Clay Art Clay Figurines Inspirations

Clay Art Clay Figurines Inspirations
Clay Art Clay Figurines Inspirations

Clay art clay figurines are essentially your favourite characters in clay form. What’s good about this is that it makes really great personalized gifts as a memento, or simply a small little deco tucked nicely on your office desk. Interested? Read on!

At Epic Workshops, we conduct Clay Art Workshops so that you can learn how to make your own clay figurine with ample guidance and take home your clay figurines.

In this article, we’ll share some inspirations for clay figurines to help you get started on your clay workshop!

#1: Disney-themed Clay Art Clay Figurines

Disney shows have always been the favourite growing up. How about relieving your childhood and creating one of disney-themed figurines? This broad theme allows you to brainstorm exactly which Disney character you would like to make.

Clay Art Clay Figurines - Disney

Disney Tsum Tsum Themed Clay Figurines. Source: Pinterest

Clay Art Clay Figurines - Disney

Disney Clay Projects. Source: Pinterest

#2: Animal-themed Figurines

Have a favourite animal? All the more you can make your own animal-themed figurines for decoration! Here are some inspirations that you can follow:

Clay Art Clay Figurines - Hedgehog

Hedgehog/Porcupine Source: Pinterest

Clay Art Clay Figurines - Ladybug

Ladybug Clay Figurine. Source: Pinterest 

Clay Art Clay Figurines - Animal

Clay Art Animals Figurines Source: Pinterest

#3: Food-themed Clay Art Figurines

Now you can have your own favourite food in clay form, be sure not to eat it, but display them proudly! Everyone will know what’s your favourite food through your miniature clay art figurines! 🙂 Look at how cute they are!

Clay Art Clay Figurines Food

Assorted Food Figurines. Source: Pinterest

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024

Sushi platter clay figurine. Source: Pinterest

To engage us for our clay art workshops/clay figurine workshops, do contact us at [email protected] . The minimum for us to start a workshop would be 5 pax at least. Workshops can be conducted in our studio, or offsite at your venue. We hope to hear from you!

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