Benefits of Corporate Art Jamming Singapore

Benefits of Corporate Art Jamming Singapore

Looking at a fun and exciting team building activity for your next cohesion session with your colleagues? How about unleashing your creativity over a fun-filled afternoon of an Art Jamming session at the comforts of your own meeting room or our workshop studio? In this article, we’ll be sharing some benefits of Corporate Art Jamming Singapore.

1. Fun Team Building Activity

Corporate Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming with EPIC Workshops is a fun team building activity as the workshop would encapsulate elements like teamwork, promotes discussion amongst colleagues and role-playing. Teams will either paint their own individual canvasses as a team or as a group with a mutual theme and let their artistic nature come to life.

2. Promotes Creativity

Corporate Art Jamming Singapore

Corporate Art Jamming Singapore with EPIC Workshops promotes creativity as participants will need to unleash their artistic side of them in order to embark in a fun-filled afternoon of music and art.

3. Learn Artistic Skills

Corporate Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming with EPIC Workshops allow you to not only master the craft, you’ll also get to learn artistic skills! Our very own in-house artist will be going through a little art theory to kick-start the workshop. This allows you to learn along the way and you can use the techniques you’ve learnt during the workshop! Painting techniques will also be demonstrated live.

4. Have Yourselves A New Masterpiece

IMG 5122 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022

At the end of the workshop, you’ll get to bring home not only your art skills, you’ll get to bring your new masterpiece home! Place it in your office cubicles or hang it on the walls of your office for a brand new decoration and breathe life to your workspace!

For more enquiries on our Art Jamming Workshops for Corporates, do contact us at! The minimum for us to start a workshop would be 5 pax at least. Check out our Art Jamming Workshop Photos while you’re at it.

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