Bubble soccer in Singapore
Why Should Gym Owners Add Bubble Soccer to Their Facility in Singapore?

Why Should Gym Owners Add Bubble Soccer to Their Facility in Singapore?

Bubble soccer in Singapore is one of the most unique and energetic games you’ll experience on this planet. It’s a ton of fun but it can also be very difficult because it’s never too easy to control your movements inside the egg-shaped bubbles. If you’re looking for something new to do with your friends, then this is the perfect activity!

It’s great for birthday parties, company events, team-building activities, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other special occasions.

Players are required to wear helmets inside an inflatable bubble that covers their entire body including the head. This makes it quite difficult to move around because you’re confined within a plastic ball that can roll away easily if someone makes contact with you or bumps into you at high speeds!

It’s very common to laugh while playing bubble soccer – whether because of something funny someone said or did, or because you bumped your head on the side of the bubble, or because someone fell down and the entire bubble went rolling in a different direction! In this article, we’ll look at 8 reasons why gym owners should add bubble soccer to their facility.

Bubble Soccer is great for team-building activities

Most gyms already host corporate events on a regular basis, which means they’re looking for new things to try out. If you want to be unique many gyms opt to do outdoor activities outdoors while incorporating indoor facilities such as bathrooms and locker rooms if necessary. This way it doesn’t matter if it rains – you can simply go back inside and continue the event indoors while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Bubble soccer is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties

Bubble soccer in Singapore is incredibly popular among bachelor/bachelorette parties worldwide because it’s a great way to get everyone involved in something that they’ll remember for years to come! This event will be one of the highlights of your big day so make sure you have plenty of pictures and videos taken during this activity.

It’s not only fun, but it helps improve fitness too!

It might sound strange at first, but bubble soccer actually helps you get fit while having lots of fun! Just imagine being confined inside an inflatable ball while running around trying to bump into someone – it might take some time getting used to but once you’ve had enough practice you’ll be bouncing and bumping into everyone around you!

Bubble soccer is easy to learn but hard to master!

Bubble soccer in Singapore can be played with as few as 3 players or as many as 30 (30 player games are only available at the longest bubble soccer courses in Singapore). If you’re hosting a special event such as a company picnic, team building activity, birthday party, bachelorette/bachelor party, etc. then it’s recommended that you have enough people on each side so that they can play fairly and enjoy themselves. However, if your friends want to challenge each other then we suggest having more than 10 people per side – this way it will be easier for one to win against the other(s).

Bubble soccer is great for kids birthday parties

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do at your child’s birthday party then bubble soccer should be first on your list because it will not only entertain the children, but also the adults who come along! While games like dodgeball, tag, or other team sports are fun they can get quite intense, and sometimes parents don’t want their children getting hit in the face by an object that could seriously injure them. Bubble soccer in Singapore is different because no objects are allowed within the playing area – this means no running into anyone with your head down or colliding with someone with all of your body weight!

Bubble soccer games can be tailored to suit specific needs

Some institutions such as schools might want their students to participate in an outdoor activity but they might not have the space required for activities like football or rugby. This is where bubble soccer comes into play – depending on how many bubbles and balls you require will depend on which course size you should go for.

Final Thoughts: Bubble soccer is a great way to build team bonding, have fun with friends and family, improve fitness levels, or even be used as an instructional tool for kids. If you’re considering adding bubble soccer in Singapore to your facility, contact us today! One of our experts would love the opportunity to chat more about how we can help make this happen for you. What are some ways that your gym could use bubble soccer?

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