A Day at EPIC Workshops Art Jamming in Singapore!​

A Day at EPIC Workshops Art Jamming in Singapore!​
A Day at EPIC Workshops Art Jamming in Singapore!​

What’s Art Jamming all about? 

Art Jamming is the combination of creating your own art while jamming to music! This fusion of music and art ties in beautifully as the music will inspire you, allowing your creative juices to flow as you create your beautiful masterpieces on canvas, one brush stroke at a time.

Not only is it therapeutic, it also makes a great team bonding activity! It is best enjoyed as a team with your friends, family or colleagues as this activity encourages team bonding, cohesiveness and teamwork.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024
For The Young And Young At Heart: Art Jamming Is Suitable For All Ages!

EPIC Workshops Art Jamming Experience

An approximate two hours session of Art Jamming by EPIC Workshops goes typically as follows: the first 10 minutes consists of our in-house local artist sharing tips with participants on the basic painting techniques, as well as some colour theory so that its suitable even for those who are inexperienced or have no background in art! All you need is a little creativity and your peers.

After learning the basics, the trainer will hand out sample photos for you to replicate in your canvas. The sample photos will either be chosen by your team or picked by the artist, and the photo you are given is only a part of one big picture. Using the techniques learnt, you are expected to paint the given picture on your canvas. Throughout the session, relax and unwind as you listen to music and let your creativity flow in your canvas.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024
For The Young And The Young At Heart: Art Jamming Is A Team Bonding Activity Suitable For All Ages!

Team Bonding Element

Make your experience a more fulfilling one, by deciding on the theme of the day beforehand. We will also give a sample photo which is in line with the theme of the day. The team bonding element comes in where participants can help their team members on their individual canvases. At the end of the whole session, all participants are to collate their individual canvasses as ultimately, all of their canvas will form one big picture at the end of the day. Groups are expected to explain the relevancy of the sample image to the theme of the day through a group discussion.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: 6 Individual Canvasses Make Up 1 Big Picture!

Art Jamming Workshop Singapore Booking & Enquiry

For more enquiries or bookings for EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming, do drop us an email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can speak to our friendly staffs at (+65) 6355 0329 or (+65) 8150 8866. See you soon!


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