A Leather Craft Workshop Essentials List by EPIC Workshops

leather craft workshop
A Leather Craft Workshop Essentials List by EPIC Workshops
leather craft workshop
A Leather Craft Workshop Essentials List by EPIC Workshops

Participating in a workshop that focuses on leather craft is an exciting adventure into the world of creativity and craftsmanship. At EPIC Workshops, we know how important it is to have access to high-quality equipment and supplies in order to ensure that your leather crafting experience is both enjoyable and fruitful. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a detailed essentials list to make sure that your leather craft workshop is well-equipped for a crafting experience that is both hassle-free and rewarding.

  1. Quality Leather

Leather, in and of itself, is the material that must serve as the basis for any craft involving leather. Invest in leather of a high quality that is tailored to the requirements of the project you are working on. It does not matter if you are making wallets, belts, or intricate designs; getting the type and thickness of leather that is best suited for the project is essential to achieving the outcomes you want. For more versatility in your crafting, EPIC Workshops suggests looking into the different types of leather available, such as full-grain, top-grain, and vegetable-tanned leather.

  1. Cutting Tools

The accuracy of your leatherwork depends on the sharpness and precision of your cutting tools. You will need a rotary cutter, utility knife, and precision scissors to work with leather. These tools make clean cuts possible and give you the ability to bring your design to life with pinpoint accuracy. EPIC Workshops recommends purchasing a self-healing cutting mat to protect your work surface and increase the amount of time that your cutting tools remain in usable condition.

  1. Stitching Supplies

Stitching is a common step in the production of long-lasting leather goods that are also aesthetically pleasing. Prepare your workshop for stitching by stocking it with high-quality materials, such as needles, waxed threads with a high breaking strength, and a stitching tool. EPIC Workshops recommends experimenting with different stitching techniques, such as saddle stitching or running stitch, to add a unique touch to your leather projects. Don’t forget to include a thimble (a cup-like finger protector) to protect your fingers during stitching.

  1. Leather Stamps and Embossing Tools

Using leather stamps and embossing tools, you can give your leather creations a one-of-a-kind look by adding patterns and designs that are original to you. You can add fine details, textures, and even your own unique style to the finished product with these tools. To help crafters take their leather craft projects to the next level, EPIC Workshops encourages them to experiment with a wide variety of stamping techniques, such as floral, geometric, or custom designs.

  1. Edge Finishing Tools

By making an investment in edge finishing tools, you can give your leather creations a finished and expert appearance. Bevelers, slickers, and edge paints can help you smooth and finish the edges of your leather items, making the final product look more polished and nice. If you want a truly exceptional finish, EPIC Workshops says to pay close attention to the details. Try different ways of burnishing to get an edge that is smooth and shiny.

  1. Leather Dyes and Finishes

Enhance the color and longevity of your leather projects with a selection of high-quality leather dyes and finishes. Experiment with different hues to achieve the desired look and ensure your leather goods remain vibrant and protected over time. EPIC Workshops encourages crafters to explore eco-friendly and water-based options for a sustainable crafting experience. Consider using leather finishes like resolene or wax to protect and add a sheen to your finished projects.

  1. Work Surface and Cutting Mat

Create a comfortable and organized workspace by investing in a sturdy work surface and a self-healing cutting mat. These essentials not only protect your tools but also provide a dedicated space for precise cutting and crafting. EPIC Workshops emphasizes the importance of a well-organized and clutter-free workspace for an enjoyable crafting experience. Consider adding a leather tool organizer to keep your tools easily accessible and in top condition.

  1. Leatherworking Tools

Expand your leather craft toolkit with essential leatherworking tools such as a leather hole punch, edge beveler, and pricking irons. These tools contribute to the overall quality and precision of your projects. EPIC Workshops recommends gradually building your collection of leatherworking tools, adding new ones based on the complexity of your projects and your evolving skill level.


Beginning a leather craft workshop is a fun and creative activity, and making sure you have the right tools is important for a successful craft session. The EPIC Workshops Leather Craft Essentials List is designed to guide both beginners and seasoned crafters in building a well-equipped workshop. Invest in quality materials and tools to bring your leather crafting ideas to life and create timeless, personalized pieces that reflect your unique style and skill. Happy crafting!

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