Tiles Painting Workshop Ideas – What to do with your tiles

Tiles Painting Workshop Ideas – What to do with your tiles
Tiles Painting Workshop Ideas – What to do with your tiles

Have any left-over tiles lying around in the store room and need some Tiles Painting Workshop Idea? Or have you just finished a Tiles Painting workshop with us at EPIC Workshops, but unsure what to do with the tiles? In this article, we will share what are some of the ways you can use your tiles for.

Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore

Credit: Jerusalemphotography.biz

#1: Tiles Painting Workshop Idea – Wall Mural

When pieced together, the ceramic tiles make a great wall mural display at your office or your living room’s cosy corner! The individual ceramic tiles ideally have to be of similar concept so that it will look like one big masterpiece! This decorative piece can either add colour to your boring plain coloured walls. It can also serve as a little memento to remind you of your family/colleagues who did the tiles painting workshop together with you.

Tiles Workshop Singapore

Credit: The Cottage Mama

#2: Tiles Painting Workshop Idea – Coasters

Coasters are a great way to prevent all that condensation droplets from your ice-cold drinks from spilling all over the table. It saves you trouble from wiping the table and protects the water droplets from getting near to your electronic devices. Additionally, they also make really cute decorations for your tabletop! Spice up your desks and of course, the best way to do it is to add some accessories to jazz em’ all up!

Tiles Painting Workshop Singapore

Credit: Scrapbookscraftscards

#3: Tiles Painting Workshop Idea – Tile Napkin Holder

All you will need for this tile napkin holder are two pieces of tiles, and some scrap wood. When pieced altogether, they make a really nice added decor to your current tableware set. Just pair it together with some fancy-looking napkins (colours too, depending on your design of the tiles of your napkin holder) and it will be the highlight of your table set-up display. Talk about fancy!

All it takes is a little crafty mind, some craft tools and your newly decorated tiles! The tiles essentially can be used for anything you deem fit, and it doesn’t just stop from the above! The above are some inspirations for those who are at a lost on what to do with their tiles. We hope that the article has been useful!

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