Archery Tag in Singapore
Want to Experience Thrill of Archery? Play Archery Tag in Singapore!

Want to Experience Thrill of Archery? Play Archery Tag in Singapore!

For centuries, archers have enjoyed the thrill of shooting arrows at targets. But if you want to experience this thrill instead-try playing Archery Tag in Singapore! This game is a mix of dodgeball and captures the flag, except with archery equipment. You can play it on your own or as part of a team. It’s an excellent way to get some exercise and meet new people while enjoying yourself doing something you love: shooting arrows!

When you play Archery Tag, two teams of six or fewer people face off. You each have a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Most bows only shoot about 10 feet, so you stand close to your opponents. Before the game starts, however, the owner will prove that all the archery equipment is safe to use by firing an arrow into a target behind everyone. Only then can you begin to play!

These days, most indoor venues for Archery Tag in Singapore have several large gaming areas separated from one another with thin walls made from netting material. The spaces still resemble rooms and corridors and everyone needs to stay within these dimly-lit areas as they run around dodging everyone else’s arrows and trying to capture the other team’s flag. If you do get hit by an arrow, however, don’t worry! Arrows are equipped with foam tips so they will only sting a little when they strike your body.

The objective of the game is to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your own base before getting hit by five arrows or losing all of your own flags. It is easy to see who has captured the most flags because each player wears a belt that holds at least three flags on it. The first person to lose all their flags becomes the new target for everyone else until either everyone gets hit by five arrows or someone manages to steal all of the opposing team’s flags.


Before getting started with Archery Tag in Singapore, it’s important to know the rules!

Rule 1: When hit, cry “Good shot!” and throw the bow down. Rule 2: Bows can neither be held nor touched at any time.

Rule 3: When a person wearing an armed guard is tagged, they stay down until all other players have been tagged.

Rule 4: If you catch an arrow – without using the tip – before it hits the ground you may return to the game. On your turn, after one minute has passed since becoming out, you must pass the arrow back to another player.

Rule 5: Only 1 safety zone exists on a field and should not be confused with safety zones for bows or arrows.

Rule 6: When in doubt, follow the arrow to its target.

Rule 7: If you are tagged by an arrow when out of bounds, your game is over.

If any rules are broken, the offender must sit down for two minutes (2 min).

An official game lasts ten minutes (10 min) but can end earlier if all players have been eliminated.

At that time there is a ’round robin’ where everyone who has bows gets one shot at everyone else who does too – this continues until only one person still has a bow!

Physical Benefits

Archery provides immense physical benefits. It helps in increasing your heart rate and your respiratory capacity, increasing bone density, and decreasing stress levels. By exercising for just thirty minutes daily, you can lower blood pressure and avoid suffering from obesity and various heart diseases. It helps in strengthening the muscles while stretching them at the same time. It increases your metabolic rate and keeps you fit. As one of Risk-Free Sport, Archery tag in Singapore is also a great activity for children and elders due to its non-contact nature and low risk of injuries.

Body image

Archery is an excellent sport for maintaining a healthy body image. You can take part in this sport with anyone who has zero to minimal skills; it’s like playing dodgeball with bows and arrows! Since archery requires grips and minor arm movements, people will compliment how good you look once you start shooting up those arrows! This gives immense confidence boosts which motivate people to achieve more than they thought themselves capable of achieving.

Mental Benefits

Archery tag in Singapore is known to help with focus and concentration. It helps the brain process spatial awareness while honing hand-eye coordination. One of its most significant benefits includes boosting confidence through regular success in reaching goals that have an inherent positive effect on mental health. People who play archery are less likely to develop symptoms associated with depression or anxiety because they learn how to sit back and relax. Archery can help in improving the memory of people with dementia.

 Concluding Remarks: Archery Tag in Singapore is a great way to enjoy the thrill of archery and get in some exercise. It’s also an excellent opportunity for people interested in martial arts, as well as those who want to work on their reaction time or agility. Playing Archery Tag will not only give you physical benefits like weight loss, increased lung capacity, and improved balance; it can also help with mental health by reducing stress levels and increasing self-esteem. Don’t let your lack of experience hold you back!

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