The Different Types of Fringe Activities in Singapore You Should Host for Your Next Event

Fringe Activities in Singapore
The Different Types of Fringe Activities in Singapore You Should Host for Your Next Event
Fringe Activities in Singapore
The Different Types of Fringe Activities in Singapore You Should Host for Your Next Event

Are you organising an event in Singapore? Consider including exciting fringe activities that add a unique touch to your gathering in order to make it a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who attends. As a way to keep people interested, make memories, and make sure your event stands out, fringe activities in Singapore are simply the best. 

In this blog, we will discuss the numerous types of fringe activities that are popular in Singapore. We will offer insights to assist you in selecting the best ones for your upcoming event.

Traditional Carnival Games

You can give your gathering a feeling of the old days by hosting traditional carnival games that people of all ages enjoy participating in. These time-honoured activities, which range from ring tossing to fishing in a duck pond, are not only entertaining but also promote a sense of community and healthy competition. You might want to consider setting up a booth area with a carnival theme where participants can try their hand at classic games and win exciting prizes.

DIY Craft Stations

By setting up stations where people can make their own crafts, you can tap into the creative potential of your attendees. Make available the necessary components for the creation of individualised crafts such as keychains, friendship bracelets, or even individualised tote bags. Not only does this interactive experience provide entertainment, but it also gives attendees the opportunity to take home a physical memento of your event. It is a great way to get people talking to each other and to make an impression that will last.

Food Tasting Booths

Since people in Singapore are famously known for their love of food, you might want to consider incorporating it into your event. Make arrangements for food tasting booths that will feature trendy treats and local specialities. This not only satisfies taste buds but it also gives your gathering a new dimension in terms of the culinary experience. You could even make it into a friendly competition by having people vote on which dish they think is the best. This is a great way to get people excited.

Wellness and Relaxation Zones

People in Singapore value any opportunity to relax and take it easy, given the hectic pace of city life there. Create wellness and relaxation zones at your event by providing attendees with opportunities to participate in activities such as chair massages, meditation corners, or even yoga sessions. These activities cater to the well-being of your attendees and provide a break from the chaos that will be occurring throughout the event.

Interactive Technology Exhibits

Because so many people in Singapore are well-versed in technology, events that feature interactive technology exhibits tend to be very successful. Showcase the most cutting-edge technology, whether it be virtual reality experiences, the newest gadgets, or interactive displays to keep attendees interested. The addition of technological elements, such as a gaming console area or a virtual tour, gives your event a fresh and exciting feel.

Cultural Performances and Workshops

Holding cultural performances and workshops is a great way to honour the country of Singapore’s diverse cultural heritage and celebrate its richness. These activities, whether they consist of traditional dance performances, music showcases, or hands-on cultural workshops, provide a window into the thriving cultural heritage of the nation. Participation from local artists and performers will help to create an atmosphere that is genuine and enriching for those who attend your event.

Team Building Challenges

Through participation in team-building activities, event attendees will develop closer bonds with one another. These can be things like scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, or even challenges similar to those found in escape rooms that take place outside. Not only do activities that build teams inspire cooperation, but they also introduce a spirit of healthy competition, which not only makes your event more enjoyable but also more memorable.


The addition of fringe activities in Singapore to the planning of your event not only increases the entertainment value but also ensures that each attendee will have an experience that they will not forget. Singapore provides a wide variety of options to choose from, ranging from classic carnival games to cutting-edge interactive exhibits, in order to cater to the specific needs of each event’s target audience and overall concept. Creating an event that leaves a lasting impression requires careful consideration of the preferences and demographics of the attendees, as well as the customisation of the ancillary activities. Prepare to play host to a gathering that will live long in the memory and will stand out in the competitive event landscape that is Singapore.

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