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Candle Making In Singapore: Tips For Beginners

Candle Making In Singapore: Tips For Beginners

Do you love the smell of a good candle?

Do you like to give candles as gifts? Do you enjoy coming up with your own unique scents and designs for candles that are all your own, or do you want to learn how to make them yourself? If so then candle-making in Singapore is an amazing place for anyone who loves candles. There are many different places in Singapore where people can go and learn about this art form. You can find supplies at most stores around town, including supermarkets, general stores, and even department stores. It’s easy enough to get started with an 11-year old child; they might not be able to create their own design just yet, but they could certainly help by dipping the wicks into the wax while the adults work on the design.

Type Of Wax

Of course, before you start buying supplies it’s always best to ask your teacher exactly what kind of candle they want to make and what materials they recommend for beginners. Some places use beeswax and other types of waxes, while others may allow students to bring their own ingredients and work with those instead. No matter which option you choose, though, there are several things that any beginner should know about candle-making in Singapore:   

Make sure that you can read a ruler or tape measure if necessary; measurements such as inches and centimeters might be listed next to certain measurements like “1/2” or “3/4.” Try writing out these numbers before class so that you know how to read them. If you are making your own candles at home, try washing the containers thoroughly so that there isn’t any residue leftover from previous products. This way the wax will stick better and won’t slip out of place while it’s cooling down.

Burn Off

Candle-making in Singapore can be a great activity. Make sure that you pour the wax into each section exactly as instructed; if you just jump right in without measuring things correctly then your candle might not shape up quite the way that you wanted it to. Before you start dipping or carving your candle, make note of where both ends of the wick should go (it really helps to draw a diagram before class). It should be near enough to one edge of the container so that it’ll stay firm but not too close that it will droop into the hot wax.

If you’re making a scented candle, make sure that you mix your fragrances well before pouring the wax into the container. You want to ensure that all of the chemicals have been combined fully so there aren’t any weak spots in the candle once it has cooled down and hardened. It’s important to let a scented candle burn for a while first so that all of the fragrances can “burn off.” The longer you wait, or if you let them burn out completely, then the stronger the final product should be.   

Learn The Basics

Before getting into Candle-making in Singapore, you should know the basics. Scented candles should be burned no closer than 12 inches from any surface, and 14 inches is even better. This will help to ensure that the candle doesn’t melt, drip wax onto your carpets or flooring, or ruin anything else in its vicinity. When you are making candles at home it’s best to use a flat surface for this purpose, either inside of a pan or outside on the ground if you have no other place to work.

Make sure you always extinguish scented candles before leaving them unattended. It takes less time sometimes than people might think for a candle to set something alight nearby, so make sure that everything is well away from it just in case! If you’re still having trouble getting your candle to form properly then covering up parts of the container with masking tape can help to hold everything in place.

Cool It Down

Just remember to take it off before you pour the wax into the container, otherwise, it could weaken the structure. If your candle looks lumpy instead of smooth then this means that it’s not cooled down enough yet. You should let it sit for at least an hour before trying again if this happens. Sometimes candles will form around objects inside of them; usually, this is nothing to worry about but make sure that any metal or other large pieces are removed first! This way the flame will be able to reach all areas evenly without being impeded by anything else.

Inference:  If you want to start candle-making in Singapore, be sure to follow these simple steps. The article should have given you the basics of how to make candles for your home or business. Did anything surprise you? What are some other tips that should be included? Let us know! We’d love to hear from our readers and can’t wait until we get more feedback on this topic.

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