Leather Crafting Workshop – Benefits of Leather Off-Cuts

Leather Crafting Workshop – Benefits of Leather Off-Cuts

At EPIC Workshops Leather Crafting workshops, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. That is why leather products are sourced from leather off-cuts! In this article, we’ll be sharing what is leather off-cuts and what are some benefits of leather off-cuts.

What are Leather Off-cuts?

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Leather craft participants at EPIC Workshops studio

Leather off-cuts are basically a form of recycled leather from leather goods such as old leather bags, leather purses etc. These leathers are usually good to use, and are often scrapped away for rubbish. Thus, our leather crafting workshops help breathe a new life to these leather goods.

Benefits of leather off-cuts

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  1. More colour, less cost

You’ll get to use different off-cuts for your designs! As leather is considered an expensive material, your leather accessories are usually singular – monochromatic in colour (black, white or brown). Using leather off-cuts allows you to choose more colours, depending on the off-cuts available! This will thus allow for further customization of your leather products.

2. Save the Animals

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Save the animals! Did you know that most leather is sourced by animals? To minimize the suffering of these animals, use off-cut leather as it is recycled. This will prevent from unnecessary harm to the animals.

Iii. DIY Craft

leather crafting workshop

Come join EPIC Workshops leather crafting workshops in our studio! Our workshops are classified into stitched and non-stitched leather making. Products you can make are: leather key fob, coin pouch, earpiece holder, pencil cases and many more!

Iv. Environmentally-friendly

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Instead of disposing all that unwanted leather, how about breathing a new life to the leather offcuts? Afterall, with only one landfill that’s expected to run out pretty soon, we are expected to lead a waste-free lifestyle as much as possible. Come be eco-friendly while having an EPIC good time!

For more enquiries on our leather crafting workshop in Singapore, please feel free to drop us an email at contact@epicworkshops.com.sg. We have both stitched leather crafting workshop and non-stitched leather crafting workshop in Singapore, suitable for teambuilding, corporates, and anyone who’s interested to learn! 

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