What do Resin Workshops in Singapore Have to Offer?

What do Resin Workshops in Singapore Have to Offer?

Resin workshops are great places to come and learn about different ways to use resin for decoration. Bring your creativity with you and we will show you ways to use our paintable resin to create beautiful objects that can be used as gifts or as decorations in your home.

What is Resin?

Resin is a mixture of liquid and powdered chemicals that forms a solid material when it cures. One of the most common uses for polyester resin or epoxy resin (both are different types of polyester resins) is as an adhesive in repairing cracks and holes in things like boat hulls, propellers, and even concrete. In these situations, the resin does not need to flex or bend – it needs to be 100% solid and so it is mixed with enough hardener (a catalyst chemical that speeds up the curing reaction) that it cures into a very hard material.

Benefits of Coming to a Resin Workshop

When you come to a resin workshop, you’ll get to have one-on-one help with our staff. You can also take home your own syringe so that you can continue using the same resin and techniques for years to come. We offer unforgettable memories of a fun night out with creative friends.

The class is appropriate for all levels of experience from beginners to experts. Our classes are designed for adults but we love having kids hang out and learn too! Bring your parents, friends, or children along for some creative bonding time between the generations.  We always start off with a quick demonstration of the basics and let you get right into it from there.

We make resin painting easy! No prior experience or special artistic skills are required, just bring an open mind and your creativity. You’ll be amazed at what you can create in an evening with artistic friends helping to inspire each other to keep going.

Getting started on your first project

Resin workshops in Singapore are aimed at those people who have never used resin before. We will show you how to mix the resin components that you use in your project and then let you get on with it as long as there are enough of us around to help out if needed.

The way it works

A series of simple instructions will be handed out that include step-by-step directions for creating a specific design, such as an insect, butterfly, or flower. At home, you follow along – adding layers of paintable resin onto objects like glass beads, pendants, or small decorative boxes. The end result is something beautiful which you have created yourself with your own two hands.

You can also bring in your own items to decorate, like old candle holders or jewelry pieces that you’ve had laying around the house for a while. Bring them along to the workshop and we’ll show you how easy it is to transform something old into something fantastic!

Here are the examples of projects you can do at a resin workshop:

  1. Making an ornament to hang on your tree or in your home for the holidays.
  2. Making a necklace, bracelet, hairclip, or other accessories to give as a gift.
  3. Making a decorative bowl for your kitchen with paintable resin.
  4. Making an accessory that will match your style and clothing.

All of these projects have something in common: using a paintable resin that allows you to be creative and make your own unique creation.

Creating your own piece with our products is just one part of the workshop. We also show how to use the materials, what we offer, and how different types can be used for new ideas. For example, paintable resin can be used on many different surfaces. Different paints can be used to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

In addition to showing how these products can be used, we also discuss the clean-up of the materials. This is something that is often overlooked when people do crafts for fun and are not aware of how long it can take to clean up. For those who have used craft kits and other materials, you may know the frustration of spending a lot of time cutting out a piece only to spend more time cleaning everything up. Resin workshops in Singapore, however, do not have a lot of waste. It only takes a couple of materials for each project and they are easy to clean up afterward.

In Conclusion

There are many benefits to coming to a Resin Workshop. You don’t need any previous experience in crafting, we provide you all the tools and materials, plus it’s fun! No mess, no fuss – just a beautiful piece to take home.

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