4 Signs You’re Crafty So You Can Sign Up For Our Craft Workshops

4 Signs You’re Crafty So You Can Sign Up For Our Craft Workshops

Greetings! If you’ve been here long enough, you should know that EPIC Workshops is home to a wide variety of craft workshops such as Clay Making and Art Jamming. Now that we’re all clear about what EPIC Workshops is all about, let’s take a look at some signs you’re into a craft.

Word of caution though, if you’re resonating with our signs and practically nodding your head, agreeing to all of the tell-tale signs listed down below, you’re most likely someone who’s crafty! No excuses not to get started. Get your craft fix at www.epicworkshops.com.sg.

Lets begin!


  1. You keep a lot of DIY stuff.


joanna kosinska 254408 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Things that might be rubbish to some, isn’t rubbish to you! For example, old buttons, shirts, and even coloured beads from your broken accessory. These stuff hold a certain value in your life, and you strongly believe that they can be used for other good things! This indicates that you’re not only crafty, you’re also very environmentally friendly. Check out our Leather Making Workshop – all the leather products are made of leather offcuts.

  1. Your favourite subject in school is Art.

muhammad raufan yusup 347239 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022
Photo by Muhammad Raufan Yusup on Unsplash

Surely if you had any good memory from school, it’ll definitely be during Art lessons! You feel excited whenever you had art lesson during that day, or if you had an art project to do, you’d be the first one to work on it without any hesitation. Time to put these crafty hands to the test! Try out our Art Jamming workshop, guided by our in-house artist.

  1.  You pin craft projects on Pinterest to try them out later.

dai ke 32162 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022
Photo by Dai KE on Unsplash

This is the most obvious sign that you’re into craft! While Pinterest is a great platform to search for inspirations on craft projects, you can also engage us at EPIC Workshops for a start! You can skip on the trying-out process and practicing the craft itself with us!


A little fun fact about EPIC Workshops is that we try out our craft first, and if it succeeds, we score the workshop! With many varieties of craft workshops, you’d probably be spoilt for choice. Our popular workshops include Candle Making, Terrarium Making and Art Jamming.

  1. Stationery or Art & Craft Shops are your favourite place to be!

khara woods 80967 | Epic Workshops, Singapore | October, 2022
Photo by Khara Woods on Unsplash

You love to be at stationery shops or art & craft factories as much as a bookworm loves going to the library! Stationery shops or art & craft factories are the haven for craft supplies and there’s no better place to get them than at these places! Thankfully, our neighbouring shopping malls have at least a stationery shop, so these items are made easily available!

However, if you’re looking to do your own craft related to terrariums or candles, EPIC Workshops has the supplies! Shop a wide variety of supplies and hone your craft. Shop supplies now!

EPIC Workshops is home to a wide variety of workshops. For more enquiries on teambuilding, or workshop enquiries, do drop us an email at contact@epicworkshops.com.sg!

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