Holland Moss


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Each order comes packed in cartons measuring approximately 172 x 120 x 57mm. The size of each clump varies according to the moss’s growth patterns.

Also known as “Leucobryum glaucum” or “Pincushion moss”,  this hardy, easy growing moss often grows in thick balls or cushions, hence the common name “Cushion moss”.

This moss is most commonly found in areas such as moist woodlands and marshes because it requires much shade and water to survive and reach its potential. You will find this growing in just plain soils, rock ledges, bases of dead or living tree trunks as well as logs. Like all other species and kinds of mosses, the Moss does not have roots and will not produce any flowers or blooms. They are simply stems with many tiny leaves growing on them. The leaves are small, only reaching a few millimeters in length. The moss will simply absorb water and other nutrients through its many leaves, like a sponge absorbing water, hence misting is preferred to a drenching when caring for this moss.

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