Friends’ Gathering Activity Ideas in Singapore – EPIC Workshops

Friends’ Gathering Activity Ideas in Singapore – EPIC Workshops

Thinking of a fun and unique activity to do at your next friends’ gathering? Here at EPIC Workshops, we have a wide range of beginner-friendly activities for your next meetup! From calligraphy tote bag painting, LED canvas painting and candle making, we cater to a wide variety of preferences, which will definitely allow you and your friends to have a fun time together! Read on to find out more about our top picks 🙂

#1: Calligraphy Tote Bag Painting

Friends' Gathering Activity Ideas in Singapore - EPIC Workshops July 2022

Especially for individuals who are into customized pieces, this is just the activity for you! Forget buying mainstream tote bags which can be bought just about anywhere. It is time to bring out the fashion designer in you, and design your very own canvas tote bag! Design your dream bag and carry your creation along with you everywhere you go!

#2: Candle Making

Candle Making Workshop Friends' Gathering

Here at EPIC Workshops, we offer a variety of candle making workshops, such as 2-in-1 scented candle, gel candle, basic soy candle and also advanced soy candle. Rather than being more environmentally friendly, soy wax candles are also easier to customize and burns at a slower rate, thus ensuring that your soy candles will be able to last longer.

#3: LED Canvas Painting

Looking for something more than a traditional canvas to paint on? Look no further! Sign up for our LED Canvas Painting workshop together with your best pals to have a dazzling art piece to bring home! Our trained will be attaching LED lights onto your art piece, to ensure that it will make the perfect centerpiece for your living room 🙂

These are just our top picks of activities for friends’ gathering, but we have many other workshops to cater to different preferences! Visit our website to find out more! Otherwise, contact us at for any queries, and we will get back to you promptly 🙂

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