6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH!

Workplaces and working in general is largely different from how it was before, with a substantial amount of the workforce working remotely. When workers work remotely, feeling lonely and isolated might be pretty normal for them. This lack of organic relationship formation can lead to remote meetings feeling very transaction and somewhat dry because they stick to the agenda.

Since you are here, you must be looking for some virtual team building activities for your team!

In the current extraordinary times, physical team building activities will unfortunately not be possible for the foreseeable future. But who’s to say team building activities can’t be done right now? With the wonders of current day technology and creativity, do not be too quick to rule out the possibilities with virtual team building!

These games are easy to organise and plan and do not take up much time during the work day to perform, so what are you waiting for? Plan your next team building game right now after going through what we have recommended for you and your team!

For many people, there is no greater pleasure than to work with a team. And yet, for all the benefits that come from working in teams, it’s also easy to see how destructive or unproductive they can be. A bad team-building experience will leave you feeling more stressed and less satisfied at the end of a day than before you began. It might even cause resentment between teammates and lead to conflict amongst your company as a whole. If this sounds like something that could happen on your own turf, read on! We’re going to talk about some great ideas for virtual team-building activities in Singapore which are sure to get everyone involved while making sure they have fun too!

Why Team-Building Activities Can Go Wrong

One of the biggest problems is that people are not always sure what to do when they are in a team or how to make sure their teammates will have a good time. It’s easy to assume that everyone wants to play games all day or do physical activities like riflery, but this isn’t always true. Some people might not want to participate in these activities for any number of reasons. Maybe they’re scared of guns, maybe they already went biking on Saturday, or maybe there’s just nothing you could ever offer them that would interest them in participating. The best way around this is through the use of team-building activities that don’t group people together or pit them against one another. These kinds of virtual games make it easy for anyone to participate, meaning there’s no room for resentment on the part of those who choose not to play along.

Virtual Team Building Activities: The Right Way To Do It!

One thing you really want to be sure of when planning a team-building activity is that it will be interactive. This means that players won’t just sit around doing nothing while they participate – think of how boring this would be! Instead, you might let everyone pick teams and have them compete in some race or quiz show, where teamwork plays an important role from the get-go. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few that we love:

These are just a few ideas – you could do something similar or choose to have everyone work together in something like trivia. The point is to make sure there’s something for everyone involved and the team-building activities take place online, so people can participate at their own pace. Let these ideas guide you through your planning process and you won’t be disappointed with the result!

virtual team building activities 6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH! January 2022

  1. ‘Show & Tell’ activity

Who ever thought this age-old game could be awesome for virtual team building? To put it simply for those who have no experience “Show & Tell’, each team member gets a minute to show and talk about a thing they own or even something non-physical! It could be anything under the sun – such as a pillow that you have kept since you were a child or maybe a prized possession.

Your team members can get to discuss on the item you shared and you never know what kind of conversations this can bring up!

By sharing these intimate possessions, you get a better insight into each individual which will help you develop strong team bonds and trust.

virtual team building activities 6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH! January 2022

  1. Organise a ‘Netflix Party’!

Catch a series or a film together as a team! Who doesn’t love to destress and chill after a long day of work with Netflix? Why not do it together? Agree on a series or film to watch together and get the popcorns ready! This would be a prime chance for members of the team to step out of their comfort zone in terms of their taste for movies and watch something that they would never watch themselves! Share your reviews and request for the next movie choice for the following movie night!

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat so you and your team members can chat even while watching the film together!

Go to Netflix’s website. Choose any show you would like to watch and start playing the video. To create your party, click on the red “NP” icon located next to the address bar. Then click “Start Party” to get the party started, and share the party URL to invite friends.

This is where one person closes their eyes while another places an object inside a box that is then passed around for others to feel. The third person must guess what it is by feeling alone. This game encourages observational skills, trust, and awareness of surroundings. It also gets everyone involved while allowing workers to develop camaraderie within the group for best team-building activities in Singapore.

Organize a ‘Netflix Party! Invite people to come and watch Netflix with you

Watching a good TV show or movie is one of the best things we do when we’re looking for some downtime. But what about when we want to invite friends over for a night in? It can be tough getting everyone together, and it doesn’t always mean that everyone in the room will share the same tastes in TV and movies. Netflix, however, solves that problem. With the ability to watch your favorite shows on your own schedule, it’s one of the easiest ways to get people together for an enjoyable evening in. All you need is a Netflix account and a screen!

With this set-up, everyone can contribute to what is being watched without compromising their own tastes or having to make special arrangements with their schedule. It also encourages conversation between friends because they are likely watching something they haven’t seen before. Have everyone throw some suggestions at each other while you’re all getting settled in! Just be sure that there’s no pressure about who has control over the remote or not; that kind of thing can take away from the fun. We all know that one of the best ways to build a cohesive, resilient team is by ditching the sit-and-get workshops and playing some fun games. And while everyone on your team may complain about them at first, it’s so important to choose exciting activities that will actually engage your employees from start to finish! Here are some ideas:

One of Singapore’s most popular events for both companies and individuals is the Escape Hunt Experience. Perfect for those with a competitive streak, this full-day event not only gives you a chance to flex your mental muscles but also allows you to develop the type of trust that can lead directly into new ways of working together. For a more laid-back option, you can never go wrong with a scavenger hunt. This is great for large groups of any size because it’s completely customizable and allows participants to get to know each other better. You can even add on another team-building activity as trust falls or the classic Red Light Green Light if you want everyone to start working together straight away! If your office is looking for something different this year, why not use the company retreat as an opportunity to try to stand up paddleboarding? Not only does it allow people to bond over their love of water sports, but also gives them an excuse to relax outside in the fresh air (and sun). Plus, who doesn’t love a few laughs at their co-workers’ expense?

virtual team building activities 6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH! January 2022

  1. ‘Building a storyline’ game

Who doesn’t love a good story? Building a storyline is one of the oldest and most fun team building activities.

Here’s how the game works:

Organise your team to virtually form a queue on a video call and start the process like this:

The first person begins the story with one opening sentence and another incomplete one. For example: “On a Monday afternoon, Adam went out for lunch at his usual spot. At first, everything seemed normal, until…”

The next team member completes the previous line and adds another incomplete sentence.

This way, each remote team member contributes until everyone has had a turn. The goal is to make the story flow smoothly and with an immersive storyline.

This game allow teams to use their creative juices, it also helps them listen to each other and improve team cooperation.

One way to make storytelling a more enjoyable and interactive experience for your team is to turn it into a game. Here is an example of virtual team-building activities in Singapore:

Slot the stories into time periods (shorter stories with breaks in between). Form teams and assign each team a different time period. Teams take turns telling their versions of the story in their assigned timeframe and show the rest of the group what happened next in their timeline. In the end, all teams share their versions and tell how they were different from one another. Before the game is played, make sure everyone knows what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of content (no violence or swearing).

Social stories about teamwork: A more relatable version of storytelling that also involves a bit of role-playing can be created by creating social stories. To do this you’ll need to first write some possible scenarios on index cards – one per scenario – each with a different plot point. For example:

Your character wakes up on Monday morning feeling great but something starts their day off wrong. As the events unfold they begin to stress more and more until they are so stressed out that they have an accident at work.

Once you have the plot points written down, it’s time for some acting! Split your characters into two or three groups and have each group act out their cards. Be sure that your acting isn’t too serious as to take away from the silliness of the situation (tragic events happening because someone is stressed out over a bad commute).

virtual team building activities 6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH! January 2022

  1. Home work area tour!

At a time where most of us are working from home, we must wonder how our colleagues’ home offices or work area looks like. Would it be similar to their work area in office or dramatically different? Discover habits of your co-workers – be it good or bad, to understand them deeper and build a deeper emotional connection with them.

This fun game may be better suited for smaller teams, but it’s still a great virtual team building activities exercise for any team looking to get the process started. Allowing team members into your personal and vulnerable space is a great way to gain deeper understanding of each other, bringing a new form of camaraderie into the workplace!

A homework area is an optimal place for team-building activities. It welcomes the group by providing a place for them to be together. It is not too formal, so it does not scare off people with introverted personalities. But, it also provides enough formality for people with extroverted personalities to feel comfortable in their environment.

It’s also a good idea to have teams that are in close proximity work on different projects with each other in order to facilitate communication between each team member. This will help with the efficiency of the whole company in the future.

A few games that can be played in the homework area are “pass the parcel” or “musical chairs.” Play these games by having two separate teams be in separate parts of the area. The only way the game ends is when one team has all of their members captured by another member.

virtual team building activities 6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH! January 2022

  1. Baby photos guessing game

Picture sharing activities help your team bond in no time, especially if you share pictures of when you were a cute baby! It can facilitate laughter and surprising responses that will leave employees feeling happy and connected. However for this game, we are going to mix things up and do it differently. We’ll have your co-workers guess who the baby photo belongs to!

Before the meeting, send out a request for baby photos from each individual on your team. Once you’ve compiled the photos place them all up onto your screen sharing program. Once this is set up, the game is simple. Participants must guess which photo belongs to which employee, and have a load of laughs and ‘aww’s while doing so!

It’s really simple and fun, all you have to do is find the baby in the photos and it doesn’t matter which order. The first thing you need to do is take out one of the photos and then put them in order. Now, put that photo back into the pile and then pull out another one, you should be able to tell who the next person in line is by looking at their face. Do this until you’ve found all of them. The last one should be the baby!

While it does require a bit of preparation, it is all worth it!

skribbl - Free Multiplayer Drawing & Guessing Game

  1. Skribbl.io

So you think you’re the best at drawing in your workplace? Prove yourself by putting yourself up against your colleagues! If you are not as good at drawing, well, you don’t need to be a master artist to have fun with this game too!

skribbl.io is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. One game consists of a few rounds in which every round someone has to draw their chosen word and others have to guess it to gain points! The person with the most points at the end of game will then be crowned as the winner!

Each game can hold 8 players, which is plenty to hold a game for your team!

Virtual team-building activities in Singapore are ideal for employees who work remotely, or for teams who can’t travel together due to various logistical factors. These types of team-building exercises allow people to bond even if they’re spread out around the world – and it’s often much cheaper than planning a physical activity!

A popular virtual exercise is Skribbl.io, a drawing game where players have to describe their drawings with words without giving away certain key phrases that will give the other team members clues about what they’re supposed to be depicting. Skribbl.io is a good choice because it’s easy to learn but still challenging and fun for everyone involved!

virtual team building activities 6 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities To Try During WFH! January 2022

  1. Virtual Workshops

Try out a new activity and discover your colleagues’ hidden talent through virtual workshops! Epic Workshops’ Stay Home Experience Kits can be delivered to your colleagues’ homes for a fuss-free experience for all!

Epic Workshops virtual team building activities allows team members to come together through video conferencing platforms, so you’re never too far away from your colleagues! Experience fun activities together such as art jamming, terrarium making and more.

8. Virtual Workshops

The ‘Public Speaker’ game is where one person stands in front of the group and talks about an interesting topic for at least two minutes. This can be something like explaining what they did on their vacations or talking about their favorite hobbies, but it gives them a chance to talk in front of all of you instead of having everyone else only share first-hand stories. Participants will feel freer to speak up if given this opportunity.

Another idea that’s great for virtual team-building activities in Singapore is to have everyone participate in a scavenger hunt. The group can gather together before the game starts and decide how long they want the hunt to be, what clues they will follow, and other rules. Then divide into teams of two or three people each and give every participant a copy of the list of clues and a map or set of directions. They might have to solve riddles or do tasks that get progressively harder as you go along, but it makes finding all the objects on your list really fun! Make sure there are plenty of prizes along the way so participants feel rewarded for their hard work.

Virtual Team-Building Activities in Singapore are a great way to connect with your remote team members and build camaraderie. There is a wide variety of games and exercises on the Internet. We’ve chosen some of it to get you started with your search for more ideas. These offer an opportunity to build relationships, learn about each other in new ways, and have fun all while sitting at your computer or comfortable spot in your house. Which of these activities seems like they would work best for you? Let us know.

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