Which Is The Best Candle Type For You?

Which Is The Best Candle Type For You?

Candles have been around for a very long time. The first candles were made out of animal fats. As technology advanced, so did the materials used for candle making. It will come as no surprise that there are different forms of candles today. With this avalanche of choices, it is very difficult to choose the right candle for the job. So, we came up with a list of commonly available candle types to help you make a choice for the right light.

Palm WaxPalm candle type!

Palm wax is primarily made from vegetable derived wax and is very hardy. It also boasts an extremely long burning time and a brighter flame due to the nature of the wax. It is also very eye-catching due to the crystal like design. However, this candle type is very hard to form due to the hardy nature of the wax. It is also very expensive! This makes it a candle largely suitable for decorative purposes.

Pure BeeswaxBeeswax candle

Pure beeswax candles are posh candles. They are very hassle free as it doesn’t drip!  Its own strong scent also means that they do not need additional scents. However, pure beeswax is expensive and not recommended for daily use. Instead this candle type is best left for festive holidays or used in very small amounts.


BayberryBayberry candles

Bayberry candles yields an extremely natural scent of grass that is a delight to any working spaces. However, this candle must be tempered with pure beeswax to soften the brittle nature. At the same time, Bayberry is not readily available and is see more as a luxury candle type for festive occasions to signal prosperity and blessings.

Blended Paraffin

Paraffin candles

Paraffin candles are perhaps the most commonly used candles today. It is readily accessible, cheap and has a long reusable period. However, this candle type produces a large amount of soot when burning. The fumes produced are both toxic and allergy inducing in nature. As a result, paraffin candles are often mixed with other wax types like Soy or resin to reduce these harmful effects!

Mineral Oil and Resin CompoundsMineral oil candles

These transparent candles are often the alternatives to paraffin candles. They produce less soot and more scents. They also do not require a mold to form and are often known as free standing candles.

Mineral-oil Based GelMineral oil gel

Mineral oil based candles are very versatile and easy to work with. This makes them very popular as beginner friendly candles. They often have a ‘bubbly’ like effect with a crystal-clear exterior. This makes them perfect for a multitude of decorative purposes!


Soy WaxSoy Wax candle type

Soy Wax produces a slow burning candle type that is toxin free and produces less soot. The natural scent of Soy wax may not be very appealing to all. However, this can be overcome by mixing in different scents. Scents which compliment Soy Wax will include cinnamon, atlas cedar wood and basil. At the same time, soy wax is also very beginner friendly as it allows for easier molding and working. This makes soy candle a very versatile and easily accessible candle for any occasion.

At the end of the day, you will need to look at two factors when choosing a candle type for you. The purpose of the candle and the cost of the candle. If there is a need for luxurious design, choosing either beeswax or bayberry will be a good choice. However, if you are looking for candles on a daily basis, soy wax is a great choice!

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