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How to Make a Terrarium in Singapore That Your Cat Will Love

How to Make a Terrarium in Singapore That Your Cat Will Love

Terrariums are not as complicated as you may think. There are many different themes to work with, so try choosing one your cat will really appreciate-from desert to the jungle! There are also plenty of designs to choose from, so don’t worry if you’re not the most creative person in the world. Just pick one that you think your cat will love and start following these instructions for an aesthetically pleasing terrarium in Singapore.

1. Find a container big enough for all of your desired plants

The container should be at least 4 inches deep and wide enough for all of the plants that can grow inside it without being crowded or touching each other too much. If this is too large, there is no need to worry: You can always divide it into sections and make more than one terrarium in Singapore.

2. Find a suitable spot to put the container

It should receive indirect sunlight; this means that it will not be in direct sunlight during the day, such as by a window or outdoors (which may cause the soil to dry out quickly). The sunniest window in your house is usually the best place to put a terrarium. If you have a plant that needs a humid environment, be sure to put it somewhere where the humidity is high.

3. Prepare your soil

Purchase well-draining potting soil from a local nursery. This type of soil will allow water to drain from it easily and keep your cat’s terrarium healthy for longer periods of time. If you want to add fertilizer, be sure that it is a weak or slow-release and plant food since too much may harm your cat.

4. Plant the plants of your choosing

Decide which type of theme you’d like for your terrarium (anything from jungle to desert is possible). You can either put all of the same kind of plant in the terrarium or you can mix and match! If you want to be extra creative, try using moss in your design. Be sure to keep it moistened when planting.

5. Arrange the plants in your terrarium

Put down enough soil to cover all of your plants. You can use dirt or sand depending on what you are trying to make. Then arrange the plants according to their size and remember to space them far enough apart so they aren’t touching, which will cause mold growth. Once this is done, you can water them and place your pot on display!

6. Keep your new terrarium in a sunny spot

If you have planted multiple types of plants, make sure they are all getting enough sunlight. Also, remember that some plants need more sunlight than others, so be sure to research the plant you choose before planting it in your cat’s new terrarium in Singapore.

Pro-TIP: Remember to use a cup of water in your terrarium for your plants. If you forget, don’t freak out! Just add one when it’s time to clean the terrarium.

7. Keep the soil moist but not too wet

Water the plant regularly with clear water. Potting soil should be kept moist but not soggy; if it is allowed to dry out, it will become hard and the roots may die. If you notice that your soil is not draining or it has a foul smell, it means that your plant might have root rot. Remove the plant immediately to prevent illness or death. Prevention is key!

8. Keep your cat’s terrarium clean

After each use, wash the container. Some cats like to claw at their plants, so ensure that it is cleaned before replacing them in case any contamination has taken place during cleaning.

9. Keep it away from your cat’s litter box

A litter box is a dirty place for any type of plant, so make sure that your cat’s terrarium is kept as far away as possible. Also, some cats like to nibble on everything they can get their paws on, so make sure you keep an eye on the cat while it is using its terrarium.

Your cat will love watching its new plant growth and you’ll love how easy this was to make!

10. Clean up any messes

If you find leaves lying around on the floor, chances are your cat decided to munch on the plant. If you find any leftover soil or plants, this is also usually a sign of your cat trying to discover if it tastes good! Clean up these messes with safe materials so that no one gets hurt (and don’t forget to give your kitty lots of pets and love after they’ve cleaned their messes). You can also keep any leftover soil to use in your next terrarium so that you don’t have to buy more.That’s all! It sounds much more complicated than it really is, so don’t be discouraged from making a terrarium in Singapore for your cat today. If you have any questions or missed a step, be sure to ask in the comment section. Enjoy!

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