Easy painting styles for your Art Jamming

Easy painting styles for your Art Jamming

Want to have a go at our Art Jamming Workshops for your party or corporate team building events? At EPIC Workshops, our Art Jamming workshops are beginner friendly, so even if you have no experience in holding a paint brush, we’ll guide you along from start to finish.

Here are some easy painting styles for you to get started with us for your Art Jamming sessions! Not only these painting styles are easy to follow, they’re guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing if the techniques are used correctly. You might or might not have heard of these painting styles, but let’s get started!

  1. Pointillism / Dotted Painting

Painting Techniques Art Jamming Singapore


Pointillism, otherwise known as dotted painting is a painting style used by professional artists to create texturized effects and allows the viewer to use his eyes and mind to blend the dots to form a whole picture or artwork. This method requires precision and colour coordination to create desired effects. You can use paintbrushes, cotton buds, and any material that has a rounded edge – even your fingers! Try this technique in our Art Jamming Workshop.

2. Splatter Painting Technique

Splatter Painting Art Jamming Singapore

Source: The Artful Parent

The splatter painting technique would be quite an easy technique to use in our Art Jamming Workshop. We recommend the Splatter painting method if you want to create an abstract expressionist style of painting. However, the downside that is that it can get pretty messy and you’ll probably be covered in paint at the end of the day 🙁

3. Impasto

Impasto Art Jamming Singapore

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting. Source: Visual Arts Cork

The impasto technique involves using thick layers of paint. This will create a natural graduation effect that is pleasing to the eyes. However, using this technique you’ll have to bear in mind – the amount of paint you have, the amount of time (it takes time for the thick layer of paint to dry), and also the tools you’ll be given. The impasto technique can be used with a normal brush or a palette knife.

These three beginner painting techniques can be demonstrated by our artist during your art jamming workshops. For further enquiry on our art jamming workshops, feel free to drop us your enquiry at contact@epicworkshops.com.sg. For workshop bookings, fill free to drop us an email or contact us at +65 6553 5663.

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