Parent-Child Bonding Workshops and Activities in Singapore

Looking to spend some quality time with your child? Here at EPIC Workshops, we have various creative craft workshops that are suitable for parent-child bonding in Singapore. Our workshops are family-friendly, suitable for both parents and children.

Parent-Child Workshop #1: Terrarium Making

Terrariums are a great parent-child bonding activity as it’s a hit amongst busy families, parents in Singapore. This self-sustaining ecosystem allows for low maintenance of the terrarium. You need not have green fingers to embark on this workshop, all you will need is to be open to learning and you’re all ready to go. All materials will be provided for you during the workshop, so don’t worry!

Parent-Child Bonding Workshops and Activities in Singapore August 2021
Parent-Child Bonding Workshops and Activities in Singapore August 2021

Parent-Child Workshop #2: Candle Crafting

Is your child stressed from his/her school work? Are you stressed from work responsibilities? Unwind in a therapeutic activity of candle crafting! At EPIC Workshops, we have a wide range of candle crafting to suit your needs. You can choose to do gel candles, soy candles or even 2-in-1 scented candles! These candles will be good mementoes to help you relax, unwind, and recall the fun times you had during our EPIC Workshops.

Parent-Child Workshop #3: Clay Art

Have a common favourite cartoon character between you and your child? What better way to strengthen the bond then to recreate your favourite cartoon character in the form of a clay figurine! This workshop is definitely a hit amongst the young and the young at heart. Expect to learn the art of clay modelling and have your own personalized memento.

Parent-Child Bonding Workshops and Activities in Singapore August 2021

EPIC Workshops’ parent-child bonding workshops are suitable for children and workshops can be done at the comforts of your venue or in our studio! 5 pax is all we need for us to minimally start a workshop. Do write in for more details and quotation now!

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