Stress Management Techniques For The Office!

We all have stress in our lives. From spilling morning coffee on our floor, the traffic jam on our way to work or the common printer being jammed. When it rains, it pours. This stress builds up in us and there is really no way out. The urge to tear your hair out is steadily rising and you know it too! Instead of pulling your hair out, here are some stress management techniques that make your life easier (and save your hair).

Managing your expectations

Manage Your Expectations



A simple stress management technique focuses on your expectations. We all have major projects in our careers. Large scale ones that take months or years of planning. It’s never simple, never enjoyable, and never fun. We all hate the trip-ups we have, especially when datelines are approaching. Work will never be perfect and we have to learn how to accept it. Don’t beat yourself up over everything that goes wrong. Instead, learn how to cope with it. That will regulate stress better as you won’t feel bad all the time. At the same time, by reviewing your mistakes slowly, it can increase productivity further!


Changing your point of view

A Change Of Perspectives

Mistakes are everywhere. Don’t let them get to you. The accidental slides change during a big presentation, sending an email to a wrong recipient or being given the additional overtime. Don’t view them as personal mistakes. Instead treat them as accidents and make peace with the fact that it happens to everyone. Don’t blame yourself personally and add on to your own stress. By focusing on other positive aspects of your work, you can feel good about yourself and the stress magically disappears!


Cutting cornersCutting Corners

Cutting corners in our everyday lives can save us a great deal of stress. Imagine rushing for a morning train and squeezing with everyone. That is not a perfect way to start the day. That is a perfect way to add unneeded stress on your plate. Instead of rushing with everyone, why not take a few minutes to plan a less hectic route to work. Not only will these stress management techniques reduce your stress, you will feel in control of the situation and that reduces stress levels! By applying it to other aspects of your work, it will definitely make your day better (just don’t overdo it till you become too lazy!)



Taking that break you need

You Need A Break!

Our brains work in a very ironic manner. We may think that we need to be extremely focused when doing work. Always on the ball, always focused, always on task. Here is the real news. Our mind cannot handle that level of focus. Instead, it will burn out over time. This makes us less focused on our work, leading to a vicious cycle. Take a break! A short one! Take a walk to the pantry, grab a donut (or two for extra motivation) and return to your desk. These short breaks will do wonders for your work life! So don’t over stress yourself by staring at your work all day. Instead, visit the pantry, it’s calling you.


Here are just some examples of stress management techniques for the office. Stress in a workplace is compulsory but suffering is optional. Take a step in the right direction and try these techniques today!


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