DIY Resin Art Accessories – Style on a Budget!

DIY Resin Art Accessories – Style on a Budget!

Saw a picture on the internet of a super cute accessory but can’t seem to find it available anywhere for purchase? Want to own your very own self-designed trinket? Want to gift your friends a meaningful yet inexpensive present? I present you with a simple solution – DIY resin art accessories! Some of you might be unfamiliar with the term “resin”, so you can find out more about it here! In this article I’ll be giving you some ideas for some simple DIY resin art accessories that all beginners can start off with! Let’s get to it!

1. DIY Resin Art Ring

DIY Resin Art DIY Resin Art Accessories - Style on a Budget! July 2022

Simply get a silicone mold of your desired shape, fill it with resin and hardener, add in your desired decorations (petals, glitter, confetti etc.) and blow dry it using a hairdryer! Now attach your resin accessory to a ring base, and ta-da! You now are a proud owner of your very own DIY resin accessory. Even if your first attempt does not turn out perfect, fret not! Always remember that practice makes perfect and try again 🙂

2. DIY Resin Art Keychain

DIY Resin Art DIY Resin Art Accessories - Style on a Budget! July 2022
Resin Art UV Charm

For a DIY resin keychain, the possibilities are endless! It is also relatively easier 🙂 Simply get a keychain skeleton, then decorate and color it as you fancy! Tip: Start off with simple skeletons before moving on to more complicated ones 🙂

3. DIY Resin Art Pendant

DIY Resin Art
Resin Art Planet Charm

Similar to a keychain, simply get a pendant skeleton and customize it as you wish! Remember to play around with all types of decorations to make your design as eye-catching as possible 🙂

Keen to start making and customizing your very own jewelry pieces? Delay no more and come join us for Epic Workshops’s Resin Art Workshop! Who knows? You might even end up with not only cool accessories but also a new hobby at the end of the day 🙂 Contact us to find out more!

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