Different Flower Arrangement Patterns

Different Flower Arrangement Patterns
Different Flower Arrangement Patterns

Were you ever caught off guard by Valentine’s day? Stumped at what flower arrangement is best for your loved ones? Or what do some common flower arrangements mean? Here is the answer.

Flower arranging is a form of visual art that has been considered an elegant form of expression since antiquity, and it can speak volumes about a person or occasion.
Valentine’s Day can be hard on first timers who don’t know how people typically celebrate it or what they should get as a gift. But fear not because we’ve compiled some helpful tips to make this holiday less stressful than ever before; here are just two examples… If your partner is all about flowers then maybe go for something simple yet sweet such as roses dipped in chocolate? Or perhaps instead purchase their tickets to see their favorite band perform at the nearby concert hall? The key is to be thoughtful, and you should do just fine [if you’re unsure what to get]. If you are looking for flower arrangements for a special someone or yourself then we might be able to help. We have provided some wonderful flower arrangement patterns that will make your day (or night) even brighter. Just visit the florist near you and you are all set. 

So, different Flower arrangement patterns Include:

Fan shapedFan Flower Arrangment

The fan shaped arrangement focuses on the volume and the size of the arrangement. The design is made primarily to display the flowers in an outward position (much like a fan) with the leaves in the background. This design is meant for flowers with long stems and uses primarily for entrance decorations.

This design is suitable for the following flowers:

The fan shaped also has its variations. A round shape, a cross shape, and an oval shape are some of them. The round shaped bouquet of flowers is meant to be carried by hand like a bouquet flower vase or placed on podiums in ceremonies. The cross shaped arrangement is intended to be laid on the ground with the flowers pointing upwards. For the oval shaped arrangement, it is meant to be laid flat on tables or podiums.

Materials needed:

  • Flowers (the number of flowers depends on the size and color)
  • Scissors
  • Stems (makeshift ones may be used but must be of long enough stems)
  • Wire mesh, stretched-out spring, or rubber band (this will be used to tie the petals together and make it a little more sturdy. Be careful in choosing the wire material; some are too thick that it would not go through the petals.)
  • Styrofoam (for the supporting structure)
  • Clear packing tape (to stick on the styrofoam as an adhesive)

EllipticalElliptical Flower Arrangement

The Elliptical flower arrangement is used to highlight the flowers of brighter colours, often used to showcase the allure of the flowers. They are most commonly presented as bouquets and given as birthday presents!

This design is one of the best and easiest for beginners due to its minimalistic nature. It can be made with any colour palette and an important thing to remember is that all flowers must be in full bloom!

Why choose the Elliptical?

The arrangement is about focus and showcasing. It is great for bringing out the natural beauty of flowers, rather than having an overbearing display! This arrangement can also be used as a centrepiece.


Vertical Flower Arrangement

This flower arrangement is catered primarily to flowers with longer stems and draws attention to the different shades of flowers used. This arrangement is by far the most commonly used due to its simple and beautiful design. Often given as gifts, like on Valentine’s Day.

This arrangement is a typical example of a vertical design in which flowers are attached to wires and hung up from the ceiling to create an artificial canopy. This type of arrangement is commonly used for occasions such as birthday parties, trade shows, and weddings. The creative possibilities with this type of arrangement are endless; it is just necessary that one keeps safety in mind while choosing how to hang the wires and what materials the wires are made of.

The first necessity for this style is a structure upon which the flowers will be hung. This can be as elaborate or simple as one desires; but, if it is being used in an event such as a wedding reception, it should match with the rest of the decorations. A good way to achieve this is to either use a pipe or drape ribbons vertically from the ceiling. Only after the structure has been created should flowers be attached, as putting them on before can make it more difficult. In addition, if one is creating a permanent arrangement such as this one in a vase, it is best to use glue instead of using wire, as this can be much safer.



Horizontal Flower Arrangement

The flowers are arranged in a zig zag fashion horizontally. This is also an extremely common flower arrangement. Unlike the vertical arrangement, the horizontal arrangement uses flowers with strong scents, such as Jasmine. This arrangement is often used as gifts, much like the vertical arrangement.

If you want to arrange the flowers this way, turn the vase upside down. First, place four stems in the corners of the container and start building a square outwards from there. Arranging them tightly will show off your floral abilities best. Then use your remaining flowers to create a border around this initial pattern.

There are some flowers, like carnations and roses, that don’t show off well in this sort of arrangement. So avoid using them in such a setting. A better choice would be daisies or hydrangea blossoms since they look great even in the horizontal arrangement.

TriangularTriangular Flower Arrangement

This arrangement is triangular in nature (as suggested by the name). The stems and branches of the flowers are trimmed and there is a prominent flower in the middle to form the tip of the triangle. This arrangement can come in the form of a bouquet or a display. It is often given as a gift for special romantic events.


  •  Prep time is 30 minutes; assembly takes an additional 20 minutes.


  • This arrangement serves as a centerpiece for a table or mantle display. It can be used in place of a bouquet and displayed anywhere from the dining room to the bedroom, depending on whether it’s given specifically for romantic reasons. This arrangement is best suited for special occasions, when long-stemmed white flowers are required—for example, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and birthdays.


  • A triangular glass vase with no lid is needed for this arrangement (if you don’t have one already). Because of the design, it’s important that your vase be wide enough so that the display will fit snugly. You can also use a large gold-rimmed bowl with short stems (if you have one).
  • Make sure to cut all flower stems to the same length so that no branch is higher or longer than another. A stem length of 10 inches is ideal.
  • Attach a piece of floral tape to the bottom of all stems that will be placed in water or submerged into a bowl to keep them from sinking and creating an uneven surface for your arrangement. To do this, wrap each stem with one strip of tape at least three times around the stem down below the waterline.

CrescentCrescent Flower Arrangement

This flower arrangement is used as a gift to symbolize a joyous event such as a baby shower. This arrangement is usually done in a basket. The flowers are designed in a ‘C’ shape and the bottom is often filled with glossy leaves and stems to brighten up the basket.

The design for this flower arrangement is usually made with 16 red roses, 20 white lilies, 10 purple tulips, 5 yellow chrysanthemums, 4 green dendrobium orchids, 3 pink carnations, and 2 red chrysanthemums. The leaves are placed in a rectangular box (as shown), but can also be made to order in other shapes such as a heart, shell, or cube.

A good quality basket should be used. The size of the basket is not fixed, but a typical one would be around 25 cm wide and 20 cm deep. The flowers can be arranged in a variety of ways to achieve different effects.


‘S’ shapedS Shaped Flower Arrangement

The ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement, much like the ‘C’ shaped, is given primarily as a basket to symbolize a happy event. This particular arrangement is often given as a housewarming gift or as a decoration to brighten up the place. They are extremely huge in nature and make use of leaves to puff up the design, providing a sense of glamour when placed.

Has the sepal of a rose flower.

They are extremely huge in nature and make use of leaves to puff up the design, providing a sense of glamour when placed.

Is based on the Chinese tradition that signifies good fortune.

The arrangement consists of two peony bunches and three roses with some leafy greens as its base.

It’s one of the most common designs that are part of Chinese wedding ceremonies.

OvalOval Flower Arrangement

The oval shaped design is often used as a decorative piece and used to beautify a room or a hallway. This is often done because of the bushy nature of the arrangement that gives a rich, filling aura to where it is placed.

CascadeCascade Flower Arrangement

The Cascade arrangement is used primarily for wedding related occasions, such as a wedding ceremony or a wedding anniversary. This is often seen as the main feature for a wedding gown and widely accepted internationally.

Cascade (bridal bouquet)

The arrangement is known as the cascade due to its likeness to a waterfall or waterspout. The stem and leaf structure also resembles this design, therefore its name was derived from these characteristics. It is often used for formal affairs which require a sense of formality in regards to the floral arrangements displayed within.

The cascade is a more ambitious design and requires a greater amount of flowers than the other two arrangement styles. It may also require additional support or surrounding floral items to maintain its structure, however, this would completely depend on what can be easily obtained in your environment and most importantly your budget.

Forming the Cascade design

1) The first step in creating this design is to decide how many layers you are wanting. An advantage of the cascade is that you can freely adjust the number of layers without affecting the overall look and feel. The dedicated picture shows 6 flower layers, however, anything less or more can be reciprocated if needed. Begin by cutting your first stem in half, after doing so attach it to the desired holding device, such as a wireframe or floral foam.

2) Continue to add more layers of flowers going around your center stem until you reach the desired number of flower layers. This can be done by sticking each flower in place one by one whilst continuing to go around the outer edge with fresh flowers, alternatively, you can attach a fresh flower to each stem one by one as you progress.

3) After creating your desired base arrangement, attach it to a core of small leaves and thin stems in order to hold it in place with low expense. Next, add the supporting flowers onto the outer edge of your arrangement going around in an anti-clockwise direction. Finally, for this step, attach any leftover flowers or greenery into the center of your cascade.

4) The final step is to add the finishing touch by using an ornamental flower piece such as a rose petal or leaf tip. This can be attached on top of the arrangement with either wire or floral tape for extra support if required, however, this is not always necessary depending on the weight of your arrangement.


This is another design that’s commonly associated with weddings, but it can also be purchased as a centerpiece for other special events. The Parfait design is made by arranging flowers in a tall and narrow vase with plenty of greenery on the outside to create contrast. The taller vases are commonly used for this type, but you may also use a box or basket depending on how big you want the arrangement to be.


The oval-like flower arrangement is the easiest to recreate at home because you don’t need a lot of space to make it. The idea behind this type is that it’s made in layers, with all the stems going outwards from a central point like spokes on a wheel. This type uses mainly green flowers and greenery so there’s plenty of volume and color to make an eye-catching piece.

The oval design is suited for all kinds of occasions from birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, and weddings. You may use a vase or basket depending on the size you want the arrangement to be because it can take up some space fast.

Dollar Bill Bouquet

The Dollar Bill Bouquet is one of the simplest designs that have an interesting way to create it without using any vases or baskets. The flowers are arranged into the shape of a dollar bill so people get to see what you used while keeping them intact. All you have to do is cut out the shape from the newspaper and then use your favorite flowers to complete the look.

There are so many different designs of flower arrangements and each one is personalized for the situation. Some you might see at a funeral, some to celebrate an anniversary or birthday; every occasion has its own unique design. If you’re looking for more information on what’s trending right now in Singapore with floral decorations then drop us an email at [email protected] – we would be happy to hear from you.

There are literally endless combinations when it comes to flower arrangements. Every single design is personalized for the situation! We hope this list can make your next trip to the florist an easier one! If you need more information, drop us an email at [email protected]

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