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Creative Team Building Activities That Will Get Your Group Working Together

Creative Team Building Activities That Will Get Your Group Working Together

Creativity is a vital part of the human experience, and it’s often overlooked. In fact, creativity is more important than intelligence or talent in many fields. It would be hard to find a successful artist who’s not creative. But even someone with average intelligence can be an exceptionally creative person if they know how to use their imagination and come up with new ideas for solving problems and creating things that have never existed before. And this is all possible with creative team building activities.

Creativity isn’t just about art or design either — you could be one of the most creative people in your office without knowing it! The problem is that we all get used to doing things one way over time, so our minds stop coming up with new solutions to old problems. Creative thinking is about using the tools we already have to come up with something that nobody has ever thought of before, and it’s a skill that everyone needs to develop.

One way to develop creative skills is through team building activities for creativity. This strategy will allow your employees to work together in a low-pressure environment while coming up with new ideas and solving problems. This will help your employees connect with one another while boosting morale and increasing productivity, which is good for the company culture.

Here are some creative team building games that will get your group working together:


Have members of the group work together to create a list with at least five items on it. Once a group agrees on a few items they should stop writing and review what they have. The goal is to see who can come up with the most items from the most diverse perspectives. This is a great activity to show how diverse perspectives can lead to better decision-making.

Creativity and Thinking outside the box

Give each member of the group a piece of paper and have them write down three unusual uses for one common household object. Once they’ve finished writing, ask every member to share their objects and ideas with the rest of the group. The goal is to brainstorm the most items that are the most creative, but also different from what other groups have come up with.

Problem Solving

This activity works best for larger groups or teams because it requires having every member present. Before beginning this exercise, each team should write down a problem they’re currently facing at work either alone or as a group. The challenge is to come up with the best possible solutions to each problem and implement them before the end of the activity.

Team Building activities

Give each team a sheet of paper and have teams create a list of attributes that define their team members. Once everyone has finished writing, have each member pair up with another from a different team and share what they’ve written down. Then, have pairs use cards to categorize their attributes the way they see fit. This is a good exercise for getting people to work together and begin to empathize with others in ways that may not be common within office culture.

Collaboration Activity: You’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This is an adaptation of the classic children’s book, “You’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” The story follows a family who sets out to find and catch a bear. Each team should create their own version based on their company or team name instead. Start by having them plan out what happens in each section of the game using sticky notes. Then, have members choose the best ideas and arrange them in order on a large sheet of paper. Afterward, have everyone act out each section together using only sound effects instead of dialogue. Once the story has been told with sounds, see if any team members can write up a short script for it.

This is also an excellent exercise because teams will not only have to work together, but also communicate effectively in order to come up with a winning version of the story.

Thinking Outside the Box: Tic Tac Toe

Split everyone up into small groups and give each one a pack of mini notecards. Have teams create nine original symbols to use in a game of tic tac toe. Once they have created all nine, have groups play against each other using their cards instead of X’s and O’s. The goal is for a group to win three times in a row before their opponents do. If they lose, have them switch out one of their symbols and play again until they can come up with a winning strategy once and for all.

Final thoughts

With all of these awesome team building activities, your group will be working together and problem solving like never before. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start having some fun! These creative games can help to build a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among co-workers or new friends alike. Which activity would you use if it were up to you?

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