Uses of Candles – Candle Crafting Workshop Singapore

Uses of Candles – Candle Crafting Workshop Singapore

Perhaps you haven’t got a chance to use candles after joining us for a candle making workshop. Or you need a reason to join us in the first place. In this article, we will be sharing some of the uses of candles to help you get started with our EPIC Workshops Candle Making Workshop.

  1. candle useAromatherapy

Need to de-stress badly? You can use candles to help you! Equipped with different scents for different uses, your candles can actually be used for an aromatherapy session! Simply light up your candle when you are relaxed and comfortable, play up some acoustics and jazz music to help you get in the mood. You’ll fall into slumber in no time, thanks to the candles you made at EPIC Workshops Candle Making Workshop Singapore.

  1. Decor

candle use

Don’t want to use your candles for whatever reason? Use candles as decor! At EPIC Workshops Candle Making Workshop Singapore, you’ll learn how to make your very own candles – whether gel based, soy-based or even have the best of both worlds thanks to our 2-in-1 scented candle making, each candle is made to look pretty! Use this as a room decor, or customize it according to your liking during the workshop itself! Ask our friendly instructors for recommendations.

  1. Ambience

Use Candles - Ambience

Want to set the mood? Depending on the mood, you can use  candles for help! We recommend that you use the candles for a romantic candle-light dinner, or even to create a mysterious ambience for a surprise party. Use your imagination & everything’s possible!

  1. Gift

Use candles - GiftApart from putting candles on top of cakes and cupcakes, how about gifting them for a loved one? At EPIC Workshops Candle Making classes, you’ll get to learn how to make candles with intricate designs that are extremely instagram-worthy. Your friends would appreciate this gift as much as you enjoyed making them at our workshops.

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