Air Plant Maintenance Tips – How to Care for Your Air Plant Terrarium

Air Plant Maintenance Tips – How to Care for Your Air Plant Terrarium

Just finished an air plant terrarium workshop with us? After bringing home your beautiful garden in a jar, you’re probably wondering how you should care for your new plant. With this article, we will be sharing with you some tips on air plant maintenance. Read on! 🙂

What is an Air Plant?

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are unique, low-maintenance plants which are able to absorb the nutrients they need to stay alive from their surrounding air. Just as its name suggests, air plants are grown and kept in air, requiring no soil at all!

How Do You Keep a Healthy Air Plant?

How can I water my air plant? You may wonder. The answer is simple!

  1. Simply look around your house for a small bucket, a large bowl or any container which is large enough for your air plant.
  2. Fill the container up with water, and submerge your air plants (place them upside down!) in the container.
  3. Keep your plants submerged for approximately half an hour, before removing them.
  4. After removing them, you will have to air dry your air plants by giving them a good shake to remove any excess water that might have been trapped in between its leaves.
  5. Water your plant once every week. It is also a good practice to give them a few sprays daily, to make sure that they are well hydrated.

As for light requirements, air plants thrive well under indoor and indirect light. Do refrain from putting them under direct sunlight, as this might dry up the plant, thus taking away its moisture, where it obtains its nutrients from. If the roots or leaves of the air plants do dry out due to the hot weather, just simply trim the dried parts off!

Air plants thrive well in a range of temperatures, varying from 10°C to 30°C.

That’s all for basic air plant maintenance tips! Should you have any other queries, do leave a comment below and we will tend to you shortly 🙂

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