Half-day Team Building Singapore

Half-day Team Building Singapore

With only half a day to spare, is it really possible to organize a half a day event and have your organization bond and work together as a team?Yes it is! In this article, we’ll be sharing some half-day team building Singapore activity ideas for your organization to adopt during your retreat away from your workplace. Let’s get straight into it!

  1. Terrarium Team Building Workshop

Here at Epic Workshops, we specialize in terrarium making workshops. Half the day is spent on making terrariums, forging good friendships and good vibes only. At EPIC Workshops terrarium workshop, participants will spend the first part of the session learning a little or two on theory and basics of a terrarium, followed by embarking on their own individual terrarium creation! Participants will be taught tips and tricks to make their own individual terrariums.

After a fruitful session of making their terrariums individually, participants will go for a short break. After the break, they will move on to a team building segment! In this terrarium team building segment, participants will race against time to defend their title as “best group terrarium”! Teams will then showcase their terrarium creations, accompanied by a story to relate back to the theme of the day.

Everyone’s a winner at the end of the session as you’ll get to take home an individual terrarium. This half day team building Singapore will be lots of fun!

  1. Advanced Layering Soy Candle Team Building Workshop – Half day team building Singapore

Sharing is really caring indeed! At EPIC Workshops Advanced Layering Soy Candle team building workshop, participants will learn all about candles, the benefits of soy candle and how to build their own layered candles.

As participants will use common materials, this creates an avenue for interaction to strengthen team building through communication. Layers will be added once the base is solidified – and even then, it takes time for it to cool and solidify. Thus participants will use the time to plan and brainstorm their desired colours and scents. Furthermore, they will be encouraged to get their colours from other participants who have their desired colours.

For a more fulfilling experience, participants can then share with the team about their candle concepts. Plus,  they’ll get to bring home their newly crafted candles!

To engage us for your half-day team building workshops, do drop us your enquiry at contact@epicworkshops.com.sg! Take note! A minimum of 5 pax would be required for us to start a workshop. You’re more than welcome to use our workshop for the venue.

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