Our Largest Soy Candle Making Workshop!


We held our largest Soy Candle workshop ever last Sunday on the 3rd of December 2017. This event was part of the “Ready For School Kit 2018” presentation ceremony at Toa Payoh Central Community Club (TPCCC).

While waiting for the arrival of the guest-of-honour, Dr Ng Eng Heng, Minister of Defence to give out back to school vouchers to the award recipients and their families, participants made their very own soy candle from scratch!









A family-friendly activity, family members are able to bond during the Soy Candle workshop. Everyone was immersed in candle-making and each member of the family had different roles to play in order to prepare the candle. The kids were the ones usually involved in decision-making process, deciding what colour and scents should the candle be, while the parents assisted their children in making the soy candle.

Their parents are involved in melting the soy candle wax at the heating stations using burners. The children and their parents took turns to stir the wax till it melts fully. 


The round tables each consist of at least two families and as they had to share the equipment to make their very own candles, the families saw this as an opportunity to get to know their neighbours! We were delighted to see families of different races bonding together over this candle making session.

Some took the opportunity to teach each other new candle making tricks! Left-over soy wax of different colours were mixed together, adding a new layer of colour to their jars. The spirit of sharing amongst one another was clearly evident amongst the families and the end result – a marvellous creation of colours within a jar!

At the end of the session, participants get to take home their newly made creation – a basic soy candle! Again, we would like to wish all award winners and family members very big congratulations and all the best for your back to school preparations! Remember that you can 


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