Summer Trend: DIY Tassel Earrings

Summer Trend: DIY Tassel Earrings

Swish swish, tassel earrings is the statement piece to elevate your look this summer! (You didn’t hear it from us, Vogue Italia said it.) With this article, we’ll be sharing with you some tassel earring designs to help you get started on your very own DIY tassel earrings!

The vibrant earrings made from beautiful threads of yarn or silk add a pop (maybe more) of colour to your wardrobe. They emanate summer vibes with their brightness and the dangling effect brings a little cheer to season whilst framing your face. Embellished with beads or metallic accents, there is such a wide selection of designs of tassel earrings for you to choose from!

Why limit yourself to what retail shops offer when you can make your own? Tassel earrings are one of the easiest DIYs out there, so why not customise one for yourself while saving some money! Here are our top DIY tassel earrings picks for inspiration.

1. Multi-Coloured Dangling Tassel Earrings

tassel earrings
Multi-coloured dangling tassel earrings

Layer the tassels to make a lovely ombré pair of earrings! These earrings look expensive but they aren’t!  String or glue the tassels together, add the ear wires and ta-da! You have your swishy companion for the rest of summer.

2. Fan Tassel Earrings

diy tassel earrings
Fan tassel earrings

Egyptian-inspired and gorgeous with the metallic accents! This tutorial is slightly more tricky than the previous one, but rest assured that the materials are easily attainable. Alternatively, you can switch out the copper pieces for leather cut-offs for a retro look.

3. Hoop Tassel Earrings

diy tassel earrings
Hoop tassel earrings

These earrings are simpler and less playful than the first two, but there is beauty in simplicity. Make these to suit your minimalist look!

Hippie? Playful? Minimalist? There’s definitely a tassel earring style that will suit you. The tassel strings may seem cheap, but there’s more to them than what meets the eye. Their versatility makes them perfect to use in DIYs. Try a hand in making them instead of purchasing them straight off the store. It will be more fulfilling (and wallet friendly)!

If you are interested in customising more jewellery items, join us at Epic Workshops Singapore for our Jewellery Workshop! Learn different techniques and have fun with your friends/colleagues!

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