Foods To Reduce Stress Levels in the Office

Foods To Reduce Stress Levels in the Office
Foods To Reduce Stress Levels in the Office

If your stress levels at work are off the charts and you just read an article that eating reduces stress, put down that cheeseburger! That won’t do you any good. In fact, most comfort foods won’t make you feel better! Try these foods instead for a change in pace to reduce stress levels (and your waist line too!)

AvocadoAvocados, Stress Levels Relief Goodness

Starting off, let’s cut the urge to eat unhealthily. Taking an avocado before a meal will make you fuller. This lowers the urge to polish off donuts in the pantry and skips the ‘crash and burn’ of a sugar rush. Instead, avocados provide a wide range of vitamins such as potassium, vitamins B, vitamin E and Folate. Also, the avocado is an easy food to prep. Just halve the fruit, remove the seed and you are good to go! An easy to prepare meal of goodness to trim away the waist line!

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Stress Level Relief

Dark chocolate is a good snack to have with you at all times. Dark chocolate, in bite-sized portions, are great stress relievers. This is because of the Anandamide present. This particular chemical is produced by your brain when you eat chocolate. Anandamide acts as a barrier to numb the stress inducing chemicals, allowing you a small burst of relief! Not only does dark chocolate reduce stress, when taken in moderate amounts, it can reduce rates of heart attacks! A joy to both the mouth and the heart!

Green Leafy VegetablesVeggie Stress Relief

We all know that eating vegetables are great for our health. Did you know that green leafy vegetables take that to a new level? Green leafy vegetables help to reduce stress by producing dopamine when consumed. Dopamine is a natural chemical in your brain that makes you happy. By eating these vegetables, you can feel better and happier! Can’t feel that stress level now can you?

Green Tea

Green Tea For Stress Relief

But I need my brain booster if not I can’t work!’ I hear you say. No worries, there are foods here that will help boost brain productivity. Green tea is one example. Technically not a food but a drink, green tea produces Theanine when consumed. Theanine is a health booster found in plants that will give you the mental boost you need! Theanine is also an immunity booster and has been proven to reduce the chances of cancer. Convenient to prepare and easy on the body!

Pistachios| Epic Workshops, Singapore | July, 2024

Need a food that can serve as both entertainment and nutrition? Try Pistachios! Pistachios are nuts whose shells need to be peeled. This little action serves as a mental distraction that diverts the mind from stress. While it distracts you, these nuts will also slow your eating speed. This will reduce the amount eaten and is easy on the waist line. Also, Pistachios are nuts that can help with cardiovascular diseases. Talk about a food for all occasions!

In short, the foods chosen on this list are easy to prepare and great for health. They too are great for reducing stress levels too! So try bringing them to work today, they might make your day better!

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