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8 Ways to Use Virtual Team Building in Singapore for a Successful Online Training Curriculum

8 Ways to Use Virtual Team Building in Singapore for a Successful Online Training Curriculum

The relationship between the team and the company is important for any business. With so many companies employing remote workers, it’s no surprise that they are looking for new ways to keep their employees engaged. One of the most effective methods is by using virtual team building in Singapore. This article will cover four ways that you can use this type of team building in your organization today!

1. Participate in Webinars

This isn’t your traditional virtual team building in Singapore, but it can be useful to participate in webinars hosted by industry experts or other companies. This is a great way for employees to learn new information without having to travel around the world. They will also have more time to take notes and develop their own ideas on how they can implement what they learned into their work process. You could even encourage them to hold meetings with other members of their department after the webinar has finished so that they can share what they’ve learned, too!

2. Use Collaborative Tools 

Whether you are working on an infographic together or doing research with thousands of pages of data, there are tools out there that can help your team get things done. One of the most popular tools that have been growing in popularity is Google Drive. In fact, over 5 million people use it every day! Not only can you create documents together, but you can also host videos and presentations on the platform so that everyone has access to them at all times.

3. Play Collaborative Games 

A great part of any online training curriculum is using games as a way to break up the monotony. When you remove yourself from a traditional classroom environment, it’s important to find ways for employees to engage with one another through other means than just lecture-style learning. For example, you could play interactive games like trivia or bingo with your employees so that they can learn and have fun at the same time.

4. Create a Virtual Mentor Program 

Virtual team building in Singapore can be great for employees who are on different continents or in different departments of the company. It allows them to learn from each other and share ideas while also working towards a common goal. For example, you could create a virtual mentor program where new hires shadow a more experienced employee so that they can get an inside look at what their job entails and figure out how they can improve upon it. This is a low-risk way for your company to have team members work together without being in the office physically with one another!

5. Provide Ongoing Training 

Creating training programs that fit within your company needs is important when it comes to keeping employees engaged. While you are taking the time to create a program that focuses on teamwork, it’s also important to help them feel satisfied with their job. This way, they will want to continue working for your company and improving upon what they’ve learned through virtual training!

6. Create Annual Training Programs 

While ongoing training is important to help build up your employees’ knowledge base, it’s also vital to have annual training so that they can stay sharp on best practices and industry standards. During this training, employees should be able to work together as a whole team so that everyone can learn from each other instead of just one person leading the rest of the class.

7. Reward Successful Completion of Virtual Work 

A vital part of any training program is providing a space for your employees to ask questions and figure out how to implement new skills into their daily routine. However, it’s important to also give them some level of certification so that they feel accomplished after completing the course. For example, if you host an online safety training class for your employees, reward those who get 100% on the final exam by giving them a pin or certificate that they can hang up in their office!

8. Invite Guest Speakers 

Many virtual team building programs include inviting guest speakers from time to time to keep things fresh and exciting for employees. Whether this is someone from within the industry or a company consultant, it will be a great way to make sure that your training curriculum stays relevant to what is going on now.


 If you are looking to improve your online training programs by using virtual team building in Singapore, we recommend checking out these 8 great ways. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with establishing a successful program that uses this technique! And don’t forget about rewarding employees for their successes in completing difficult work virtually.

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