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Archery Tag in Singapore: 12 Safety Tips for Beginners

Archery Tag in Singapore: 12 Safety Tips for Beginners

Archery tag is a team sport that combines dodgeball and archery. Archery tag in Singapore is relatively new, but it has been rapidly growing in popularity. You can play with as few as two people or as many as ten on each team. Regardless of how many players, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind before you set out on the field for your first game! 

1) Archery Tag is not Paintball:

These popular sports have a lot of similarities, but paintballs contain toxic chemicals that could be dangerous if they come into contact with your skin or eyes. They also break upon impact which means they’re more likely to hit someone at close range than arrows would be. Always remember to wear eye protection when playing archery tag in Singapore

2) Protect Your Thumbs:

Pinching your thumb between the bowstring and the arrow guide is a common mistake that could lead to serious injury. Always be sure to keep your fingers above, not inside of, the arrow guide when you pull back on the string. Ask an instructor or fellow player for help if you have questions about how to properly string your bow.

3) No Blocking:

Don’t block a shot with a part of your body, even if you think it would be impossible for an arrow to hit that part of the body. Arrows can travel up to 300 feet per second and will ricochet off of hard surfaces. 

4) No Pointing:

When you’re not actually trying to shoot your bow, keep your arrows on the field of play. It’s a common faux pas for players to point their arrows at others, but it could interfere with someone else’s shot or cause injury.

5) Signal Before You Shoot:

If you’re not sure whether or not someone is in your line of fire, signal to them that you’re about to shoot before pulling the bowstring back all the way. If they do happen to be in your shot path and they don’t hear you, give them a verbal warning before you release the arrow.

6) No Alcohol Or Drugs:

Archery tag is a recreational sport—it’s not the place to get hammered or high. You can catch an unfair advantage by being under the influence, plus there are plenty of safety concerns that come with impaired judgment.

7) Don’t Move After You Get Hit:

Playing archery tag in Singapore means you’re going to get hit with an arrow at some point. Don’t assume that the pain means you were really injured and run off the field. The arrow is likely made of foam or some other soft material, but it can still cause serious bruising or scrapes if it makes contact with bare skin.

8) No Stacking:

If you stack your team on top of each other the way you would with a human pyramid, someone is going to get seriously hurt. Arrows can penetrate the body and could cause serious damage if they hit someone in that pile-up. 

9) Keep It Clean:

After the game, check the area for any stray arrows and take them with you to prevent someone from stepping on them and getting injured. 

10) Be The First One To Yell “Archery Tag!”:

There are many ways to determine who wins a game of archery tag, so there’s not really a surefire way to say who gets hit in the event that both teams shoot arrows at the same time. One way to resolve the situation is for all players to yell “archery tag!” simultaneously, with whoever yells it first getting credited with a hit. 

11) How To Treat A Wounded Warrior:

If an arrow hits you during a game and you feel that it was more than just a glancing blow, ask for a time out. Lay down on the ground and have an attendant check you over. If you were hit in a limb, keep that limb immobilized so it won’t move around and exacerbate any injuries. 

12) Know Your Game Format:

There are lots of ways to play archery tag! For example, you can play elimination tag where the last person left standing on a team loses or one-on-one where two players go head-to-head. Before setting out on the field of battle, make sure everyone’s on the same page about how you’re playing and what winning will look like.


Archery Tag is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping game. But it’s not without its risks or safety considerations. We’ve provided 12 tips to help you master the rules of this new sport and keep your fingers intact while you’re doing so! Have fun playing archery tag in Singapore with these helpful tips.

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