popular is because of its speed. It is a fast process, taking about 3 to 5 minutes, to engrave accurate designs on the product.

Hot Stamping, also known as foil stamping, is a kind of lithography printing method that transfers an image onto a surface using a heated mold and metal foils or pre-dried inks. Hot stamping onto a printing surface will make a product look much more luxurious due to the use of shiny metal foils. Hot stamping makes a great technique for customisation as it can print on a variety of materials such as leather, rubber, fabric etc. Moreover, the printing process is fairly easy as all it requires are a heating image mold, thin metal foil and pressure press. Hot stamping customisation produces consistent printing outcomes. This technique is suitable for our leather products, bags or any product that can withstand the heat.

Embossing and debossing are two techniques that can be used to imprint images onto a surface. Embossing is used to raise an image to create a 3-dimensional effect whereas debossing is the opposite. Debossing is to create a depression into the material. Normally embossing or debossing is used to add in the company’s logo, illustrations, images or pattern for customisation. This techniques can be used on materials such as metal, leather, wood, paper and cloth.

Heat Transfer Vinyl, otherwise known as iron-on vinyl, is an apparel vinyl used to decorate heat-resistant textiles, mugs, and a variety of fashion accessories. Heat Transfer Vinyl makes a good material for customisations as it comes in many expressive textures and styles, for instance; glitter, metallic, holographic, reflective, and patterned, to name a few. The application is a tad different from Vinyl Decals as it requires the added elements of heat and pressure to adhere to the surface. This technique is more suitable for larger items which are soft and can withstand heat. This is applicable on our products like, clothing, shoes, books and tote bags etc

Adhesive Vinyl Decals come in all kinds of colors, both glossy and matte finishes. They can be designed and printed in batches. Much like stickers, the application is time saving and straightforward. It works best as embellishments on small, hard, and smooth surfaces, such as , walls, mugs, bottles, picture frames, mirrors, tiles.

Embroidery is a craft where needle and thread or yarn is used to decorate textile fabric like materials. In addition, unique materials such as sequins, beads, pearls or crystals can be incorporated into the design. Due to the assortment of thread colours, it can be used to customise or personalise any images or illustration onto the product. This can be done onto fabric or clothing items like our tote bags, hats, bags, towels and clothes.

Our Order Process Timeline

Consultation with us
  • The consultation can help us to understand more about the items we provide, on what items you want to include in your gift set and whether or not you want to include your company’s brand or logo onto the item itself. 
  • The packaging of the customised corporate gift will be discussed during the consultation as well.
  • Through the discussion, the costing will also be discussed.
  • After the discussion, our team will produce a prototype based on the requirements. 
  • If needed to be amended further, a second prototype will be done up to ensure the product is of what you envision it to be.

Once the prototype shown is approved to be mass produced, our team will start to prepare the items and start to package them in the packaging style chosen by you.


Once all the items have been packaged, we will deliver the product within the scheduled period.

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