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13 Laser Tag Guns that Actually Shoot a Beam

13 Laser Tag Guns that Actually Shoot a Beam

You’ve played capture the flag or capture the base or even king of the hill, but now it’s time to step up your game with this awesome addition to your backyard arsenal; Laser tag in Singapore! It’s a family-friendly activity that brings people together to have some good old-fashioned fun. 

In laser tag, you get into teams and try to “tag” members from other teams by shooting them with an infrared beam. With Laser tag in Singapore, your goal is to find out where they are hiding and then shoot them before they shoot you! If you get hit, you’re “dead” for 10 seconds while someone else takes your place on the field. The game is over when all players on one team are eliminated, so be sure not just focus on your own team!

What’s really cool is that typically there are “missions” or objects that give players added challenge. For example, you might need to capture a flag, find the treasure, hit targets, etc. The missions can be anything from relatively easy to very difficult and require different strategies for success.

Here is a List of 15 lasers guns to choose from:

1. Gas Powered Laser Tag Gun

This is a gas-powered laser tag gun that shoots a beam of light. It does not need batteries, but it does require an air compressor to power the laser.

2. Basic Laser Tag Gun

This is the more traditional type of laser tag gun that operates with batteries and emits a beam of infrared light rather than an actual beam. It’s great for using indoors because it doesn’t emit any harmful waves or radiation due to its infrared component, but it has some limitations outdoors in some situations because the IR beam can be reflected by water vapor or foggy conditions, which will then interfere with gameplay.

3. Terminator Laser Blaster

This gun is great because it shoots both an infrared beam and a laser beam, so you have the option of playing in any condition! The gun requires one 9-volt battery to operate while the lightweight, foam tip boots are powered by two AAA batteries each.

4. Blazing Red Laser Tag Gun

The Blazing Red laser tag gun uses standard 6-millimeter plastic rings that are propelled through the air with amazing accuracy at speeds up to 200 feet per second! The batteries last 1-2 hours when fully charged.

5. Laser Sniper Sniper Rifle

This laser tag rifle is awesome because it looks like a real gun and can shoot up to 2,000 feet per second! All you have to do is charge the built-in battery for 3 hours and you’re ready to play.

6. Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber Toy

If your kids love Star Wars, they’ll go nuts over this toy lightsaber that actually shoots a beam of light just like in the movies! It makes sounds too.

7. Thumbs Up Blaster

This fun toy blaster shoots colorful foam discs up to 80 feet away! It comes with 6 discs, but you can buy more separately.

8. Power Shot

This is a great gun that has all the technology packed into an extremely lightweight design! It uses advanced infrared laser tag technology to shoot your targets with surprising accuracy up to 100 feet away.

9. Laser Storm Blaster

This blaster is awesome because it shoots 12 shots in rapid succession at your target! It also comes with 3 game modes, sound effects, and vibration feedback when you score a hit.

10. Target Blast Game by Laser X

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to laser tag in Singapore, this is the game for you! It has a light sensor on top of an inflatable target ball that senses your pulse, speed, and shooting accuracy. Play solo or with friends.

11. Metal Storm by Laser X

This incredible blaster uses infrared communication between players so that each unit only targets the other player’s dispenser. The gun comes with built-in audio effects so you know when you hit someone else and when they’ve shot back at you. The gun has built-in vibration feedback so you know when you’ve been shot. It also comes with one target ball and 2 discs to get you started!

12. Laser Tag Set from Little Kids

This great laser tag set features a vest that vibrates when you’re tagged along with a safety helmet, night vision goggles, and an inflatable target ball.

13. Hot Shot Power Rangers Blaster

If your kids love playing power rangers games, this blaster is the perfect toy for them because it shoots both infrared beams and lasers while emitting sounds from the show! The gun uses 6 AA batteries.

In conclusion:

In this post, we’ve highlighted 13 laser tag guns that shoot a beam. If you’re looking for an exciting way to play with your kids or friends and want the power of lasers in your arsenal, one of these products is sure to be right up your alley for laser tag in Singapore! Be careful though—lasers can cause blindness if not handled properly so make sure to follow safety guidelines when using any type of laser toy. Which product would you like more information on?  Do you have any feedback about our blog content? We welcome all comments below!

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