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Jewellery Making Workshop Details

Group Size

Min 5 to Unlimited


1-1.5 Hour

Convient Location

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

Ideal For

  • Team Building
  • Work together as a team

Jewellery Making Workshops Caters for

Team Building

Team Building

Customised team building programmes to better engage your employees and maximise their potential.



Build a community at the workplace by strengthening relationships through fun and personalised activities throughout the year!



Exciting programmes for all ages to foster bonding among colleagues through a day of celebration and fun with their families!



It is ideal for all levels of schools in Singapore.
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Why choose our Jewellery Making Workshops in Singapore?

EPIC Workshops is Singapore’s Leading Craft Team Building Workshops Provider

Benefits of Jewellery Making Workshop

Popular amongst the ladies! They will certainly be in for a treat when they enrol in our Jewellery Making workshop! For the guys, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, you can learn how to make your own crystal jewellery. It would be the perfect gift for the ladies in your life!
At our Jewellery Making class, learn how to breathe a new life to your unwanted watches. Glamourize and revamp your basic staple watch within just one session! Learn how to weave a watch strap with crystals to add that extra OOMPH to your basic accessory.
Alternatively, learn how to make your own bracelets by weaving beads and nylon threads! Only one pattern style will be taught. You will also be taught how to change the patterns and use different materials/colours to create your own design!
We help your team set a mission by bringing them close. If your team doesn’t have a goal, it means they are throwing arrows in the air without any aim. Goals give you worth and bring you accomplishments that you’ve never imagined before.

Our Past Workshops - Jewellery Making

Below are some workshops related to Jewellery Making.

Trusted by 1200+ Companies

From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

Testimonals - Jewellery Making

Our process is simple and transparent.

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We can help you select a program to fit your goals, budget, and calendar perfectly.

We can custom tailor to suit your needs.

We help custom tailor your activities to fit your team culture and your intended outcome.

Choose times that work best for your team.

We handle all of the event details, coordinating between you, the venue, your facilitator.

It’s your event too. Leave everything to us.

On the big day, all you have to do is show up. We will coordinate everything. (But you still get to be the hero.)

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Jewellery Making FAQ

Stimulates Creativity: Experience the entire process of making your own jewellery products using beads, sequins and a string! Learn the art of Jewellery Making: Instead of purchasing your own jewellery, why not do-it-yourself? Learn the techniques guided by our friendly instructors at EPIC Workshops!
What to Expect
Gain hands-on experience in choosing accessories to create your very own jewellery piece. You will learn unique techniques to level up your jewellery-making skills!
Why Us?
Live Demonstration: The trainer will demonstrate to the class how to craft your jewellery art pieces before you experience it yourself! Beginner Friendly: No prior skills required! All you need for this workshop is the willingness to learn all about the art of jewellery making! Flexibility: We are able to tweak our workshops depending on your needs. Our course structures are designed to suit the needs of our clients!
Workshop Enquiries
We conduct our workshops at your very own venue of choice. Our studio is also available at 37 Jalan Pemimpin, Mapex Building! Let us know. The duration is usually 1.5 hours, but we are flexible with the timing. A minimum of 5 participants is required.
Basic Jewellery Care
Wipe your jewellery with a damp cloth occassionally to remove all sorts of dust or debris. Towel dry the jewellery after cleaning.
Our Rates
Our workshops are charged based on the number of attendees (Min: 5 Pax). Please let us know the number of pax, and we’ll give you the best value-added quotation! Number of Pax Workshop Name (Jewellery Making) Venue: your choice/our workshop Date of workshop
Why is team building so important?
There are so many pros of team building activities that its importance cannot be emphasized enough. It is a widely used method by schools, corporations, and families to bring all the members in agreement. It creates openness among participants and elevates team spirit. Not only it eradicates differences among everyone, but it is also a great tool for introducing something new. A new idea or a new concept among your team members. Once your team is working together on a single activity, like building a masterpiece in art jamming or making a terrarium piece by piece, they start to understand the depth of process and they start connecting with every participant.
Do you offer public events for bigger teams?
Epic Workshops is a well known name in organizing and executing successful team bonding activities. We can organize both private and public events for you. No matter if your team is just ten people or one thousand people, we can make everything happen.
Why choose us for team building workshops?
Epic Workshops is a well-known name in organizing team bonding activities. We offer value that nobody else does. Putting close emphasis on collaboration and teamwork, we help people grow in a positive environment.
Do you organize workshops for schools?
Yes, school can also take advantage of our educational, art, and scientific workshops.
How effective team building activities are for companies?
We have served and we continue to serve many big names in the corporate sector. Besides, many government organizations trust us with team building activities. We help you build coordination, eradicate internal differences, create value, and bring desired outcomes.
Does workshop help in creating seamless communication?
Yes, workshops organized by Epic Workshops help you create value and enhance team work. Once you bring everyone on the same page, it is only natural that your teammates will have seamless communication among themselves.
Can you arrange educational workshops for children?
Yes, children can also enjoy our range of educational, art, and scientific workshops with their parents, guardians, or teachers.
What do I need to bring for the workshop?
You do not need to bring anything for any workshop. Everything will be provided to you to buy us ― just show up with motivation and spirit.
Can you define the relationship between Laser Tag Activity and Team Building?
Can you share the effects of Laser Tag Activity has on a group of people?
Who should register for the Laser Tag outdoor game?
What should I know about Laser tags in advance?
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