Personality Test & Terrarium Making Workshops

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Say Yes to a Great afternoon, as you come for a fun personality test and bond with colleagues over Terrariums! Participants will get to learn how to create a garden-in-a-bottle and bring back a personally designed Terrarium.

Personality Test & Terrarium Making Workshops

Personality Test & Terrarium Making Workshops Details

Group Size

Min 5 To Unlimited


1-1.5 Hours

Convient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

Ideal For

  • Children
  • Learn about Greenery
  • Team Building
  • Work together as a team

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Customized team building programs to better engage your employees and maximize their potential.


Build a community at the workplace by strengthening relationships through fun and personalized activities throughout the year!


Exciting programs for all ages to foster bonding among colleagues through a day of celebration and fun with their families!


It is ideal for all levels of schools in Singapore.

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Why choose our Personality Test & Terrarium Making Workshops in Singapore?

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Benefits of Personality Test & Terrarium Making Workshops

Take a fun personality test and get to know yourself and your teammates better!
Facilitators will be on hand to explain different personalities in an engaging manner. Team members will learn how to work better with one another by knowing each other better eg. likes, dislikes and communication styles.
Team members will also get to bond with one another and learn how to build terrariums. Have a hilarious time spotting their personalities in the terrariums that they make!

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Team building activities are educational and organized to clear internal conflicts and bring different members of a single organization or team together on the same page. Team bonding activities are also great for families who have some kind of difference among them. It helps them bring close to each other, understand others’ perspective, and grow with everyone.
There are so many locations where we can arrange your personalized workshop. You can give us a call to find out more about it. We do both private and public locations, whether you want us to bring this experience to your backyard or you want us to select the location ― we have something for everyone.
There are no such requirements, but if you want your workshop to truly get successful then you should bring a minimum number of 5-7 people for a workshop. Again, it completely depends on the type of workshop you are opting for. Please note that we arrange these activities for large groups as well. So, do not hold back if you are working with a huge team.
There are so many pros of team building activities that its importance cannot be emphasized enough. It is a widely used method by schools, corporations, and families to bring all the members in agreement. It creates openness among participants and elevates team spirit. Not only it eradicates differences among everyone, but it is also a great tool for introducing something new. A new idea or a new concept among your team members. Once your team is working together on a single activity, like building a masterpiece in art jamming or making a terrarium piece by piece, they start to understand the depth of process and they start connecting with every participant.
Epic Workshops is a well-known name in organizing team bonding activities. We offer value that nobody else does. Putting close emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, we help people grow in a positive environment.
We offer a wide array of team bonding and family building workshops. You can get your customized package by giving us a call or dropping us an email. Different workshops work for different settings and needs. We believe that pointing one will not do justice to others. However, some of our best-selling workshops for companies include terrarium building workshop, fringe activities, art jamming, moss frame, candle making, and much more. Check out the workshop section on our website to find out more.
If you want to arrange a team building workshop, scientific, art, or educational workshop, you can contact us on our website, give us a call, or write us an email. Here are the contact details: Email address: Contact number: Office Address:
Team building activities, as the name suggests, are conducted to bring team members closer and increase coordination among them. It is widely used by corporations and government agencies to bring their people on the same page and resolve conflicts among them.
Epic Workshops is a well known name in organizing and executing successful team bonding activities. We can organize both private and public events for you. No matter if your team is just ten people or one thousand people, we can make everything happen.
Yes, school can also take advantage of our educational, art, and scientific workshops.

Personality Test & Terrarium Making Workshops FAQ

Personality Test & Terrarium Workshop in Singapore

Welcome to EPIC Workshop, your go-to destination for team bonding activities in Singapore! We offer a fun and informative 1-hour to 1.5-hour workshop that combines a personality test and hands-on terrarium making. Get ready to unleash your creativity and get your hands dirty as you create your own green capsule filled with tiny ecosystems of plants and figurines.

Terrarium Workshop in Singapore

Our Terrarium Workshop is the perfect DIY craft for anyone looking to add a touch of green to their indoor living space. With our step-by-step guide and everything you need, you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing miniature garden without having to worry about proper care. Our Personality workshop activities have you covered.

Make a Terrarium

Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb or any experience building a terrarium. Our hands-on workshop is suitable for all levels, whether it’s your first time or you’re a crafty pro. You’ll learn how to make a beautiful terrarium using a glass container, potting soil, pebbles, moss, and a variety of succulent plants such as cactus etc.

DIY Terrarium

Our DIY Terrarium workshop is not only a great bonding activity for corporate employees, families, and groups, but it’s also a therapeutic experience that lets you enclose a world of flora and fauna in a glass container. You can let your imagination run wild as you personalize your creation with handmade figurines, bouquets, and resin. EPIC promises to provide you with the best experience and we will give you everything you’ll need to get started! 

Types of Terrariums

At our informative workshop, we introduce you to the different types of terrariums and plants to use. You’ll get tips for creating your masterpiece and how to care for and simply enjoy your terrarium. We offer viable options for humid Singapore weather, and we ensure that you have everything you need to get creative and make a unique gift idea for yourself or a loved one.

Get Creative with EPIC Workshop

Our Terrarium Workshop is a great addition to your team bonding activities, and it’s an enjoyable and decorative way to spend your afternoon. We take care of all the know-how and what to do for making your own indoor mini garden in a bottle in a way. The best part is that you can bring home your creation at the end of the day!

Take a Personality Test and Make a Terrarium

So, what are you waiting for? Take a personality test and get to create a miniature garden in a bottle with our Terrarium Workshop in Singapore. We have the best Personality workshop activities. Whether you’ve ever wondered what goes into building a terrarium or you’d like to include a new hobby in your routine, we’ve got you covered. Our workshop is an excellent way to create something one-of-a-kind and a green capsule that will thrive and brighten your living space. And, if you’re still wondering about plant care, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you master the art of taking care of indoor plants. Get started now with EPIC Workshop!

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