Expressive Therapy for Elders: The Art of Happiness

Expressive Therapy for Elders: The Art of Happiness
Expressive Therapy for Elders: The Art of Happiness

In today’s technological epoch, it is common for elders to feel disoriented in a world saturated by online communication. This is a problem especially in Singapore, with a rapidly aging population, and one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates. Though we cannot slow down the pace of communication, we must ensure that the elderly population has ways to express themselves. This will then  prevent them from feeling displaced, and aids integration. In this article, we will tell you more about the benefits of expressive therapy.

A simple solution to this problem exists all around us – Art. Art allows for the breaking down of all forms of communication barriers and allows one not only to express oneself, but also communicate seamlessly with others. Below are our top 3 picks of expressive therapy for the elderly – Check them out!

1. Art Jamming

Art Jamming
Anger. Happiness. Sadness. Excitement. These Are All Emotions Which We Feel On A Regular Basis, But For Which We May Not Have An Avenue Of Expression For. Well, Now You Do! Unleash Your Creative And Expressive Side In Our Art Jamming Workshops! A Popular Form Of Expressive Therapy, Let Your Instincts And Inner Spirit Take Charge As You Play Around With The Wide Array Of Colours And Patterns, To Create An Abstract But Personal Art Piece.

2. Bouquet Making

Madamme Petite Flower Bouquet | Epic Workshops Singapore
Madamme Petite Flower Bouquet | Epic Workshops Singapore

Did you know that different flower arrangements actually hold different meanings? Learn how different flowers can complement each other to help you to express yourself in an artistic manner. Not only do you get to de-stress in a therapeutic way, you also get to bring home a beautiful bouquet that will make a lovely addition to your home. What a sweet deal!

3. Tiles Painting

Expressive Therapy - Tiles Workshop Singapore
Tiles Workshop Singapore

For those who have a preference for miniature artwork, this is just activity for you! In Epic Workshops, we conduct tile painting workshops for seniors. Not only does it allow them a boundless means of expressing themselves, they get to keep a beautiful moments for themselves at the end of the activity, just for them to look back on the fun times that they’ve had.

Should you be interested to engage us for workshops, do drop us an email ([email protected]). For more workshops, visit our website over at! We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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