5 Ways to De-stress from Work

5 Ways to De-stress from Work

De-stressing from work can be really easy! After a long week of work, you must be feeling lethargic! Fret not! These 5 ways to de-stress from work will definitely help you feel re-energized for the upcoming week! What are you waiting for? Come follow me for ways to re-charge your battery!


1. Painting 

paint | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022

Painting is a great stress relief tool which allows you to express yourself through your artwork. It allows you to focus on the image at hand which in turn relieves the stress on your mind and relaxes your body. This relaxation helps to heals you physically and mentally. Painting can be used for counselling, healing, psychotherapy and treatment!

You can spend your weekends by gathering some of your friends and family members to have an Art Jamming session together to de-stress from work and have some bonding time with your loved ones!

quote | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022


2. Terrarium Making 

terrarium unsplash | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022

Terrarium innates the ability to heal your body and mind, improve your mood and allows you to set aside time for self-reflection. Having your own terrarium enables you to relax your senses by seeing green and terrariums are able to eliminate odors and absorb pollutants! What’s more? Combing sand and rearranging of stones and figurines actually has calming effects which can help to reduce stray thoughts!

You can get a miniature garden today! Watch your Terrarium grow and at the same time de-stress from work!

terrarium quote | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022

3. Music

music jamming | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022

Music is very effective for de-stressing from work as it provides emotional healing, develops positive self-image, improves ones’ speech, memory and physical balance. It brings people together when everybody played in conjunction with ones’ thoughts and movements.
Especially when you are exercising, exercising to a playlist helps you stick to our routing, making you efficient in things you do!

Looking for a place to do some bonding with your friends? Gather and bring them for a Music Jamming session.

de-stress from work


4. Essential Oils

de-stress from work

Feeling exhausted? Relief is just a scent away… Essential Oils were extracted from herbs and flowers to create medicines and perfumes. There are a few scents that can help de-stress from work and and they are Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass and even Baby Powder!
According to the ‘International Journal of Neuroscience’, it is revealed that Lavender oil has been found to affect the brain in such a way that it increases drowsiness.

Essential oils can be used during massage, baths, facial steam and in diffuser. But what if you want to bring the smell everywhere you go?
Fret not! You can actually mix essential oil and perfume to get your ideal scent! So when you have it everywhere you go, it helps to relief your mind and de-stress from work. At Epic Workshop we have Perfume Making session for you to experience the combination of scents and to educate you the chemistry between perfumes. 

de-stress from work


5. Crafts

de-stress from work

Need an outlet to relief your stress? Try making leather crafting which requires lots of hammering! After a long week of stressful work, bring your buddies along for a leather crafting session. The bang-and-clangs from leather crafting will definitely make you feel stress free and you will definitely have a great bonding session with them! After you have de-stressed, you can even bring home your customized item! Isn’t it killing three birds with a stone?

At Epic Workshop, we provide all the tools and materials for your Leather Crafting so that you can focus on making your very own leather coin pouch, key holder, etc!

Hope these 5 ways can help you de-stress from work and keep your batteries charged for the upcoming week! Break a leg!

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