Easy Art Workshops for Children in Singapore

Easy Art Workshops for Children in Singapore
Easy Art Workshops for Children in Singapore

Many would probably have already known about the positive effects of art on children. Art helps to improve the emotional well-being of children, promotes creativity, and even hones grit and patience in children, especially for kinesthetic learners! That being said, there are many different kinds of art that a child can explore. With this article, we’ll be introducing all our readers to a few easy art workshops for children. Let’s get straight into it!

1. Clay Figurine Making

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024

All it needs is a bit of creativity and imagination to make your very own clay figurine! Clay figurines can be used as a keychain, accessories, or even as cute little trinkets! What’s more, our clay figurine workshops are beginner-friendly, no prior experience needed!

In our workshop, participants would be taught basic techniques on how to hand-mould and carve your clay figurines. We will also give you step-by-step guidance on how to create your own miniature figurines of different themes 🙂 This activity can also serve as a good bonding activity for children, and they will also get to bring home cute figurine of their own at the end of the day!

2. Art Jamming

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Art jamming is the perfect way to unleash your child’s creative side! Other than the activity being highly therapeutic, it may even hone your child’s hidden artistic skills and ignite they passion for art! Children can even bring home their masterpieces and frame them up onto their wall! Like all our other workshops, our art jamming workshops are also beginner-friendly 🙂 With our in-house artist’s guidance, you will definitely have a fruitful and meaningful time!

3. Tiles Painting

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024

Looking for something other than the conventional canvas painting? Then tiles painting is just the activity for you! Other than being used for home decoration, the painted tiles can be used as coasters too! With the use of acrylic paints, paintbrush and your imagination, you will soon be able to construct your very own a little ceramic tile masterpiece! During our workshop, you will be able to learn the basics of drawing and colouring, as well as other art techniques, under the guidance of our artist!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our Tiles Paining Singapore, Art Jamming Singapore and Clay Figurine Making Singapore Workshops today! For more information on booking, quotation or any queries about the workshop, do contact us at [email protected]!

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