Team building activities
Fun Team Building Activities You Can Try at the Office

Fun Team Building Activities You Can Try at the Office

Team building is a great way to strengthen your business culture. They allow employees to spend time together, outside of the office, and learn more about each other. It is not uncommon for people to discover new mutual interests or passions that they never knew existed! For team building activities you should try setting up events like paintballing, treasure hunts, or cooking classes that will allow you and your co-workers to bond with each other.


Paintballing is a game which is designed for you and your friends to enjoy. This game allows one to compete in the game with their friends or family members. You can play against your friends in teams, with each person taking shots at the other player. Team building activities like these include playing on an open field, usually outside, and involve using paintball guns to shoot color-coated paintballs at the opposing players.

The good thing about paintballing is that it can be played by children, teenagers or adults. There are no age restrictions when it comes to this game. The game can be played without any protective gear, though many people wear goggles when playing because the balls do sting if they hit you in the eye or face.

Many people enjoy playing paintball games in their backyards or at the local park with friends, but some individuals prefer to play the game in a place such as an open field. The location of where they play can be determined by what activities they like to do when not playing the game itself. If you and your friends enjoy outdoor activities then it would be appropriate for you to play at a park or another open area that is surrounded by trees and greenery. Individuals who like listening to music and playing inside may choose to play at indoor paintball arenas which also offer other forms of entertainment such as arcade games and laser tag areas. Some venues allow parties to reserve specific times for them and their guests so that they can have access to the entire facility.

Treasure Hunts

One of the more exciting team building events that are offered to the businesses is treasure hunts. The treasure hunts are designed to give everyone a chance at participating, even people who may be left out of other events. There are several different types of team building activities that will determine how difficult or easy they are. For example, you can implement a game that will start with someone designated as ‘It’ who will be given an item that he or she must hide. When everyone has hidden their items, each person will have to find the ones belonging to his or her co-workers and put them together in one spot. If all of the items are found before time runs out, then everyone wins. However, if any player hides too well and nobody can find the items until time runs out, then that person wins. Or if any player does not hide their item and it is discovered before all of the other ones, then he or she loses.

These games can be modified to fit any event and they are easy for beginners as well as advanced players. The only thing about these types of treasure hunts is that you need two or more people who will volunteer to stay at the office so they can keep track of the time and hold onto the ‘treasure’. This may be fine with you because you could try doing them after work hours, however, it may affect attendance levels and certain people’s willingness to give up their nights and weekends to play a game like this one. Whatever type of treasure hunt works best for your company, make sure that you give it a try.

Cooking classes

One example of team building activities that are geared towards adults is cooking classes. It has the potential to create a strong bond between people who share enthusiasm for cooking. People are often happy enough about their own expertise in this area, but when they are able to learn from others, it strengthens the connections between them.

There are many cooking classes available, you just have to search for them, either online or in the local phonebook. This is a great way to get everyone together outside of the office for some fun!

Bottom line

It’s time to get creative! If you’re feeling stuck with team building ideas, try one of these fun activities at your office. You can have a blast while bonding over this unique activity and getting some fresh air in the process. We hope you find something that will work for your company culture. Let us know if we can help you brainstorm more options or provide any additional insight into how neuroscience principles could be incorporated into planning successful events like these.

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