Alcohol Ink Painting Workshop

Throw caution in the wind in our 1.5-hour beginner-friendly Alcohol Ink Workshop! Whether you are dipping your toes into the art form for the first time, or perhaps someone looking to recharge their personal battery by engaging in some creative pursuits,  this therapeutic session is here for you. Our alcohol ink workshop is designed to provide you safe and supportive landing grounds for play, connection, and time to decompress. Focused on the freedom of creative expression, let our trainers share how to build abstract, organic art using ink and alcohol. Choose from our range of artistic, yet functional non-porous inking surfaces: ceramic, acrylic or glass. Using vibrant and bold pigment, you will be introduced to the concept of flow art and its application techniques to create inspiring visual effects that are surprisingly effortless and liberating.

Discover the inner world of Alcohol Inks through our wide range of comprehensive beginner-friendly and guided workshops. Alcohol inks, as the name suggests, are made by incorporating a healthy proportion of alcohol with dry color pigments. Unlike other water-based pigments, the fluid Alcohol Inks are highly pigmented, acid-free, versatile and fast-drying in nature, thus the medium allows for a myriad of experimentation and spontaneity in the application and inking process. Depending on the artists’ style and intent, alcohol ink creations can range from abstract to representational, with organic aesthetics, unique visual effects, and translucent finishes to boot.

With the help of unconventional application tools, try your hand at inking and blending techniques, not confining to: mark making, dilution, use of hues, metallic embellishments, as well as the exploration of dimensions through layering, color play and other helpful color tips.

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Alcohol Ink Painting Workshop Details

Group Size

We require a minimum of 2 pax to start our Alcohol Ink Painting workshop. Minimum of 2 pax to 50 pax within our studio. Maximum of 20 pax.



The workshop lasts for about 1 to 1 and a half hours. Option to bring artwork home on the day itself only if it is touch dry. It would be best to collect on another day, after art piece is fully dried.

Materials Provided

  • An item or a surface to ink on
  • Nitrile Non-Powdered Gloves
  • Dry and wet colorants and pigments
  • Blending solution
  • Tools for the creating process, such as brushes etc

Convenient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Our workshop will have a main trainer with a few facilitators. The number of facilitators will depend on the number of participants within a workshop setting. Each trainer or facilitator will be assigned to a few participants during the alcohol ink painting workshop to ensure that full guidance and assistance is provided.


This workshop is not suitable for pregnant women, and children under the age of 18.

| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024

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Benefits of Alcohol Ink Painting Workshop

Expressing Emotions
Art provides opportunity for self-expression through the process as it creates a safe passage, and a healthy outlet for feelings to be moved through, rather than being obliged to suppress or stew in them. Alcohol inks allows for the abandonment of perfectionism, to be free to dabble with different colored inks to form lines, shapes, and unique textures. In contrast to the other water-based inks, which are usually applied at the same time; alcohol inks are highly pigmented alcohol-based inks that can be gradually integrated into the work. Alcohol inks also evaporate much faster, which means that the undiluted pigments dry within a few minutes. Analogically, the inks teach of going with the flow and letting go of the need of predictability and control, much like in life. The shift towards a mindset that focuses acceptance helps free up headspace, improves in mental and emotional health, leading to a greater sense of strength and mental fitness.
Forgiving Inks
The process of inking with alcohol inks is relatively straightforward, and participants do not need any artistic experience or many art supplies to get started. Alcohol inks have a forgiving nature as they allow for editing, even after they have dried up. The inks can be revived by applying a blending solution, and required changes can be instantly made to the artwork
Participants will acquire new ideas to kick start your alcohol inking journey.
One-of-a-kind artworks
The inking process is definitive of various factors, such as hand maneuvers, temperature, application and flow of inks, different tools used, and individual aesthetic intention. This creates idiosyncratic pieces which seem bespoke and are inimitable.
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