5 Tips for Hosting the Best Art Jamming Session in Singapore 

art jamming singapore
5 Tips for Hosting the Best Art Jamming Session in Singapore 
art jamming singapore
5 Tips for Hosting the Best Art Jamming Session in Singapore 

Hello people! Are you planning on hosting an art jamming session in Singapore for your friends and family but have NO IDEA what you should be doing? Have no fear because you’re on the right side of the internet. EPIC Workshops are called ‘EPIC’ for a reason. 

No, art jamming does not mean musical sessions or karaoke nights. It could be, but it isn’t. If you don’t know what it is, Google it up and come back here for tips on how to ace your next art jamming session in Singapore!

Enough fooling around; let’s get real with the tips for art jamming in Singapore now…

  1. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere For People!

You do know that you’ve got to set the mood for every occasion, right? The same is the case for an art jam session. It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting the event at home, in a studio, or even outdoors; it is extremely important to create a very welcoming and inspiring space. Think cozy lighting, comfortable seating, and ample space for people to sit comfortably and get creative. As a bonus, you can even play some LOFI beats to help get in the zone for maximum creativity. Remember, the more your guests enjoy the vibe, the higher the chances are of your session being a complete success!

  1. Gather All The Supplies Required

Now that you’ve set the mood, let’s move on to supplies! It isn’t really a big deal if you’re hosting the session at your home; however, it is best if you provide them with all the tools necessary to get all artsy. You’ll need to stock up on a bunch of different paints, brushes, canvases, or any other material according to the workshop you are trying to host. You can also include stencils, markers, and even glitter if you’re feeling a little fancy! 


  1. Offer Proper Guidance To Participants

Most of your guests might be experienced artists; however, there are always a bunch of beginners or rookies trying out something different for a change. What you can do for them is to make sure that you give them proper guidance on how they can start out and also give them some inspiration for what they should be doing. Give them some ideas for topics or themes they might want to look into and some examples of different methods they can try. 

Another idea is to create an “inspiration station” where they can find pictures, books, and magazines to browse and use as inspiration. Remember, the goal is to encourage experimentation and self-expression, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

  1. Urge Participants to Work Together As A Team

One of the sole reasons for art jamming workshops is the advantage of connecting with others by collaborating and getting to know other people better. And if things work out for the good, who knows, you might end up with a new bestie by the end of the session. Make an effort to encourage people (especially introverts) to work together. You should ask them to share their ideas, offer feedback, or even try painting on each other’s canvases. Not only is this going to create a sense of community and connection, but it will also inspire new ideas and perspectives!

  1. Display or Share Their Artwork with Pride

Finally, give them newly made artists (or well-known artists) the recognition that they deserve by appreciating their work and displaying it if possible. If you hosted your art jamming session in a studio, you can set up a mini gallery space where your guests can display their artwork for everyone to see, and encourage them to share the whole idea and thought process behind their masterpieces. It can be just like a mini art exhibition with nothing but appreciation and positivity!

Any work of art, be it a doodle or a museum-quality masterpiece, is deserving of respect and admiration. So, raise a glass (or a paintbrush) and toast to a successful art jamming session!


Have any of these tips helped you get a clear understanding of what is to be done to host a successful session for art jamming in Singapore? We hope it really did and in case you still need help, you can always consider reaching out to our professionals for more clarity and help with what is to be done. And if it seems like too much, hosting an art jamming session all on your own, you can ALWAYS plan a little trip to EPIC Workshops for the time of your life! ‘WINK’

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